Vienna luxury and elegance at the Loos House

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When you are visiting Vienna you definitely will be overwhelmed by the architectural masterpieces here.

We had a chance to get an exclusive walk through the Loos House. In this post, you will see photos from the wonderful patio and we explored the Business Center with glorious views of the Michaelerplatz and surrounding streets.

The Loos Hause in Vienna – Enjoy a masterpiece of luxury and elegance architecture in Vienna


History of the Loos House in Vienna

One of Vienna’s most famous architects and influential European theorists of Modern architecture was Adolf Franz Karl Viktor Maria Loos[1](10 December 1870 – 23 August 1933). He was able to carry out big projects in Vienna; the most notable was the so-called “Loos House” (built from 1910–12), originally for the Viennese tailor Goldman and Salatsch and situated right across from the Habsburg city residence Hofburg Palace.

Who was Adolf Loos?

Loos was born in what is now the Czech Republic in 1870 and was a child of the Habsburg monarchy. His turbulent life began early: the death of his father, one-year studying architecture at the University of Dresden, followed by three years of odd jobs and architectural drawings in the USA. Adolf Loos spent some time in London on his way home to Vienna. When he discovered modernism, he became a fierce advocate of Anglo-Saxon lifestyle and design.

Back in Vienna, Loos eventually established himself as an architect and publicist. On a serious cultural mission, he advocated his vision of architecture and design based on the practical aspects of modern life. Clean lines, practical and sometimes luxurious materials, and no ornaments created his rebellious style.


Who owns the Loos Haus today?

The Loos House, today Michaelerplatz 3,  is owned by the Raiffeisenbank Vienna.

Loos House – Patio




Loos House –  Business Center

While the shop’s facade on the ground floor is beautifully veined marble, the interior exudes a similar luxury, thanks to polished wood, lustrous mirrors, and effectively textured skylights on the main staircase. You can enter the ground floor of what is now a bank and explore some sketches and designs of the building. In the basement, Paolo Piva Designzone Looshaus regularly organizes international exhibitions and events on modern architecture.




View to the Kohlmarkt – House of Gentlemen


View to the Michaelersquare



View from Business Center to Michaelersquare


View to the Herrengasse


Outside view of the Loos House


Instagram Walk & Instagram Stories impressions









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The Loos House sits in the historic center of Vienna at the end of the Kohlmarkt.

Walk down Kohlmarkt and then turn right up the Graben, for example, to discover other architecture of the time

Bus: Michaelerplatz has its own bus stop, cunningly named “Michaelerplatz”. Both the 1A and 2A bus routes go there.

Subway: Take the U3 line to Herrengasse.

Address: Michaelerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

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