Top Tips for a Memorable Valentine’s Day in Vienna

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Top Tips for a Memorable Valentine’s Day in Vienna

With romance just spicing up the chilly February air, as the countdown starts for all those celebrating Valentine’s Day this coming Friday, many are probably still thinking up last-minute date ideas to make their significant other’s day memorable. Others may prefer to demonstrate their affection through thoughtful gifts and the numerous stores in Vienna will provide no easy choices.

Just for the sake of getting lost in your partner’s company on this day of the year, why not take advantage of the opportunities Vienna has to offer in terms of catering to all possible interests and budgets?

Without further ado, here are our top suggestions to make Valentine’s Day in Vienna memorable this year.

What To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day

A carriage ride through the old town of Vienna

A perfectly unapologetic idea torn right from idyllic images of New York’s Central Park, but with beautifully adorned facades en lieu of trees among skyscrapers. As one is used to seeing tourists enjoying a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, it does not seem like the likeliest way to spend this day. But why not make a date of it and simply admire together the beauty of the old city, see things with rose-colored glasses, and in a new light? You might see interesting spots, like quiet cafés nestled in a side street you would have missed before to continue your date…

A great recommendation is Riding Dinner in Vienna. Please have a look at their official Website here

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Romantic dinner with Candlelight and a view over Vienna

Please allow us to spare you the tired old quote about love and stomachs, and simply bid you to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in the company of your significant other. Many restaurants in Vienna will be tailoring their offers to this occasion, so be sure to check out your favorite spots.

If you are not a regular at any particular culinary establishment or this is your first time in Vienna, we can recommend you the candlelight buffet at the Marriott Hotel, where you can sample a selection of exclusive dishes, including the famous Marriott cheesecake, for the very reasonable rate of 62.- Euros. Champagne aficionados might appreciate the 4-course menu with Moët Champagne offered by Wein & CO at Stephansplatz. Those of you seeking a view and an elegant dinner should best head on over to the Skyline Restaurant on the Kahlenberg and allow yourselves to be spoiled with a 4-course menu with assorted wines. The package starts at 69 Euro per person. Goes without saying that regardless of your choice, reserving a table is a must.

Spa day for two

An escape into the senses seems like the perfect prelude to a memorable Valentine’s Day and Vienna knows no shortage of spas. Therme Wien is a beloved hotspot in winter and with its grotto pool, it can definitely create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. If you would like something more special, Therme offers an exclusive one-day-vacation package on 14 February only at the discounted rate of 140 Euro for two persons. The rate includes towels, bath shoes and a bath robe, reserved lounge chairs, as well as other services. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a complimentary glass of prosecco. If an entire day of relaxation may not be carved into your schedules, Therme Wien offers couples massages (classical and stamping) for the special rate of 130 euros. Either way, you are in for relaxation heaven.


Start the Day in Vienna with a romantic Breakfast and Brunch

Invite your love to a romantic Breakfast and Brunch. Here are the Top Breakfast and Brunch spots in Vienna

Looking for the best breakfast spots in Vienna. We have collected for you our top places to have the Best Breakfast and Best Brunch in Vienna

Viennese are fond of big breakfasts, they make sure they start the day right with Viennese Coffee and freshly baked Semmeln or Kipferl. If a pastry and coffee don’t suffice, pop into one of the many cafés and bars that serve up a vast array of delicious breakfast options, from traditional Viennese pastries to bacon, eggs, bagels, and fruit smoothies.

Here’s our list of top places to have the Best Breakfast and Best Brunch in Vienna.

The lovers in art – Visit Museum

Art has been no stranger to immortalizing love, as it has been understood through the centuries. Or simply to incite thought-provoking or soulful discussion. If appreciation for art is what you and your special someone feel most drawn to, pay a visit to the Leopold Museum. This Friday, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the art museum will feature a special Valentine’s Day tour and the code word *Liebesrausch* will secure you and your companion a two-for-one entry ticket. At 4.30 p.m. the museum will host a tour on the theme of ‘Lovers in Art’, around the exhibition WIEN 1900; registration will be possible at the ticket desk.

In the same vein, the Albertina Museum will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Special Tour on the theme of lovers in art. Selected artworks from Chagall, Picasso, Munch will perfectly illustrate this theme and show the numerous interpretations to love. Before the tour which starts at 5 p.m., champagne and snacks will be served. The rate for this would be 43 Euro per person, or 29 Euro for Friends of Albertina card holders. Or if you wish to skip the snacks, the regular entry fee and a surcharge of 4 Euro for the tour.



Sweet romantic moments at the Schokomuseum

Instead of offering your partner the ubiquitous heart-shaped chocolate box, we would suggest sharing a special sweet moment and learning how to make chocolates instead. The Schokomuseum offers a brilliant workshop on making pralines with various fillings (nougat, marzipan, nuts, fruits) in heart-shaped molds. And of course, this workshop would not be complete without a sampling ‘feast’ to finish. Due to the limited number of available spots, reserving is mandatory.

A musical evening

If music is the food of love, play on. Let this poetic wisdom of Shakespeare be your motto, if your common language of expression is music. The Haus der Musik offers you a date with Beethoven in Love, a special tour starting at 6 p.m. on Friday. For live concerts, Porgy and Bess hosts from 8.30 p.m. Pete Brown & Power Factory ‘From Jazz & Poetry to Cream and Jack Bruce’, who will bring avantgarde jazz vibes to your evening. If you love Latin music, join the Amor Latino cultural event hosted by the European International Cultural Agency in the Palais Schonborn. It is poised to be a fun party starting from 8 p.m., with international dance groups and salsa rhythms to keep you moving all evening.

Enjoy a Classical Concert in Vienna

Here are my top recommendations!

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Only the lonely

If you are an incurable romantic, who has not yet found his match but remains hopeful, some venues in Vienna are set up so that you can meet people looking for their Valentine.

Flirty Friday Valentine’s will be the theme of all the Green Room Pubs, who will lighten up your mood with a complimentary welcome Pink Gin Cocktail and encourage you to just mingle. Couples and singles alike are welcome to join in the flirtatious fun.

Shop in Vienna

Enjoy a shopping day.

Visiting Vienna offers you a variety of the Best places to shop for luxury brands. Luxury Shopping stores are located throughout the City Center of Vienna.



Visit a Traditional Viennese Coffee House

The Ultimate List of Best Coffeehouses in Vienna City Center includes short descriptions, opening hours, directions, and web links – enjoy this Viennese institution. Here you will encounter Viennese elegant coffee house culture in its most traditional form.

Book here your Tour: Guided Viennese Coffee-House Tour


The takeaway

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. (Charles M. Schulz)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our celebrating readers! <3