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5 Best Thermal SPA in Budapest

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Welcome, fellow travelers, to beautiful Budapest! I am here to share my experiences as a travel blogger guiding you to the top 5 thermal spas in the city, especially the best one. Budapest is famous for its relaxing thermal baths, and I’ll be your friendly guide.

In this easy-to-follow post, we’ll explore these amazing places where you can soak away your cares. From the best spa in Budapest to hidden gems like Gellért Spa and Lukács Thermal Bath, I have got you covered.

I will also recommend tickets you should consider, like the Széchenyi Spa + Palinka Museum combo or a visit to Budapest: Dandár Bath. Join me as we discover the wonders of these healing waters and plan your perfect Budapest getaway. Let’s get started!

Széchenyi Spa – Where Grand Meets Relaxing

Our journey starts at the grand Széchenyi Spa, the biggest medicinal bath in Europe, located in City Park. Its fancy neo-baroque design and huge size made me feel like royalty while I relaxed in its warm pools.

You might want to think about getting the Tickets for Széchenyi Spa + Palinka Museum. It lets you visit the spa and also the Palinka Museum to try Hungary’s fruity brandy.


Gellért Spa – A Stunning Experience

Next, we go to the famous Gellért Spa, inside the beautiful Gellért Hotel. The place is decorated with a special kind of art called Art Nouveau, and there’s a cool swimming pool under a fancy glass roof. It feels like a mix of relaxation and art.

To get the best experience, consider a Gellért Spa Full-Day Ticket. It gets you into all the pools and saunas, plus you can taste Hungary’s traditional spirit, Palinka.


Budapest: Dandár Bath – A Hidden Treasure

Now, we’re exploring a secret spot called Dandár Bath, hidden in the 9th district. Not many people know about it, so it’s a peaceful place to relax and enjoy an authentic Hungarian bath.

Make sure to grab the Tickets for Budapest: Dandár Bath to secure your spot in this peaceful oasis.


Lukács Thermal Bath

A Quiet Getaway Our journey isn’t complete without a visit to Lukács Thermal Bath. People have been coming here for centuries to heal and relax. It’s a calm place with lots of pools to choose from.

Remember to book your Tickets for Budapest: Lukács Thermal Bath to make the most of your visit.


The Best Thermal Spa in Budapest – Unveiled

Now, it’s time to reveal the crown jewel of Budapest’s thermal baths – the absolute Best Thermal Spa in Budapest. This extraordinary oasis of relaxation is a must-visit for anyone seeking a truly authentic Hungarian experience.

Getting Ready for Your Spa Day

Before we explore each spa, let’s get you ready for your special spa day. Knowing when to go, what to bring, and picking the right ticket can make your experience even better.

Best Times to Visit: Budapest’s spas can get crowded. To avoid the rush, it’s a good idea to go early in the morning or later in the evening.

What to Pack: Don’t forget to pack the essentials like your swimsuit, towel, comfy flip-flops, and a water bottle. And, of course, bring your camera or phone to capture all the cool moments.

Choosing the Right Ticket: There are different types of tickets. Some include museum visits, while others give you access all day. I’ll help you pick the one that suits you best.

Respect Local Rules: Each spa might have its own rules. Some ask you to shower before you get in the water, and there might be specific swimwear requirements. Being aware of these rules will make your visit smoother.

Making Your Spa Day Perfect

Now that we’ve uncovered the secrets of Budapest’s best spas, it’s time to put the final touches on your spa day to make it absolutely wonderful.

Take It Slow: Remember, these spas are all about relaxation, so there’s no need to rush. Take your time, enjoy the warm waters, and let go of your worries.

Discovering the Beauty: Each spa has its own unique charm. We’ll dive deep into what makes them special, whether it’s their stunning architecture or their tranquil settings.

Savor Local Delights: Don’t miss the chance to taste some local treats, like Palinka, a traditional Hungarian drink. It’s a delicious part of the experience.

Following My Advice: Throughout this guide, I’ll be sharing my personal tips and experiences to help you have the best time possible.


 As we finish our journey into Budapest’s special spas, I hope you’re excited about your own spa day in this wonderful city. We have explored the best spas here, from the grand Széchenyi Spa to the hidden gem, Dandár Bath.

Remember, your spa visit is a time to relax, enjoy, and be in the soothing waters that have been part of Budapest’s history for a very long time. Take your time, enjoy the unique beauty of each spa, and taste some local treats.

This guide has given you helpful tips, so you’re ready for your spa adventure. Whether you want relaxation, a boost of energy, or a taste of Hungarian culture, Budapest’s spas have something for you.

