TOP 10 Tips for success on Steller

by gregor

Last Updated on October 6, 2016 by gregor

The first StellermeetAustria took place on July 11th 2015 in the Luxury Hotel Imperial Vienna. Checkout my previous blogpost for details. We had the honor to have the Steller Marketing and Community Manager Europe Jordan Foy participating at the event.

But first what is Steller?

Steller is a mobile (free-of-charge) Storytelling App available in the itunes store . I have used it for several months now and these are the main three reasons why I love it

  • Very easy and fast to use. Creating and sharing a Steller story with pictures, video and text can be done within minutes. Elegant templates help me to give your story a wonderful frame.
  • Blogging via Steller  is perfect sharing your stories when I am on the road and traveling. On Instagram I do share only few pictures not to overload my community and blogging takes much more time and usually done via my notebook.
  • Perfect extension to my main social media apps I use like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and now Steller

Before the StellerMeetAustria event started I was asking Jordan to provide me the TOP 10 Tips to be successful on Steller:

1. What should the front cover look like to drive engagement ?

A front cover should be inviting and give a rough idea of what the story is going to be about.
Choose a light, friendly front cover to get best engagement.

2. What is the optimal numbers of pages included in a Steller Story

Include 8-20 pages in a story works best on Steller

3. Add relevant text to the pictures and videos

This isn’t essential, but remember to make clear what is going on in the story if not at first clear.

4. Engage with the community

Like every Social Media platform engagement with community is key to success. In Steller you can like, comment and repost stories.

5. What is the best time to post on Steller?

In the morning between 09:00 – 11:00 and in the afternoon between 05:00 – 06:00 pm is the best time to post.

6. How often should I post on Steller?

Well there is no best rule on this one, but posting three Stories a week is  helping to keep your community engaged. Minimum do post once a week.

7. What about Hashtags on Steller ?

You can search the hashtags through search, the most active being #goexplore, countries such as #paris, #vienna or #stelleruk.

8. Are there Hashtags projects available at Steller?

Yes, every Saturday  Steller Co communicates the weekly Hashtag Project. So actively participate.

9. What about linking your other networks ?

Yes, definitely helps to add/link your social networks, this drive traffic.

10. Share share share your story

yes, share your story to your other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, blogs and more.


TOP STELLER STORIES from Hotel Imperial Event

Coming back to the first Steller Meet in Vienna here is a collection of Steller Stories which have been posted after the Hotel Imperial event. While at the first look some seem to be very similar but  if you take a closer look it is very nice to see the different styles and variety of photographic views of the producers.


Bigii lives in Vienna, Austria and loves photography, social media and food. – Blogger and ManIger of


I enjoy good food, I travel and I laugh. A lot. Inspired by little things, embracing simple pleasures. | Instagram: standard_of_grace |


Wien für die Wiener quasi – Wien aus anderen Blickwinkeln.

4. @VANESSAOTT (WindowsofVienna)

Windows of Vienna FavoritePlaces & TravelSecrets KitchenAdventures – Modern Calligraphy – | hire me: ✒️ [email protected]


Shades of blue by a beginner’s mind who finds inspiration in air, wind & water • [email protected] • <><


Instagramer from Graz, Austria & his 4s. Please don’t use my photos or the links to the photos without my permission.


working for @launchbar, @littlesnitch and @micro_snitch in my day job. student with a passion for beautiful things, photography and good coffee (@moarcoffee_).


“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Steller Team #seewhatisee #stelleruk Have any questions? Write to; [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Get in touch with me; [email protected]


It’s all about the DETAILS

10. @GREGSIDERIS Travel and Lifestyle in Vienna Urban Perspectives I Urban Escapes #StellerAustria Community & Events ☕️? ? [email protected]

Next Steller Meet Austria is planned for September 19th in Vienna. This time we will have an exclusive guide through one of the most beautiful places .. The Belvedere Palace .  More details and invitation to come End of August. To be sure you get all information please like Instagramers Austria Facebook page.

Now its your turn? Whats your experience with Steller?