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Interview, Michael Reinhart, Head Bartender of the D-Bar, The Ritz-Carlton Vienna

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During the 1st Chivas Bartenders Chapter Bartour in Vienna, we had the chance to interview Michael Reinhart, Head Bartender of the D-Bar,  Ritz-Carlton Vienna and Chivas Regal Whisky Brand Ambassador.

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Q: Michael Reinhart, you are the bartender in the D-Bar – what should we know about the D-Bar, what is the characteristic of this bar?

We are a Hotel Bar with a wonderful view to the Viennese Ring. We are a Smokers Lounge were we not only have a variety of selected cigars, also we have a wide range of Rum & Whisky.

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Q: Chivas Regal selected 4 bartenders from Vienna to become Chivas Brand Ambassadors this year – you are one of them, what does this mean to you?

For myself I see it as a great honor that I have been selected out of so many excellent bartenders in Vienna.

Q: At the beginning of the project, you made a joint trip to Scotland to the origins of Chivas Regal Whisky what impressions and experiences did you gain there?

It was highly interesting to get a closer look into the distillery with an exclusive tour. Also it was a great experience to actually live in the “Linn House” to get a felling for the Scottish Life.

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Q: What is so special about the Chivas Regal for you? Why is it your favourite Whisky?

Fascinating. What two young brothers have achieved with this company. Consistent quality. Memorable bottles. And for me the world`s most iconic whisky.

Q: What is the ideal glass for Chivas Regal and what is the reason for it?

The Chivas Regal is best served in a traditional Whisky tumbler. For the aroma to unfold its full flavor.

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Q: You have created 2x signature cocktails with Chivas Regal 12yo and Chivas Regal 18yo, what was your idea behind these 2 cocktails?

As for the Chivas Regal 12yo I wanted to create a drink that would reach a breadth crowd. With the Chivas Regal 18yo I was inspired to create a drink that would go well with a cigar.

Q: What are the names of your cocktails and what inspired you to your creation?

Last Dish: Chivas Regal 12yo: It’s a drink with a sweetness character. It will taste like a dessert – Last Dish.


Black Speyside: Chivas Regal 18yo: It’s a dark cocktail. The colour comes from the active coal – Black Speyside


Q: Please prepare your Chivas Regal signature cocktails for us and explain the preparation ……
What are the components of the cocktail?

Last Dish: Chivas Regal 12yo, plum liqueur, fresh lime, homemade cinnamon syrup, plum marmalade,  vanille-lime-espuma

Black Speyside:  Chivas Regal 18yo, active coal syrup, chocolate bitters, PX sherry, cedar, orange


Q: Every year, new Chivas Brand Ambassadors will join the Chivas Bartenders’ Chapter. Is there any recommendation you would like to give to the following bartenders?

Pay every time attention. Take knowledge as much as possible. And enjoy this great time with great people!


Q: Finally – what is your personal favourite Chivas Regal Whisky and what do you like about it?

 Chivas Regal 18yo. The flavor and taste. The rounding in the finish with the sherry, chocolate and orange flavor. You can drink it perfectly pure.



Chivas Regal whisky connaisseurs have the opportunity in the following selected bars to collect Chiva’s shelf points and exchange these in exclusive Chivas Regal gifts.

The Cocktails and Chivas Exclusive Cards are available in the following selected bars:

The Birdyard, Lange Gasse 74, 1080 Vienna

Feng Liu, Birdyard, Vienna

D-Bar, The Ritz-Carlton Vienna, 1010 Schubert Ring 5, Vienna

Michael Reinhart, D-Bar at  The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

Dino’s American Bar, Salzgries 19, 1010 Vienna

Marius Willenbücher, Dino’s American Bar, Vienna

Josef Cocktail Bar, Sterngasse 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Andrea Hörzer, Josef  Cocktail Bar, Vienna


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