Top 5 Experiences at the Škoda Fabia Event in Prague

by gregor

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I was invited by ŠKODA Austria to join the Škoda Fabia Influencer Event in Prague. Škoda invited more than 40 Influencers from all over Europe to a presentation of the rejuvenated Škoda Fabia in Prague, Czech Republic.

The 2,5 Days Škoda Fabia Event in Prague were packed with interesting inspirations about the  History of Škoda,  trends in the automotive Industry, the future of mobility and how Škoda is responding to this industry transformation. Of course, an Influencer Event could not be an Influencer event without Lifestyle themes, fun and many photo shoot opportunities to enable the Influencers to capture their inspirations and share them with their followers all over the world.

In this Blog-article I would love to share with you the Top 5 Highlights of this event and if you plan to visit and learn more about Prague and the “Škoda World” here is what you need to do and see when in Czech Republic.

Top 5 Experiences at the Škoda Fabia Influencer Event in Prague, Czech Republic


The Škoda Auto DigiLab in Prague

First, we learned about the future of mobility at the Škoda’s future laboratory, so called Škoda DigiLab in Prague.

Several Škoda’s Collaborations between the manufacturer and innovative startups were presented and discussed – like HoppyGo, a Prague-based platform for “peer-to-peer” car-sharing.  Learn more (Click) 


Or Anagog, a pioneer for data-driven traffic optimization based in Tel Aviv. Learn more (Click) 

Learn more about the Škoda DigiLab (Click)


Škoda Fabia Test Drive to the Škoda Plant in Mladá Boleslav

After the visit at the DigiLab in Prague each Influencer had the possibility to drive with the recently rejuvenated Škoda Fabia Model 2018 from the Mama Shelter Hotel in Prague to the Škoda plant at Mladá Boleslav. During the drive which was about 50 kilometers we could experience the New Škoda Fabia first-hand.

Learn more about the New Škoda Fabia 2018  here (Click)


Ride with the Škoda Classics

Arriving at Mlada Boleslav a colorful and varied historic Škoda Line-up were waiting at the parking lot in front of the Plant’s Museum which instantly created a perfect vibe among the Influencers. We were even allowed to drive this historic cars (OMG)

We had a delightful time posing in front of historic Škoda models like the Superb 3000 type 919 of 1939 and the Felicia type 994 of 1961.


The Aviation Museum of Metodej Vlach in Mladá Boleslav

The aviation museum of Metoděj Vlach, constructed in Mladá Boleslav by the Central Bohemian region, the visitors can enjoy uncommon exhibition of the aviation history. The official opening was in April 2015.

The collection includes over 25 aircrafts, the originals, and replica from the pioneering period to contemporary times, and it is placed in the main hall. Most aircrafts are fully functional. Everybody can try the art of piloting on prepared simulators with the aircrafts from the WWI period. Other simulators enable the experience of overloading during aircraft turning or parachute diving.

In the first floor, the visitors can enjoy extensive collection of original radio-stations, aviation cameras, uniforms, overalls, machines, and other aviation devices from the start of aviation until contemporary time.

The main aviation highlights include the flying replica of aircraft of Metoděj Vlach, the constructor, and aviation technician, who built the first Czech aircraft propelled with car motor in Mladá Boleslav in 1912, and flew it himself, and also aircraft Polikarpov Po-2 Russian, flying original from 1937.

The aviation museum placed in the airport in Mladá Boleslav.

The Highlight of the day: A flight around the complex in a historic propeller plane. (Antonov)PragueTravelGuide_theviennablog


Škoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav

The exhibition includes around 50 vehicles and more than 500 other museum pieces from the history of the company.


The creators of the exhibition are not simply presenting the exhibits in chronological order. Instead, the exhibition is divided into three sections.

In the “Tradition section”, the stories of their actual owners are in the center of attention next to the cars. By connecting with their former car owners, the museum pieces are less enraptured than is the case in other exhibitions. Especially since the featured persons are normal car buyers and not stars or starlets.

In the “Evolution section” Škoda shows how the company sees the company’s history. Of course, with cars. For the center of the “Evolution” area is formed by 20 vehicles in a four-storey high-bay warehouse, the so-called “Autoregal”. This arrangement allows an unusual view of the automotive milestones of the company’s long history.


Unusually, the third museum area, which the creators of the exhibition call “Precision section”. In this part of the museum are unrestored vintage cars. The vehicles are arranged in such a way that the visitor can follow the development from the barn find to the perfect old-timer on his way through the exhibition.


For Škoda Rally Car Lovers



But also the veteran rock, today’s top seller, the Škoda Octavia, can be discovered in the museum. In 1959, the production of the Octavia began and ran until the early ’70s.

Learn more about Location and Exhibition Opening time (CLICK)

Of course, we took the Opportunity to take amazing photos at the Museum

I want to thank Škoda Austria for the invitation to this amazing Event. It was perfect to share the “Škoda World” combined  with Lifestyle Inspirations of the wonderful Prague and the surroundings of the Bohemian area.