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Vienna Old Streets in historic center

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Last Updated on October 6, 2016 by gregor

Summer time is perfect strolling through the historic center of Vienna and exploring small lovely streets. As the majority of tourist are strolling through the broad boulevards around St. Stephen’s  Cathedral and shopping areas these tiny little old streets are not that popular and hence not highly frequented. They have  long historic background which is often reflected in the magnificent architectures of the small houses. Most of the streets have cobblestone pavements  and host traditional shops and small coffee houses. I took the opportunity last week (actually hottest summer days in Vienna) to embrace these places . My walk started in the very lovely Kurrentgasse then heading via Jewish square to Drahtgasse then Ledererhof –  Schulhof – Steindlgasse to finally magnificent Kleeblattgasse. So if you plan to visit Vienna make sure you do not miss this lovely area.



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