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Embark on a magical journey with Disneyland Paris Tickets unlocking the gateway to enchantment and joy As a devoted Travel Blogger I am thrilled to share authentic tips for an unforgettable experience From the essential Disneyland Paris Tickets to seamless train transportation from Paris This blog unveils the keys to a seamless adventure Delve into the realm of last-minute excitement with SingleDay and MultiDay options each promising a unique charm Drawing from personal experiences I guide you through the ticket intricacies ensuring your visit is stress-free and filled with wonder Lets explore the wonders of Disneyland® Paris together your ticket to a world of whimsy awaits.

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6 Best Disneyland Paris Tickets Recommendations

Disneyland Paris Ticket Train Transportation from Paris

Embark on a hassle-free adventure with the Disneyland® Paris Ticket Train option Effortlessly reach the enchanting park enjoying the scenic journey from Paris Personal Insight The train ride enhances the overall experience setting the perfect tone for a day filled with magic.

Disneyland Paris SingleDay Ticket

Embark on a hassle-free adventure with the Disneyland® Paris Ticket Train option Effortlessly reach the enchanting park enjoying the scenic journey from Paris Personal Insight The train ride enhances the overall experience setting the perfect tone for a day filled with magic.

Disneyland Paris Singleday Last Minute Ticket

Spontaneity meets magic with the Last Minute SingleDay Ticket Grab the chance for an impromptu adventure seizing the enchantment of Disneyland® Paris Lastminute plans often lead to unexpected delightful discoveries within the park.

Disneyland Paris Multiday Last Minute Ticket

Extend the magic with the Last Minute MultiDay Ticket Immerse yourself in the wonders of Disneyland® Paris over multiple days savoring each moment This option allows for a leisurely exploration uncovering hidden gems at your own pace.

Disneyland Paris Multiday Ticket

Optimal for a comprehensive experience the MultiDay Ticket lets you delve deep into the magic of Disneyland® Paris it is my go-to choice for fully embracing the park’s diverse attractions and entertainment over an extended visit.

Disneyland Paris Ticket Shuttle Transport from Paris

Choose convenience with the Disneyland® Paris Ticket Shuttle option Enjoy a stress-free journey from Paris to the park ensuring a seamless start to your magical day The shuttle ride adds an extra layer of comfort setting the stage for an enchanting experience.


As we draw the curtains on this exploration of Disneyland® Paris Tickets I hope the insights shared have ignited your excitement for an extraordinary adventure Whether you opt for the seamless journey with the Ticket Train option or dive into the magic with a SingleDay Ticket Disneyland® Paris promises a kaleidoscope of memories.

Remember spontaneity adds its own charm the Last Minute Tickets both single and multiday offer unexpected delights within the park’s enchanting realms For a more leisurely experience the MultiDay Tickets beckon inviting you to savor every nuance of this magical realm.

In the end it is not just about the tickets it is about crafting your unique Disneyland® Paris narrative Having explored these options personally I can assure you that each ticket holds the promise of wonder and joy So go ahead and choose the ticket that resonates with your spirit and let the magic unfold Your Disneyland® Paris adventure awaits brimming with enchantment and cherished moments May your journey be as magical as the park itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How much does it cost to go to Disneyland Paris?

The cost of a visit to Disneyland Paris can vary based on several factors including the type of ticket the number of days you plan to visit and any additional services or options you choose.
Single-Day Tickets: Prices for single-day tickets can vary depending on whether it’s a regular day or a peak season day. These prices range from around €51 to €109 or more for adults and from around €49 to €104 or more for children (ages 3-11).
Multi-Day Tickets: If you plan to spend multiple days at Disneyland Paris multi-day tickets are available at a per-day cost that is generally more economical than purchasing separate single-day tickets. Prices can range from approximately €169 for a 2-day ticket to over €259 for a 4-day ticket with variations for adults and children.
Special Tickets and Packages: Disneyland Paris often offers special tickets or packages that include additional services such as transportation from Paris meal plans or hotel accommodations. Prices for these packages can vary widely.

How much is Disneyland Paris for a family of 4?

