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Are you ready for an amazing adventure exploring the world of Czech beer in Prague? Welcome to Prague Brewery Tours where we will delve into the history and culture of brewing. I am a travel blogger who loves sharing real experiences and I am excited to be your guide.

In this blog, I will share my own experiences exploring Prague’s breweries. From the moment you arrive in this beautiful city, you will be surrounded by history and beer.

I will recommend some must-visit places like the Prague Pub Crawl Czech Beer Tasting and Beer Spa Prague to make your beer journey even more exciting. So let us grab a beer and start this hoppy adventure!

Prague Pub Crawl: Tour with Drinks + Entry to Karlovy Lazne

Are you in search of an unforgettable night out with fantastic beer? Look no further than the Prague Pub Crawl. This high-energy adventure takes you on a guided tour of some of Prague’s finest bars, with complimentary drinks along the way. But here is the kicker it includes entry to Karlovy Lazne one of Europe’s largest and liveliest clubs. It is the ultimate opportunity to mingle with fellow travelers and dive headfirst into Prague’s bustling nightlife.


Czech Beer Tasting: A Flavorful Journey

For those of you who savor the taste of authentic Czech beer the Czech Beer Tasting experience is tailored precisely to your palate. Get ready to sample a delightful range of local brews each with its own distinct character and flavor profile. During this tasting session not only will you relish the rich flavors of Czech beer but you will also gain insight into the craftsmanship that goes into every glass.


Prague Beer Tour & Czech Beer Museum: Unveiling the Past and Present

Calling all beer enthusiasts and history buffs! The Prague Beer Tour & Czech Beer Museum promises a captivating exploration into the history and evolution of beer in the Czech Republic. Venture into traditional breweries and immerse yourself in the Czech Beer Museums exhibits where you will uncover the age-old traditions and contemporary innovations that have shaped Czech brewing excellence.


Beer Spa Prague: An Oasis of Relaxation

Imagine a spa experience unlike any other where relaxation meets beer. That is precisely what the Beer Spa Prague offers. You will luxuriate in a rejuvenating beer bath while indulging in unlimited beer. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the therapeutic benefits of beer with a touch of pampering. The perfect way to unwind and soak in the local beer culture.


Guided Tour of 3 Breweries with Beer Tastings

Are you eager to gain an insider perspective on the brewing process? Join the Guided Tour of 3 Breweries in Prague. This immersive experience takes you behind the scenes of three top-notch breweries. Witness the enchanting process of brewing and relish tastings at each stop. It is an educational and delightful beer adventure.


Private Czech Beer Tasting: Tailored to Your Preferences

For a personalized and intimate experience consider a Private Czech Beer Tasting. This option empowers you to customize your tasting event making it perfect for beer enthusiasts keen to delve deeper into Czech beer culture. Explore specific beer styles and flavors that intrigue your palate.



As we wrap up our adventure through Prague’s world of beer it is clear that this city is a special place for beer lovers from all around. We have explored exciting pub crawls informative brewery tours and even a relaxing beer spa. Prague has something for everyone who enjoys beer.

During these tours and tastings, we have not only enjoyed tasty beer but also learned about the history and hard work behind Czech brewing. We have made new friends in lively bars and experienced a different kind of relaxation in the beer spa.

My own journey through Prague’s beer culture has been fantastic and I hope this guide has sparked your interest in exploring it yourself. As we say goodbye to this beer-filled adventure remember to cherish new experiences, the bonds formed over a beer and the enduring tradition of Czech beer culture.

If you are planning your next trip or just looking for unique ways to enjoy a beer keep in mind that Pragues brewery tours and tastings offer an immersive and unforgettable look into the heart of Czech beer culture. Here is to more travels more beer and more memories. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How long is the Staropramen brewery tour?

As of my knowledge, the duration of the Staropramen brewery tour in Prague typically lasts about 90 minutes to 2 hours. It is essential to note that tour durations can vary based on factors such as the type of tour you choose (standard or premium) the size of the group and any experiences or tastings included in the tour package.
To get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the duration of the Staropramen Brewery tour and to make reservations I recommend visiting the official Staropramen Brewery website or contacting them directly. Brewery tour durations and offerings may have changed since my last update so it is always a good idea to verify the details before planning your visit.

What is the most famous beer in Prague?

