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7 Things to know about the DSTRIKT Steakhouse – The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

written by gregor August 1, 2017
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The Dstrikt Steakhouse is a farm-to-table steakhouse for meat and local produce lovers. Guests experience an authentic local dining adventure enjoying the finest selection of Austrian meat cooked on a charcoal grill.

Here are the 7 Things to know about the DSTRIKT Steakhouse The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

First the Interior

It is the combination of good food and homey ambience – wooden and leather furniture fill the space and create a special atmosphere …. rustic yet cozy ….! Modern design features adorn the ceiling and give the room a simple, stylish and timeless character. It is the combination of simplicity, rustic design and modern fragments that give the restaurant space and character – guests do not feel crushed, can fall into a comfortable chair and enjoy a good meal – a glass of Champaign might be perfect to start in a relaxing evening——

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Second –a choice of twelve different steak knives

What an inspiring idea to let the guests choose between twelve different steak knives. Each individual steak knife tells its own story and impresses with best quality and different design. The handmade ´Forge de Laguiole` knife is just as stunning as real damask knives from Japan or Güde knives from Germany. The celebrated knife cult at the ´DSTRIKT´ complements the choice of a tasteful high quality steak perfectly topping most of the other steakhouses….

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Third the large selection of meat, sauces and side dishes

A promising start may be the with ´Beef Tartare`- freshly minced biological beef spiced and mixed to your individual taste right at your table…… The pleasingly high level can be maintained at the main course – the high-quality assortment of different pieces of meat will be presented to the guests to choose directly …  if desired I highly recommend to do so – you´ll never pick the wrong one!

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Otherwise you can find vivid descriptions on the menu or simply have one of the friendly staff members explaining it to you – so you know what you are getting into! Getting hungry……? …. depending on your appetite you also need to consider the sizes the offer ranges from a filet of 180 grams, a tasteful flank steak of 300 grams to powerful pieces like the T-Bone steak of 500 grams or Chateaubriand of 600 grams – basically offered for two ………some people do it all alone ……. complete your order with choosing one of eight different sauces and eleven different side dishes ……and enjoy….

Link to the menus: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/europe/vienna/dining/dstrikt/menu

Fourth the steak experience

The steaks are served at your desired taste – medium rare, medium or well-done excellently supplemented by the smoky aromas……! Great sauces like port wine onion, green pepper or chimichurri round up the tasteful experience….no more words are needed – try it yourself!

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Fifth the famous ´Dstrict Cheesecake`

 the grand finale is the ´Dstrikt Cheesecake`….the famous original cheesecake baked after the secret recipe of the Ritz Carlton Patisserie – melting on your tongue …… for me best in town!

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Sixth The D-Bar at The Ritz-Carlton Vienna

If you are finished you might get a little digestive or Cocktail….



Seventh the Special Offers of The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

Link zur page: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/europe/vienna/dining/dstrikt/special-offers

Discover Dstrikt’s seasonal offers and creative specials……


Celebrate Austria’s national holiday on this important day you can try two very special Austrian dishes on the menu! On the 26th of October 2017, you can enjoy the finest Austrian kitchen and taste the ´Urschnitzel`, a special Viennese escalope on the bone and the ´Salzburger Nockerl`, a typical Austrian sweet dumpling dish made from eggs and flour and baked in the oven and – I promise – melting in the mouth……!


Visit the DSTRIKT steakhouse with your family, friends or colleagues to say thank you! On this  American national holiday DSTRIKT invites you to enjoy a modern interpreted Thanksgiving Dinner evening in Vienna on the 23rd of November 2017 you can enjoy an exclusive three course menu with Caesar salad, stuffed turkey and the famous DSTRIKT Cheesecake in a limited pumpkin edition.


Over 50 kilometers of beach, summer pools, parks and BBQ places ensure summer feeling in Vienna. As summer time is barbeque time a specially BBQ to go package for you with a wide selection of culinary delicacies for the perfect barbeque experience was created

The package includes

  • 2x Rib Eye steak, 2x Flank steak and sausages from local producers
  • Burrata and Tomato salad
  • Homemade BBQ sauce, homemade ketchup and herb butter
  • Corn, vegetable sticks, the famous Dstrikt bread and sea salt


Enjoy a buffet in the kitchen and choose your steak, free-flow champagne, a unique waffle station, a Bloody Mary cocktail bar and other delicacies like oysters and freshly squeezed fruit juices ….


Are you looking for a refreshing aperitif to go with your steak? Try the newest Bellini creations in the flavor of pear, apricot or raspberry and indulge yourself in the sparkling taste of summer….


In wonderful cooperation with The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna


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