So, go ahead, get your tickets, pack your swimming stuff, and get ready for an amazing spa experience. Budapest is ready to make you feel great in its warm, healing waters. Enjoy your spa day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which thermal bath is better in Budapest?

There are several thermal baths in Budapest, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences. Some of the most popular and highly recommended thermal baths in Budapest include:
1. Széchenyi Thermal Bath: One of the largest and most iconic thermal baths in Budapest, known for its grand architecture and a wide range of indoor and outdoor pools.
2. Gellért Thermal Bath: Located in the beautiful Art Nouveau-style Gellért Hotel, this bath is known for its stunning architecture and decorative elements. It offers both indoor and outdoor pools.
3. Rudas Thermal Bath: Dating back to the 16th century, Rudas is one of the oldest thermal baths in Budapest. It has a traditional Turkish bath area, a rooftop pool with panoramic views, and various wellness facilities.
4. Király Thermal Bath: Another historic thermal bath, dating back to 1565. Király is famous for its octagonal pool and Ottoman-era ambiance.
5. Lukács Thermal Bath: Located in the Buda side of Budapest, Lukács offers both thermal and medicinal waters with a focus on wellness and healing.
 The best thermal bath in Budapest depends on your preferences for the facilities, ambiance, and location. Each bath has its unique features, so it is recommended to read reviews and consider what you are looking for in a thermal bath experience.

What is the famous spa in Budapest?

The famous spa in Budapest is the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, one of the largest and oldest thermal baths in Europe.

What do you wear to a thermal spa in Budapest?

When going to a thermal spa in Budapest, it is usually recommended to wear a swimsuit or swimming trunks. However, it’s important to note that in some thermal spas, there may be specific rules or regulations regarding swimwear. Additionally, it is common courtesy to bring your own towel, flip flops, and a bathrobe.

Which is the best bath to visit in Budapest?

One of the best baths to visit in Budapest is the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. It is the largest medicinal bath in Europe, with 15 indoor baths and 3 outdoor pools filled with natural hot spring waters. This bath also offers various wellness treatments and services, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Other notable baths in Budapest include Gellért Thermal Bath and Rudas Thermal Bath. Ultimately, the best bath to visit depends on personal preference and specific desired experiences.

Which places provide the most romantic thermal spas in Budapest?

There are several places in Budapest that provide romantic thermal spas. Some of the top options include:
1. Széchenyi Thermal Bath: This is the largest medicinal bath in Europe and offers a range of thermal pools, saunas, and wellness treatments. The yellow Neo-Baroque building and the spacious outdoor pools create a romantic atmosphere.
2. Gellért Thermal Bath: Located in the stunning Gellért Hotel, this thermal bath features beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and a range of indoor and outdoor pools. The mosaics, stained glass windows, and the famous Gellért Hill backdrop make it a romantic spot for couples.
3. Rudas Thermal Bath: This historic thermal bath offers a unique experience with its octagonal pool beneath a stunning dome. The bath also has rooftop hot tubs providing panoramic views of the Danube River, creating a romantic setting.
4. Lukács Thermal Bath: Known for its tranquility, Lukács Thermal Bath offers a more peaceful and intimate atmosphere. With its thermal pools, saunas, and massage services, it provides a cozy and romantic experience.
These places not only provide romantic thermal spas but also offer additional services like couple’s massages or private baths, making them ideal for couples looking for a romantic retreat.

Which places provide the best thermal spas in Budapest for couples?

Budapest is famous for its thermal spas, and there are several options that provide a great experience for couples. Some of the best thermal spas in Budapest for couples include:
1. Gellért Baths: The Gellért Baths is an iconic thermal spa located in a stunning Art Nouveau building. It offers a range of thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms, and various wellness services. Couples can enjoy a romantic atmosphere while indulging in the healing waters.
2. Széchenyi Baths: Széchenyi is one of the largest thermal bath complexes in Europe and is a popular choice for couples. It features numerous indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and steam rooms. The beautiful architecture and relaxing environment make it a great place to enjoy a spa day together.
3. Rudas Baths: Rudas Baths is a historic thermal spa known for its unique Turkish-style architecture. It offers both mixed and separate-gender days, with a rooftop pool that provides stunning views of the city. Couples can relax in the various pools and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
4. Király Baths: Király Baths is another Turkish-style thermal spa that dates back to the 16th century. It has a beautiful domed interior and four thermal pools of different temperatures. It is a smaller and quieter option perfect for couples looking for a more intimate experience.
Remember to check the operating hours and any requirements in advance, as some thermal spas may have specific regulations for couples or mixed-gender visits.

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