One of the most famous and well-loved beers in Prague is Pilsner Urquell. Pilsner Urquell originates from the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic (not Prague) it is widely available and highly regarded in Prague and throughout the country.
Pilsner Urquell is famous for being one of the world’s first pale lagers and it has a crisp refreshing taste with a balanced bitterness. It is often served in Prague pubs and restaurants and many locals and tourists enjoy it.
It is important to note that Prague and the Czech Republic have a rich brewing tradition, and there are numerous other excellent Czech beers to explore and enjoy while in Prague. Some other notable Czech beers include Budweiser Budvar, Kozel and of course, Staropramen, which is brewed right in Prague.
Please keep in mind that the popularity of specific beers may evolve over time and new favorites may have emerged since my last update in September 2021. When visiting Prague I recommend trying a variety of Czech beers to discover your personal favorites and explore the local beer culture.

What beer is the must-have in Prague?

Here is why it is often considered a must-have beer in Prague:
Historical Significance: Pilsner Urquell is renowned as one of the world is first pale lagers originating in the nearby city of Pilsen (not Prague) in 1842. Its creation marked a significant development in the brewing industry, making it historically significant.
Quality and Flavor: Pilsner Urquell is known for its crisp clean and well-balanced flavor. It has a distinctive golden color and a satisfying hoppy bitterness. Many beer enthusiasts appreciate its consistent quality.
Availability: You’ll find Pilsner Urquell widely available in Prague in pubs restaurants and beer gardens. It is often served fresh from the tap, enhancing its flavor and appeal.
Local Tradition: Czech beer culture is deeply rooted in tradition, and Pilsner Urquell is a beer that embodies this heritage. Enjoying a Pilsner Urquell in Prague allows you to connect with the country’s beer history.

What is the traditional beer in Prague?

The traditional beer in Prague and indeed throughout the Czech Republic is a Pilsner-style lager. While Pilsner-style lagers originated in the nearby city of Pilsen which is not far from Prague they have become the quintessential Czech beer style and a symbol of Czech brewing tradition.
Pilsner-style lagers are characterized by their clear golden appearance balanced bitterness and clean crisp taste.
They are known for their refreshing quality and moderate alcohol content. Pilsner Urquell as mentioned earlier is one of the most famous and traditional examples of this style but there are many Czech breweries producing their own variations of Pilsner-style lagers.
When you order a beer in Prague you will likely receive a Pilsner-style lager unless you specify otherwise.
It is deeply ingrained in Czech beer culture and is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. Exploring different Czech lagers and trying them in various pubs and beer halls is a great way to immerse yourself in the traditional beer scene of Prague.

What is the number one beer in the Czech Republic?

Pilsner Urquell is often considered one of the most iconic and highly regarded beers in the Czech Republic. While it is essential to note that personal preferences can vary and different regions of the Czech Republic may have their own local favorites Pilsner Urquell holds a special place in Czech beer history and culture.
Pilsner Urquell is renowned as one of the world’s first pale lagers and was first brewed in the city of Pilsen in 1842. It played a pivotal role in shaping the modern lager style not only in the Czech Republic but also globally.
That said, the Czech Republic has a rich brewing tradition with numerous exceptional breweries and beer styles. Other popular Czech beers include Budweiser Budvar, Kozel, Staropramen Gambrinus and more. Beer is a significant part of Czech culture and there is a wide range of beers to explore and enjoy throughout the country.
Keep in mind that beer preferences can vary from person to person, so while Pilsner Urquell is often celebrated there are many outstanding Czech beers to discover and savor in different regions of the Czech Republic.

What city has the most breweries in the world?

Portland Oregon in the United States was known for having one of the highest numbers of breweries per capita in the world. While it may not have had the most breweries in total it had a remarkable concentration of breweries relative to its population.
Portland’s thriving craft beer scene earned it the nickname Beervana and was celebrated for its diverse range of craft breweries, brewpubs and microbreweries.
The city’s residents and visitors had access to a wide variety of locally brewed beers making it a prominent destination for beer enthusiasts.
Please note that the status of cities with the most breweries can change over time as new breweries open and others close. To get the most up-to-date information on cities with the most breweries, I recommend checking current brewery statistics and industry reports.

Which places provide the most romantic beer tastings & tours in Prague?

