Audi mountain experience – a day to remember

by gregor

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AUDI Mountain Experience and Chic Nic in Kitzbühel – a day to remember – with all your senses!

What a day! What an unforgettable experience! What a drive…..! I need to share this experience with you…..join me in exploring a famous ski run on a hot summer day in the breathtaking mountain scenery of Kitzbühel in Tyrol, Austria!

AUDI and Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel is an AUDI partner destination since many years – the beautiful town is established not only for its skiing possibilities and world cup run but also for its very special lifestyle and countless sporting possibilities to pursue any passion like hiking, playing golf or biking! The amazing mountain scenery in summer is definitely worth visiting! A close cooperation with the local tourist association enables the AUDI team to organize events like the ‘Audi Mountain Experience!



Exploring the famous ski-run ‘Streif‘ on a hot summer day…….

You can choose different ways to reach the top of the Hahnenkamm mountain, the starting point of the race course – luckily I was invited by the AUDI team to enjoy this within a very exclusive hiking tour specially offered by AUDI during the summer month….. Together with to famous Austrian downhill skiers who both won this race, Hans Knauss and Benjamin Raich, we started the tour near the finish line of the race course. We climbed through the traverse to the Seidl-Alm up to the notorious ‘mousetrap’, the first part of the ‘Streif’ race course. Fascinating stories from Hans and Benni about racing this unique run let the time fly till we reached the top ……… and got remunerated with spectacular views that I am desperate to share  ………and some surprises!




sneak a peek from the starting point of the ‘Streif’ race where the racers wait for their command to go….Alpine Ski Superstars  Hans Knauss and Benni Raich



All senses get touched – culinary surprises high up in the mountains: the AUDI Chic Nic

Amidst a picturesque mountain landscape, a stylish Alpine location with bales of hay and wooden tables invited us to sit down, relax and enjoy culinary delights! Famous chef Hans-Jörg Bachmeier, from the restaurant  ‘Blauer Bock’ in Munich, surprised with a show cooking against a stunning mountain backdrop – and pampered us with regional delights like ‘mini Fleischlaibchen’ and ‘Ochsenbäckchen’……

Accompanied by chilling live music and some comic drawers who created funny pictures of the guests, we could inhale the atmosphere of a perfect summer day in the mountains.






The 4 rings are prepared to really get you anywhere at any time……

Multiple ways can be chosen for descending the mountain – paragliding is only one of them!



The mountain and driving experience includes the chance to take the wheel yourself and get convinced of the qualities of an Audi Quattro on difficult terrain. More precisely – my wife drove all the way down the mountain, 1665m – in an AUDI Q7, what gave me the chance to take a lot of amazing pictures during the ride. Even though we had to use uneven forest tracks and narrow serpentine roads with steep gradients and many deep potholes – I felt totally safe and comfortable all the time!

We were told that over 35 years ago Audi developed the Ur- Quattro, the first permanent all-wheel drive. Dynamism and sportiness combined with technical precision and safety were the vision – the result speaks for itself……..









In wonderful cooperation with Audi Austria


Hotel Kitzhof