The cost of a Disneyland Paris visit for a family of four will depend on several factors including the type of tickets you choose the number of days you plan to spend in the park and any additional services or accommodations you may need. 
Ticket Costs: The cost of admission will depend on whether you choose single-day or multi-day tickets and the age of each family member. For a family of four (two adults and two children), you will need to multiply the individual ticket prices by the number of people.
Accommodation: If you plan to stay overnight the cost of hotel accommodations will be an additional factor. Disneyland Paris offers a range of on-site and nearby partner hotels with varying price points.
Additional Services: If you opt for special packages or services like transportation from Paris, meal plans, or park hopper options these will add to the overall cost.

How to buy a Disneyland ticket in Paris?

Disneyland Paris tickets can be purchased through various channels. Here is a general guide on how to buy Disneyland Paris tickets:
Official Disneyland Paris Website:
The most reliable and direct method is to purchase tickets through the official Disneyland Paris website.
Visit the official website and navigate to the “Tickets” or “Book Your Visit” section.
Choose the type of ticket you want (single-day, multi-day etc.) and follow the online purchasing process.
Authorized Ticket Vendors:
Disneyland Paris tickets are also available through authorized third-party vendors travel agencies, or online ticket platforms.
Ensure that the vendor is authorized to sell Disneyland Paris tickets to avoid any issues.
Travel Agencies:
Some travel agencies may offer Disneyland Paris packages that include tickets accommodation, and other services.
Check with local travel agencies or online travel platforms for possible deals.
On-Site Ticket Booths:
If you’re already at Disneyland Paris you can purchase tickets at the on-site ticket booths.
Keep in mind that buying tickets in advance online may offer better deals and save time at the entrance.
Special Offers and Promotions:
Keep an eye out for special offers, promotions or discounts on the official website or through authorized vendors.
Mobile Apps:
Disneyland Paris may have a mobile app that allows you to purchase tickets and access other helpful information about the park.

How much is a ticket to Disneyland Paris cost?

Disneyland Paris ticket prices can vary based on factors such as the type of ticket the number of days you plan to visit and any ongoing promotions. Its important to note that prices may have changed since then so I recommend checking the official Disneyland Paris website or contacting their customer service for the most up-to-date information.
As a reference here is a general range based on the types of tickets available:
Single-Day Tickets: Prices typically range from around €51 to €109 or more for adults and from around €49 to €104 or more for children (ages 3-11). Prices can vary based on the season with peak times usually costing more.
Multi-Day Tickets: Prices for multi-day tickets can be more economical per day compared to single-day tickets. Prices may range from approximately €169 for a 2-day ticket to over €259 for a 4-day ticket for adults with variations for children.

How much does it cost from Disneyland to Paris?

The cost of transportation from Disneyland Paris to central Paris can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. Here are some common options:
Train (RER): The RER (Réseau Express Régional) is a regional train system that connects Disneyland Paris to central Paris. The cost of a one-way ticket for adults is typically around €7.60 and for children (ages 4-9) its around €3.80 (as of my last knowledge update in January 2022). Prices may vary and it is advisable to check the latest rates.
Shuttle Service: Disneyland Paris offers shuttle services from the park to various locations in Paris. The cost of shuttle services can vary depending on the provider and the specific service you choose.
Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services: Taxi and ride-sharing services like Uber are available and the cost will depend on factors such as distance time of day and demand.
Private Car Services: Private car services or transfers can be arranged for a set fee. Prices may vary depending on the provider and the type of vehicle.

How much did Disneyland Paris cost?

The cost of building Disneyland Paris Euro Disney Resort was significant and it involved substantial investments in construction infrastructure and development The total cost of the project was estimated to be around 4 billion USD This included the expenses for building the theme park hotels transportation systems and other facilities.
Disneyland Paris officially opened its doors on April 12 1992 and it has since undergone expansions and renovations The initial investment faced financial challenges in the early years of operation but the resort has since become a popular destination in Europe.
It is important to note that the cost figures mentioned here are historical estimates and the actual costs may have varied over time due to changes in plans construction expenses and economic factors For the most accurate and up-to-date financial information about Disneyland Paris one would need to refer to the latest financial reports from The Walt Disney Company or Euro Disney SCA the company that owns and operates Disneyland Paris.

Do Disneyland Paris tickets go on sale?