Here are some places that provide romantic beer tastings and tours in Prague:
U Fleků Brewery: U Fleků is one of Prague’s oldest breweries and its historic building exudes a romantic old-world ambiance. You can take a brewery tour here and enjoy traditional Czech cuisine and their renowned dark lager. The candlelit atmosphere in the brewery’s beer hall adds to the romantic vibe.
BeerSpa Bernard: For a unique and intimate experience, consider a beer spa at BeerSpa Bernard. You and your partner can relax in wooden tubs filled with a mixture of beer, hops and other natural ingredients. It is a fun and rejuvenating experience with a touch of romance.
Prague Evening Beer Tasting Tour: Some tour operators offer evening beer-tasting tours in Prague. These tours often take you to cozy, traditional pubs and beer cellars where you can sample various Czech beers while enjoying the city’s evening ambiance.
Private Beer Tasting: Consider booking a private beer-tasting experience for you and your partner. Many breweries and beer bars in Prague offer private tastings where you can explore a range of beers while enjoying a more personalized and romantic setting.
Riverside Brewpubs: Pragues Vltava River offers picturesque views and a romantic atmosphere. Several brewpubs along the riverbanks such as Kozlovna Marina provide an opportunity to enjoy a beer tasting while taking in the beautiful riverside scenery.
Microbreweries in Lesser Town (Malá Strana): Lesser Town in Prague is known for its cobblestone streets and historic charm. It is home to some delightful microbreweries where you can savor craft beers in an intimate and romantic setting.

Which places provide the best beer tastings & tours in Prague for travelers on a budget?

Here are a few places and options that provide excellent beer experiences without breaking the bank:
Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour: While Pilsner Urquell Brewery is not located in Prague (it is in Pilsen) you can take a day trip from Prague to visit the brewery. It is one of the most iconic Czech breweries, and the tour is reasonably priced. You can learn about the history of Pilsner style lagers and enjoy a tasting.
BeerGeek Bar: BeerGeek Bar in Prague offers a diverse selection of craft beers from the Czech Republic and beyond. They often have tasting events and tap takeovers, providing an affordable way to sample a variety of beers.
Beer Tasting at Prague Beer Museum: The Prague Beer Museum is a great place to explore a wide range of Czech beers. You can order a beer-tasting flight with several small glasses of different beers, allowing you to try a variety without spending too much.
Self-Guided Beer Tour: Prague has numerous pubs, beer gardens and breweries that you can explore on your own. Create your self-guided beer tour by visiting local pubs and sampling different Czech beers. This approach allows you to set your budget and choose where and what you want to try.
Beer Halls and Brewpubs: Many beer halls and brewpubs in Prague offer affordable beers and casual settings. Places like Lokál which focuses on traditional Czech dishes and beer are budget-friendly options for beer tastings.
Prague’s Mini-Breweries: Seek out smaller independent breweries in Prague that often offer tastings at lower prices than larger tourist-oriented breweries. These places provide a more authentic and budget-friendly beer experience.
Beer Festivals: If your visit coincides with a beer festival in Prague it is an excellent opportunity to sample a wide range of beers from various breweries. Some festivals have free entry and you pay for the beers you want to try.

Which breweries in Prague offer tours?

Here are some breweries in Prague that often provide brewery tours:
Staropramen Brewery: Staropramen is one of the largest and most famous breweries in Prague. They offer guided brewery tours where you can explore the brewing facilities learn about the history of Staropramen beer and enjoy tastings of their brews.
Strahov Monastic Brewery: Located within the Strahov Monastery this brewery offers a unique setting for beer enthusiasts. You can take a tour to learn about their beer production and history followed by a tasting of their monastic brews.
Novoměstský Pivovar (New Town Brewery): This brewery located in Prague’s New Town offers brewery tours where you can discover the brewing process and the history of their beers. They also have a restaurant where you can sample their beers and traditional Czech cuisine.
Lobkowicz Brewery at Prague Castle: Situated at Prague Castle, the Lobkowicz Brewery provides guided tours that include a visit to their brewery, beer cellar, and a tasting of their beers. The location offers stunning views of Prague.
Vinohradský Pivovar (Vinohrady Brewery): This microbrewery in the Vinohrady neighborhood of Prague offers tours where you can see their brewing equipment and learn about the beer-making process. They have a pub on-site where you can taste their craft beers.
U Fleků Brewery: U Fleků is one of Prague’s historic breweries. While they may not offer traditional brewery tours you can visit their beer hall and restaurant where you can sample their famous dark lager and enjoy traditional Czech food.
Kozlovna Restaurant and Brewery: Kozlovna is known for its traditional Czech beer and cuisine. While they may not offer formal brewery tours you can visit their restaurants and pubs to taste their beers and enjoy a Czech dining experience.

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