Best Free Walking Tour Videos of Vienna – (+Video Tour Guides)

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Looking for FREE VIENNA WALKING TOURS videos that take you through the beautiful streets of Vienna, the Austrian capital city.

The videos are deliberately designed to replicate the experience of being there in person. That means no voiceover and no sound or music. While these won’t replace an in-person visit, I hope they play a part in satisfying your Austrian wanderlust.

Want to record a Walking Tour Video yourself. Please head over to my Ultimate Guide on how to record 4k Walking Tour Videos:

Five Easy Steps To Make great 4K Travel Walking Tour Videos


Vienna Walking Tour YouTube VIDEO Channel – Subscribe

I started in the Austrian capital city, Vienna. All the videos are freely available on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe to the  to be notified when new ones are published.

Best Video Quality 4k UHD

All videos are recorded in 4k UHD  resolution so the best quality for the ultimate experience, even when watched from a TV (4K capability required)

Chapters for easy Walking Tour navigation

If you are interested in a specific location all YouTube videos do have Thumbnails in the description so you can easily navigate to the specific section in the Video

4k Vienna City Center Ringstrassen Boulevard Walking Tour at Sunset, ASMR

Vienna walking tour of the beautiful Ringstrasse Boulevard in Vienna (Austria). I also show you the Hofburg Palace and the Michaeler Square which are the most vibrant parts of the city center. The video starts in Vienna 1010 Schwarzenbergplatz, Then I walk along the Ringstrasse into the city center. The video ends at the Palais Coburg / Marriott Hotel at the Parking.


4k Vienna Winter Walking Tour at Sunset, City Center

I want to share the beautiful places and iconic architecture. This 4K Video has been recorded on the 27th of December 2021 a cold but sunny winter day. The sunsets, which are quite early in the winter seasons, do have a special moody but vibrant light. Combined with the city lights it provides a unique video experience. 


4K Pre NEW YEARs Eve 2021 Vienna Walking Tour – Rain ASMR

Last Video of Vienna 2021. It is a rainy day in Vienna and the city lights are perfectly reflected by the rain.

See a selection of the most luxurious hotels at the famous Ringstrasse in Vienna by night!!!

Enjoy Window Shopping on the most luxurious street in Vienna


I hope you enjoyed the Walking Tour videos! There’s more to come, including similar videos shot in different seasons. Stadtpark has a very different feel to it in the winter, for example!


PS: If you have any suggestions for a Vienna walking tour or any specific place I should cover in a video let me know! [email protected]

Vienna City Center – Snowfall Walking Tour Video Winter in Austria ASMR

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