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Top 5 Tips to super relax your mind in a Luxury Spa

Last Updated on October 24, 2016 by gregor

We all need vacation! But not only our body is stressed. In most of the cases it’s our mind which is very exhausted too. Endless meetings, conference calls, presentations and many many telephone calls. With too much mental stress we loose our concentration capability, our focus, our ability to be creative and capture new inspirations.

Most Spa’s offer everything to treat our body, but what about our mind?

These are the TOP 5 Tips to help you super relax your mind in a luxury Spa


Plan one week!  Minimum! This is so important, as your mind needs time to get into a real relaxation flow. Have a short meeting with the Spa manager at the beginning of your vacation and build your personal  super-recharge plan. From anti-stress massages to calming aroma balancing treatments, so many choices. Make sure you agree on a treatment-package which is  tailored to your specific needs.


Avoid noisy areas in the Spa. Make sure you find your special quite place in the Spa. Too much noise will distract you and slower your  minds regeneration process.


Space and time are the true luxury of our age. Your mind will regenerate the most in a wonderful magnificent atmosphere. Allow yourself wander around the Spa and seek for nice places with open fire or panoramic views. Make sure you capture the these unforgettable moments.


A Spa Service is there when you need it. Hungry, thirsty,….. your Spa butler will take care of you.

NO smartphones, no Tablets, No notebook please

This is probably the toughest one. Yes many of us (including me) are somehow addicted to these electronic devices. Constantly looking to your device for new eMails is often a  common habit. Reduce your Digital and Social Media consumption level step by step.

Final advise would be not to enforce your mind-relaxing efforts too much. A lot of above mentioned points help but the most important thing is that you take it easy and let yourself come into a flow of relaxation.

Aureus Luxury Spa, The Zuerserhof , Arlberg, Austria

What are your most important things to consider when relaxing in a Spa. Let me know your tips by leaving a comment below. Thank you!


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