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ArtOfFeeling Pre-Opening Event Leopold Museum Vienna

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Last Updated on June 1, 2017 by gregor

Yesterday #Samsung Austria invited to a Pre-Opening Event at the Leopold museum here in Vienna. I was really excited about the invitation subject which headlines a new way of experience art in museums. ArtOfFeeling  I am a passionate visitor of museums all over the world could not wait to see what’s happening. After a welcome drink each participants where handed out a smartphone Samsung Galaxy #S6Edge with a special app installed.

By touching with your smartphone the various access points which where located on the walls near the art pieces you are prompted with a menu to express your correlated emotion. You can choose from 16x states of feelings by simply tapping the screen. (Amazed, Joyful, Optimistic, Inspired, Moved, Energised, Passionate, Immersed, Curious, focused, Calm, Thoughtful, Nostalgic, Melancholy, Uneasy and Shocked)

So see some examples from the walk through the museum:



At the End of the walk participants handed back the provided smartphones and after a couple of minutes we all got a nice printout which reflect our personal emotional footprint through the museums walk


My experience:

At the beginning I was little overwhelmed desperately looking for the access points and then choosing one of 16 (!) states of emotions. I got very fast really excited about the experience during my walk through the museum. It’s a new way of express your feelings with art pieces; So you don’t rate or judge art (i.e.”good” or “bad”) through the App but giving your very personal emotional state can be very inspiring. Its changes perspectives so art is what the user experiences as art and now through new technology this can be documented easily into several categories of emotion. Pretty awesome from a user perspective, but also for the museum as they can leverage the data for further enhancing the visitors experience.

As I now have my personal ArtOfFeeling printout would be interesting to see if and how this changes in second walk through the museum. Might get total different footprint based on my personal emotional state at this moment of time,…….

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