Disneyland Paris tickets are typically available for purchase year-round and they do not go on traditional “sales” in the way that some retail products might. Disneyland Paris often offers various promotions, discounts, and special packages at different times throughout the year. These promotions may include:
Early Booking Discounts: Disneyland Paris may provide discounts for visitors who book their tickets well in advance.
Seasonal Promotions: During certain seasons or holidays Disneyland Paris may run special promotions or offer package deals that include tickets.
Hotel and Ticket Packages: Bundled packages that include both park tickets and hotel accommodations may be available with special pricing.
Special Events: Disneyland Paris occasionally hosts special events and tickets for these events may come with unique offerings or reduced prices.

When is the cheapest time to go to Disneyland Paris?

The cost of visiting Disneyland Paris can vary based on the time of year with certain periods generally considered less expensive than others. Here are some factors to consider for finding potentially more affordable times to visit:
Off-Peak Seasons: Typically weekdays during off-peak seasons tend to be less crowded and you may find better deals on accommodations and tickets. Off-peak seasons are often during non-holiday periods and when school is in session.
Avoiding Holidays and School Vacations: Prices may be higher during holidays and school vacation periods when demand is higher. If possible plan your visit during times when schools are in session.
Midweek Visits: Weekdays (Tuesday through Thursday) are generally less crowded than weekends and you might find better prices on tickets and accommodations.
Non-Summer Months: Summer is a popular time for travel and prices may be higher. Consider visiting during the spring or fall for potentially lower costs and milder weather.
Check for Promotions and Discounts: Keep an eye on the official Disneyland Paris website for any promotions, discounts or special offers that may be available during specific times.

When does Disneyland Paris open?

Disneyland Paris typically operates throughout the year but specific opening hours can vary based on the season special events and other factors. Generally, Disneyland Paris is open every day with the following schedule:
Regular Park Hours: Disneyland Paris usually opens in the morning and closes in the evening. The exact opening and closing times can vary so it is essential to check the official Disneyland Paris website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Extended Hours and Seasonal Variations: During peak seasons holidays and special events Disneyland Paris may offer extended opening hours. some attractions or areas of the park may have different operating hours.
Closure Days: While it is rare there might be occasional days when the park closes for special events maintenance or other reasons. Again checking the official schedule is crucial to avoid any surprises.

What is there to do at Disneyland® Paris in 3 days?

Spending three days at Disneyland® Paris provides ample time to immerse yourself in the magic and enjoy a variety of attractions, shows and experiences. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a 3-day visit:
Day 1: Exploring Disneyland Park
Main Street U.S.A.: Begin your day with a stroll down Main Street U.S.A. and soak in the charming atmosphere.
Fantasyland: Dive into classic Disney tales with attractions like “Peter Pan’s Flight” “it’s a small world” and “Sleeping Beauty Castle.”
Afternoon: 3. Adventureland: Embark on thrilling adventures with rides like “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
Frontierland: Experience the Wild West atmosphere and enjoy attractions like “Big Thunder Mountain” and “Phantom Manor.”
Evening: 5. Disney Illuminations: End your day with the spectacular nighttime show featuring fireworks, projections and music.
Day 2: Walt Disney Studios Park
Crush’s Coaster: Start your day with an exciting ride through the world of Finding Nemo.
Ratatouille: The Adventure: Experience the charm of Paris and its culinary delights with this 4D attraction.
Afternoon: 3. Toy Story Playland: Enjoy the playful atmosphere and attractions like “Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin” and “RC Racer.”
Production Courtyard: Immerse yourself in the world of cinema with attractions like “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.”
Evening: 5. Disneyland Paris Parade: Witness the magic of the parade featuring beloved Disney characters.
Day 3: Disneyland Park and Special Experiences
Discoveryland: Explore the futuristic world with attractions like “Space Mountain: Mission 2” and “Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.”
Meet Disney Characters: Take time to meet your favorite Disney characters for photos and autographs.
Afternoon: 3. Disneyland Railroad: Enjoy a relaxing ride on the Disneyland Railroad and explore different lands.
Disneyland Park Shows: Catch live shows such as “Mickey and the Magician” or other seasonal performances.
Evening: 5. Dining Experience: Reserve a special dining experience at one of the themed restaurants in the park.
Disney Dreams! of Christmas: If visiting during the holiday season enjoy the festive nighttime spectacular.