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Amazing Instagram and Photography Spots in Prague


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Prague is one of the most photogenic cities in the world so it’s impossible not to be snap-happy all the time. Every place is worth getting your camera out for which makes it difficult to prioritize what to take a photo of. I have made your job easier by listing the most iconic photo opportunities in Prague, Czech-Republic. These are the best photo locations in Prague that will make jaw drops and induce envy into all fellow Prague lovers. These will be the shots that you’ll look back on in years to come and reminisce over. I also included photos from my trip in wonderful cooperation with Skoda Austria.

This list below will help you get started, but there will come a point where you will be required to wander off alone and explore this gorgeous city. However, if you do not have the time, just stick to this list of places:

Here are The Top Photography and Instagram Spots in Prague

Charles Bridge

The perfect place to get started is at the Charles Bridge. This is one of the hottest locations in Prague and is considered to be a local and tourist favorite. The medieval bridge was complete at the beginning of the 15th Century and is a gorgeous sight. There are times when the bridge is preceded with local and tourists, but mornings are usually slow. If you are looking for less food traffic, then you should consider waking up early. Not only will the bridge be completely empty. In addition, you will be able to experience a stunning sunrise. Moreover, it will give you a chance to capture the mesmerizing architecture of the bridge leads to.


River & Swans

Head to the waterfront on the west side of Charles bridge and you will find a small park and pavement in form of it. Here you can view the beautiful river and swans’ swimming along. If you are lucky and the season is right, you will see more swans then you have in your entire life. As the location is filled with swans as Trafalgar square was once filled with pigeons. These swans are located just north of the bridge and is referred to as the lesser town side. The best time to visit and capture the river & swans is right before sunset.



Old Town Hall Tower

The old town hall tower in Prague offers a view you won’t be able to forget. You are required to buy a ticket for the old town hall tower, but it is completely worth it. As once you head up to the tower, you will be able to take in amazing view in every direction. No matter which direction you look in, you will have a breathtaking view of the city. In addition, if you are there in December, you will have a chance to capture the beautiful Christmas market from the top. Moreover, the best way to capture the place is with a perfectly wide-angle lens. The view is so gorgeous, that you wouldn’t want to cut out a single thing.


Prague Old Town



PragueTravelGuide_theviennablog (10)

Havlíčkovy sady

Go for an early morning stroll through the grotto at Havlíčkovy sady. You’ll find vineyards, wine cellars, fountains, an original historic bowling alley from the 1870s, and a lovely garden restaurant all situated in a stunning Italian Renaissance style park with landscape views of Prague you won’t get anywhere else.


Dancing House

The Dancing house is one of the hottest photography and Instagram spots in Prague. As it offers a gorgeous view, of this unique piece of architecture. The architecture was designed by Valdo Milunic along with a Canadian-American architect named Frank Gehry. The dancing house is known for its curvy shapes, that gives you the illusion that the building is dancing. The best time to get a picture of the dancing house would be later in the afternoon or at night time. As the light will come on, and you will be able to capture it in all its beauty. In addition, you will be able to capture the hustling and bustling streets, with a hazy tram going its way.



The Vrtba Garden

The garden offers a mesmerizing view that is hard to look away from. The best time to visit the garden would be during the daytime, so you can have a clear and beautiful view of the garden and the city surrounding it. The entrance is not free, but you will learn that the ticket is worth the beauty this park has to offer. With a top hill view of the city and a clean and calming garden around you; you will automatically feel blessed with beauty.



Franz Kafka Monument

The modern and iconic monument of Franz Kafka offers a stunning sight. As his face will twist and turn all over, to create an array of arrangements for you to enjoy. With the moving nose, ears, and eyes, you will be thoroughly amused by this art piece. You can visit the place any time of the day, as it will be as beautiful as every regardless of the time of the day.


National theater – Riverside Park walk



Letna hill

Providing some of the best views of the city, especially at sunset is the view from Letna Hill. From this spot you will get views of the Vltava river


In wonderful cooperation with Skoda Austria

I had the honor to drive with  the New Skoda Fabia Model 2018 through Prague. We had a  great drive from the famous  Charles Bridge to the Monastery and finally a fantastic view over Prague at the Castle.



Other Photography Spots to Consider

Here are some other spots around the city that I haven’t made it to yet.

Petrin Park
The Petrin Park is a longer walk then most places in the city, but if you are looking to get a full view of the city from afar then it is the best spot. The lush green trees break out the gorgeous city view that you will find it hard to look away from. The park is free to visit and offers a gorgeous background for your images. However, if you wish to take your photography to the next level and view the entire city you will have to pay a small ticket fee for the tower. Once you have reached the top you will be able to capture the most stunning image of your entire trip. Where you will feel you are standing on top of Prague and taking in the gorgeous city as it should be.

Along Smetanovo nabrezi
If you are looking for a spot from where you will be able to capture a part of Charles Bridge, and Prague castle then head down the path. It is located just south of Charles bridge and is at the east river side of the old town. The perfect time to get a picture would be during a cold and quiet evening. As it offers the perfect reflection in the river below and makes a stunning overall impression of the city. Once there take out time to explore the old town, as you will find many unique spots that will take your breath away. The city is full of surprises to take as much advantage of the time you have in the city as possible.
Prague can easily give any top city in Europe a run for its money, as it offers beauty and history that dates back a millennium. This European hotspot is known for its iconic architecture, art scene, food, BEER, and culture. Along with that, you get a gorgeous view no matter which direction you look. Which is why when you are in Prague we encourage you to explore as much as you can. Take out time to go off route, as you will be able to discover gorgeous settings that are perfect for photography. These sports and special locations will be best for Instagram posts, as they will help capture Prague at its best. The urban scene the city has to offer is to die for, as you will find it hard to take yourself out of the scene. Mainly why you must explore like a local rather than exploring like a tourist. Once you have captured images at all the sports mentioned above, we encourage you to dive into the rich culture the city has to offer.

Marianske hradby
If you get a chance to visit Prague in the autumn season, then the streets of Marianske hradby offer the perfect spot for you to be. Walking through the streets you will be able to take in the breathtaking view of the autumn season and capture one of the most beautiful Instagram photos you have even uploaded. As the place offers a safe and reliable spot. You can take in the charming season, as you capture the space. The best time to take a picture here would be during the day, as you will need as much light as you can get. The only way you can go uninterrupted is if you locate a safe spot off the track, as the park is full of locals, and has a running tram system by the tracks side.

Na Opysi
The city offers a small pedestrian path called the Na Opysi, that leads up to the Prague Castle. The Castle is known for its gorgeous architecture and history and makes for a wonderful backdrop for your Instagram photographs. As you will be able to show off one of the most iconic buildings in the city; and enjoy a gorgeous path towards it. When walking towards the castle take you time to take in the gorgeous city, and while you are at it feel free to snap some photographs. As the city offers a different story than the castle does. Which is why you shouldn’t wast any good view. The best time to walk the path is during later afternoon and sunset. As the place is quiet and will allow you a chance to take in the city before it becomes crowded.

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