“The Frame” – a painting on the wall..or a TV?

by gregor

Last Updated on April 16, 2017 by gregor

Modern TVs show impressive pictures with 4k-HDR technique – the viewing pleasure reaches new dimensions. What might be something to consider – even if you use it and watch TV for let’s say 3 hours a day …. what happens to your TV the other 21 hours of the day……be inspired by the following innovation……!!!

“The Frame”

With a picture frame and adapted brightness and lightening – your TV becomes a painting – any time you don’t use it just as a TV …. Choose your favorite picture or even a series! Believe me – it works amazingly well – even if you directly stand in front of “The Frame” you do not realize that it is a TV you are looking at – until the picture changes – only then it becomes obvious: it is not canvas but discreet technique. Created by none other than Yves Béhar – the simple yet noble design is remarkable –  the unique fusion of art and ‘simple everyday life’ …… “The Frame”!

Make “The Frame” your favorite piece of art -for the time you don’t use it to watch TV –  life-like and spectacular, like you normally only find it in a museum! Samsung offers more than 100 photos and artistic paintings, which can be displayed in painting mode…. if you prefer to display your own picture – go on – “The Frame” will decorate your wall with any painting that pleases you!

To completing the content and the screen – the frame itself is the most important part of the illusion – the key factor to create the illusion of seeing a painting instead of a TV!
You have a wide array of colors and materials to choose from…. however .if you do not find what you are looking for … Samsung also offers the possibility to decorate the frame by hand!

Samsung offers several modes to make the screen stand wherever you like – if you prefer to hang it on the wall  – this can be done quickly and easily with the No-Gap wall-mount for “The Frame”, known from Samsung’s QLEDs!

In order to provide the optimum result even under changing light conditions, “The Frame” has light sensors that can will adapt the displayed image to different brightness and light conditions.

To ensure that the painting is only active when you are nearby, the motion sensor will work this out! In case no one’s home, “The Frame” will turn off completely …. and yes – it is intelligent enough to not react on pets and robot vacuum cleaners!

…just to mention ……Samsung guarantees that the energy consumption in painting mode is significantly lower than in regular TV mode…….

By the end of May, “The Frame” will be available in sizes of 55 and 65 inches. Until then, any open questions regarding price and energy consumption in the art mode will be clarified.

Let me summarize …. what an exciting approach – to make a TV not only a technique piece to use – but a decorative piece to enrich your domestic four walls with style and an art element!


In creative cooperation with Samsung