44 ways to stay creative – AdobeMax 2016

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Keeping up creativity all the time is not easy – sometimes loss of inspiration happens.  I was attending the AdobeMax 2016 – The Creativity Conference in San Diego in November, which is considered the largest conference of creative people in the world. I have asked many attendees such as designers, illustrators and photographers about how they stay creative and where they get their inspirations from. So how do they hold on to their creativity and maybe even become more creative?

Here are the Top 44 ways to stay creative

1. Change your morning routine

2. Get some physical exercise

3. Ask a lot of questions

4. Visualize

5. Mix the unmixable

6. Better done than perfect

7. Stretch ideas

8. Make lists

9. Carry a notebook

10. Change perspectives

11. Avoid disruptions

12. Try free writing

13. Get away from the computer

14. Be otherworldly

15. Quit beating yourself up

16. Take breaks/naps

18. Allow yourself to make mistakes

19. Go somewhere new

20. Watch foreign films

21. Count your blessings

22. Get lots of rest

23. Sing in the shower

24. Drink Coffee/Tea

25. Know your roots

26. Listen to new music

27. Be open

28. Surround yourself with creative people

29. Get feedback

30.. Collaborate

31. Don’t give up

32. Practise practise practise

33. Take risks

34. Break the rules

35. Do more of what makes you happy

36. Don’t force it

37. Create a framework

38. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect

39. Got an idea? Write it down

40. Clean your workspace

41. Have fun

42. Finish something

43. Take a walk in the nature

44. Think outside the box

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Impressions from Adobe Max 2016 Conference in San Diego




Fashion Designer: Zac Posen


Quentin Tarantino, American Filmmaker


Janet Echelman, Experimental Sculptor