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Christmas Market Vienna Michaelerplatz

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During Advent time Vienna’s famous squares transform into beautiful Christmas markets.  You can find them all over Vienna and enjoy the views, shop or drink the traditional Viennese Punsch or Glühwein.If you are interested in beautiful Viennese architecture combined with Christmas Market impressions  I do highly recommend the one which is located at the Michaelerplatz.

The Michaelerplatz is one of the most famous squares at the Vienna Hofburg. It is of course the stunning view to the impressive Michaelertor built in new-Baroque style, but there is also a number of other marvelous buildings located at the Michaelerplatz. There is the Old beautiful Michaeler Church which was the former parish church of the Austrian monarchy and the famous Looshaus  of the architect Adolf Loos. Built in 1911 he was inspired by american skyscraper architectures. This building  caused some controversial discussion from Viennese people at the time it has been built but  nowadays it is considered as a great example of modern architecture.

The wonderful Palais Herberstein ist located next to the Looshaus and hosts the famous Cafe Griensteidl a very traditional coffee house which was a place artists used to frequent a lot beginning of the 20th century. At the center of the square is an open area with Roman and medieval remains.

So if you enjoy great architecture and  Christmas Markets  the Michelerplatz is definitely a must visit place during the advent time in Vienna.
















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