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Top 5 Tips for men to prepare for your perfect vacation in a luxury spa

written by gregor May 28, 2016


With the summer holidays underway, May is the perfect month for getting out the most grooming for men in a spa! It becomes more and more important for men to appear healthy, relaxed and trimmed –for  both private and business life. Especially when summer is coming, attending a spa can offer a wide range of features to improve body-consciousness and charisma….get inspired!!

1 Personal  training

The Ritz Carlton Vienna Spa offers personal training with a unique add on – it can be held on the hotels atmospheric roof top. A perfect chance to experience a athmosperic surrounding and get a personalized training plan that will help you in getting your body in shape before holidays are coming…….Christian, my trainer, created a training circle for me that respects my personal needs and restrictions – performed on the roof with a 360° view on many of Vienna’s most spectacular buildings…….a truly unforgettable experience!!

2 Detox Delight

Detox is a super trendy key to enhance wellbeing and beauty – at least I was told so by my wife!……when I told her that the Ritz Carlton Vienna Spa offers detox products “Detox Delight” she almost forced me to give them a try…Well, I did! The detailed consultation about the secrets of detoxing made me decide for the quick fix cleansing – 3 ready-to-use boxes for 3 days, containing the complete daily requirement of coordinated drinks. Yes, it is hard to only drink juices – but after a while feeling hungry is replaced by a feeling of lightness and ease …overall a perfect addition on your way to a 6-pack!!!

3  Manicure and Pedicure

Being active in business for men also means to show a perfect groomed look – hands and nails front row! Beach holidays mean showing off your feet as well, it is the perfect time to additionally care for your feet – so lean back and enjoy a relaxing manicure and pedicure in the elegant and stylish atmosphere of the Ritz Carlton Vienna Spa!

4 Pre and post-holiday hair care

Believe or not – Hair care for men is important, especially when it is washed daily and exposed to the sun – factors that can cause damage and dryness. Try the hair conditioning treatment – a mask for the hair that moisturizes deep down and builds up tonicity. I booked one before the holidays and an additional one after returning….


5 Facial treatments

When it comes to beauty business, facial treatments are usually not amongst men’s priorities – although they definitely should be! I savored a 90 minute treatment including a complex cleansing procedure in various steps like peeling and tonic, a deep down penetrating mask – the description I was given – and moisturizing cream for face and eyes. All products used were men specific, which – according to the advice Petra from the Ritz Carlton Spa gave –  is of substantial importance. Truly important:   The skin looks and feels fresh and energized after the treatment – most reasonable for booking it again!

In wonderful collaboration with The Ritz Carlton Vienna



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