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Travelling the world is exciting – yet sometimes very stressful…. delayed flights, crowded planes, noisy people or missing baggage…just to mention a few examples! The experienced travelers do have their methods to deal with all that…. let me tell you about my way to make trips more enjoyable……

Let me share my experiences!

I recently got the new Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones – taking them with you on the plane and will make you feel like being ‘upgraded to first class’. Sennheiser’s marketing slogan states that these “high-performance” headphones are designed with the business traveler in mind – let us see if they can prove their promise – I took the headphones with me to test them on several trips including Sennheiser PXC 550 including travel to Dubai, Sweden and Paris….

Shortly after take-off from Vienna International Airport, I pulled the case out of my bag and started to unfurl the headphones – the device is collapsible, hence the unfurling, this also means they fold into a neat shape to slot into your carry-on luggage.

Even before putting them on, you can’t ignore the softness of the leather around the head strap and the padding for the ears – giving a premium feeling…… so far, so good…..

To turn the headphones on or off, you simply click the pads to the side – very nifty. I then adjusted them to fit and plugged them into the connector in front using the in-flight adaptor provided by Sennheiser.

As the Airplane started, there was no denying the quality of the sound. For me, movie watching on a plane using the headset offered by the airline means only understanding about two-thirds of the film –  if you have a silent flight! With the PXC 550, the sound was clear and crisp and the words easily decipherable.

To enhance the experience, I clicked on the active noise cancellation control on the side of the headphones; this later left me wondering why the air hostess was lip syncing at me during the meal service…….!

My only criticism would be that the padding is so snug that after a few hours of flying with then my ears felt a little on the hot and sweaty side……

Answering some questions about Sennheiser’s PXC 550 headphones:

Aren’t these headphones wireless?

Yes, they are. However, I didn’t connect wirelessly on the plane and Sennheiser confirmed to me that most planes in-flight entertainment systems can only be connected through the two-pin headphone jacks. However, if an airline (maybe in first or business class) does have the option to connect through Bluetooth, then the PXC 550 will comply.

What are the buttons on the side of the headphones for?

There is the Bluetooth switch. I tried it on the ground and it took a few goes to pair the headphones with my iPhone. Once it worked, it was liberating to be wire-free. The other buttons are the noise cancellation control and an effect button that allows you to adjust the sound depending on what you are listening to ……a film, music, a podcast or a book.

Any other features?

The headphones have a 30-hour battery life and claims to span the globe on a single charge! As my flight was only seven hours I can’t confirm if that is true. To get full charge, it takes three hours. There is also an earcup mounted touch control panel to pause music or take calls without taking the headphones off…. and there is a voice prompt that lets you know what setting you are clicking on or whether you need to recharge. Plus, the Sennheiser CapTune app has more settings to tune sound….

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