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Easter Sunday brunch in Vienna –  the perfect way to enjoy it, The Ritz-Carlton Vienna

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The Easter weekend passed by last week – Vienna welcomed its guests with slightly disappointing weather yet fascinating sceneries and cultural highlights! Vienna always presents itself glamorous and breathtaking, even after a long and hard winter the first spring flours welcome you!


Discover Vienna when spring is coming

Beside the beautiful buildings, the glamorous streets and historic sceneries Vienna also offers a lot of culinary surprises…… traditional food markets invite everyone to discover food and spices from all around the world! You need to take enough time to simply stroll around and discover special places like parks or hidden streets in the city center!

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Easter Sunday in style

Walking around and discovering a vivid city is always exciting and surprising – it will make you hungry – so don´t forget to make some reservations in one of the nice bistros, `Beisls´ or restaurants …. Every style and sort of food is offered everywhere around the city!

On Easter Sunday The Ritz-Carlton Vienna for example invited to a special Easter brunch in the famous Steak Restaurant DSTRIKT.

The exclusive Easter brunch offered culinary highlights from local suppliers – it is one of the key strategies of the Ritz Carlton in Vienna to support regional products whenever possible.

Any kind of coffee, fresh juices and a glass of champagne welcomed the guests either in the restaurant itself or the sparkling ballroom…..impressing!


The rich buffet offered everything one can desire – children and teens as well as couples in love or gourmets could find whatever they desire:



`Escargot Gratin´ example – believe it or not – the snails are also coming from an Austrian supplier – delicious!

A special station with a lovely young female chef created `Egg Benedictine´ in with any add you could look for…. salmon, avocado, ham, chili and many more!



Steak please…. or Lamb –  make your choice….

Yes of course – the perfect steak was offered at the Easter Brunch like anytime in the DSTRIKT Restaurant– but the traditional Easter dish is lamb in many cultures – a wide range of different sorts was presented on the buffet! Surprisingly guests were also invited to directly make their choice in the kitchen and meet the suppliers personally to get some information about the production and quality regulations – a special highlight!


Easter baskets with chocolate …. or the special Easter Cheese Cake?

In many cultures it is tradition to give little Easter Baskets with chocolate to the children or even hide them and have the baskets and have the little ones seek for them…… For the rest of us …. including me …. The special Easter Edition of the famous DSTRIKT cheese cake was the perfect alternative…. delicious!


Do I need to tell you more?

The DSTRIKT Restaurant offers a steak brunch every Sunday noon – specials like the Easter brunch are offered on special occasions …. Find more information here …… and enjoy your perfect Steak in the DSTRIKT whenever you are in Vienna!

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