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10 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Slovakia

LOCATION: Slovakia is a landlocked country located in Central Europe, bordered by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

BEST TIME FOR VISITING: The best time to visit Slovakia is from May to September when the weather is mild and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

TOP 5 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: The top tourist attractions in Slovakia include the High Tatras Mountains, Bratislava Castle, Spiš Castle, Slovak Paradise National Park, and Bojnice Castle.

CURRENCY: The official currency of Slovakia is the Euro.

LANGUAGE: Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

VISA REQUIREMENTS: Visitors from the EU and many other countries do not need a visa to enter Slovakia for stays up to 90 days. Check the visa requirements for your specific country before traveling.

SAFETY: Slovakia is a safe country to visit, but travelers should be cautious in crowded areas and tourist hotspots.

TRANSPORTATION: Slovakia has a good transportation network, with buses and trains connecting major cities and towns. Taxis and rental cars are also available.

FOOD AND DRINK: Slovak cuisine is hearty and delicious, featuring dishes like bryndzové halušky (potato dumplings with sheep cheese) and kapustnica (cabbage soup). The country is also known for its excellent beer.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation options in Slovakia include hotels, hostels, and guesthouses, with prices varying depending on the location and level of comfort.

CULTURE AND CUSTOMS: Slovak culture is influenced by its history and neighboring countries, with traditional folk music and dance playing a prominent role. Slovak people are known for their hospitality and warmth towards visitors.