A perfect Winter Wonderland

by gregor

Last Updated on October 6, 2016 by gregor

Winter time in Austria. In early December everybody is waiting for the  first snow to come to change the landscape in beautiful whiteness.  This is the best time to head for places in the Alps as there for sure you get to see and experience the long awaited snow. Since many years me and a couple of friends visit a small village – Lech at the Arlberg,

Lech /Arlberg is  a place that has not been changed a lot since many years. In fact it remains small and exclusive for a very long time. No huge hotel blocks popping up and destroying the romantic face of the village.  Usually around 5th to 6th of December the Ski-Opening here in Lech takes place and most of the ski-lifts are ready for the early ski-enthusiasts. The ski resort of Lech is famous for his long routes and glorious panorama views. Once you reach the Top of the mountains always take a short brake and enjoy these breathtaking moments. If you are lucky and all ski-lifts are open you can take The White Ring Route which is a wonderful round tour that takes you within a couple of hours to the most magnificent places of the Arlberg area. Experience nature and 22km of snow slopes from Lech to Oberlech to Zürs  to finally  Zug. Make sure you start early in the morning cause you might take several stops in one of the several ski lodges or just making pictures of the wonderful panorama views.