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Most romantic Things to do in Vienna, (for couples)


A complete guide to the most romantic things to do in Vienna (+ a horse carriage ride, Schönbrunn Palace, and dancing the Waltz in Vienna).

Most romantic things to do in Vienna (for couples)

Along with being the music capital, Vienna is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. It offers couples a complete romantic experience with well-preserved palaces, beautiful city squares, time-appropriate museums, gardens, cafes, and just about all that you can ask for in a romantic time in Vienna and more. 

Only in Vienna can you go from a chandelier-lit coffee house to the storybook-perfect Habsburg palaces. Walk along the blue Danube, or walk like royalty in one of the many palaces. With so many options to choose from, one can easily get confused.

To help narrow it down for you, and to ensure you do not miss out on anything we have listed down the most romantic places in Vienna for couples.  I made this guide with hand-picked romantic places and experiences in Vienna.

Without further ado here are the Most romantic Places in Vienna.


Schönbrunn Palace  and Palace Gardens


The Schonbrunn Palace garden is one of the most historic, stunning, and romantic places in Vienna. Simply walking through the garden you will be able to take on some exceptional architecture and breath in the fresh and crisp air.

It’s one of the most romantic places in Vienna. The gardens are open to the public free of charge, and they cover an area of about a square kilometer

While there are tours you can opt for, but when trying to take a romantic walk we suggest you focus on each other and nothing else. Reliving some of the best moments of your life together, as you walk towards the perfect tomorrow. 

As you walk past dancing fountains, walk on the floral terraces, and take in the gorgeous Star Pool decorated with marble – you will be left in awe. Losing yourself in the maze only where you two work together to make it out is one of the best experiences you can enjoy.

All that ends with a visit to the Wagenbury museum, where you will be able to watch the staggering golden carriages inspired by the Cinderella story. 

Schönbrunn Palace: Tour with Gardens

Book your tickets here: Schönbrunn Palace: Tour with Gardens

*) Let your guide bring the history of the palace and its gardens to life on a guided tour. See how the Habsburg Dynasty lived and learn more about the life of the Austrian court.

Schönbrunn Grand Tour: Private Skip-the-Line Walking Tour

Book your tickets here: Schönbrunn Grand Tour: Private Skip-the-Line Walking Tour

*) Skip the line to the stunning Schönbrunn Palace and get the chance to explore the forty most important staterooms on this private walking tour.

Vienna: Panorama Train Tickets to explore Schönbrunn Palace

Book your tickets here: Vienna: Panorama Train Tickets to explore Schönbrunn Palace

*) Explore Schönbrunn Palace’s romantic gardens at your own pace on the hop-on-hop-off train. The tour has 9 different stops, including the famous viewpoint Gloriette. Using the train is the most comfortable way to reach the hill of Gloriette.

A Quick Travel Guide To Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna Austria

Best Photo Spots in Schönbrunn Palace Gardens for Instagram (+Vlog)



Belvedere Palace in Vienna


The Belvedere Palace is a gorgeous 18th Century summer palace for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Celebrating life at its best the place is filled with a stunning art collection by artists such as Viennese painter Gustav Klimt.

Klimt’s “The Kiss” famous romantic painting

However, when exploring with a special someone we suggest you choose to look for “The Kiss”, also referred to as “The Lovers” the painting is neatly tucked away in the upper Belvedere galleries. 

It is a mosaic-like painting that showcases a couple at the brink of kissing, set in each other’s arms tightly – standing in the meadow of flowers – it is a sigh you do not wish to miss. Their garments are adorned with gold leaf, paired with silver, gold, and platinum flakes – it creates a simple stunner that is known to captivate your glance.

Top Tip: If you are really looking forward to the painting we suggest booking a private tour, during which you will learn all there is about the art and its history. 

Book your Belvedere Tour: Belvedere Tour Vienna



Take a Horse Carriage Ride” Fiaker”


Nothing is more romantic in Vienna than a horse carriage ride does. Especially when you are in a historic city such as Vienna, and are ready to take a step back in time. Apart from the classical tunes filling the air, you will hear another sound – one of the clip-clopping gloves against the cobbled streets.

You can book your horse carriage ride here.

The starting point is St. Stephen’s Square and you’ll travel along the gorgeous boulevard known as the Ringstraße.

Another booking option is to book the Secrets of Fiaker & horse carriage ride tour. It combines a carriage ride with a visit to the original Viennese Fiaker horse stable.



Hofburg Palace & Gardens



Is there a more romantic way to see Vienna than visiting the Hofburg Palace and Sisi Gardens?

While you may not be able to live the royal life, nothing stops you from imagining your royal fantasies. That is not all, you have the perfect location to live your great fantasies at the Hofburg Palace. Home to imperial apartments, the palace was once home to the 600-year-long reigning Habsburgs.

Moreover, there are rooms in the place that are said to be the most beautiful rooms in Europe. 

Book your skip-the-line tickets here: Vienna: Skip-the-Line Hofburg Ticket & Sisi Museum Tour

Save yourself hours of time with a skip-the-line ticket to Hofburg Imperial Palace. Enjoy a guided tour to see the Imperial Apartments and the Sisi Museum, and learn about Austrian heritage.


Visit the Spanish Horse Riding School

Another romantic way to explore Vienna is to Visit the Spanish Horse Riding School.

The school opens at 10 am, and can even watch teen boys take on rides, and on Sunday there is a service as well. 

Book your tickets here: Performance Of The Lipizzans At Spanish Riding School

Another option is to book the Vienna Spanish Riding School Guided Tour.  You will enjoy a look behind the scenes of the Spanish Riding School on this guided tour. Admire the stunning architecture of the centuries-old institution.


Take a Viennese waltz dance lesson

You may not know how to waltz, but that shouldn’t stop you from signing up for a waltz class together. Filling with laughter and romance these waltz classes are a great way to fill up your time. You never know there is a chance you may even pick up a few moves.

Vienna is the best place is the home of the waltz, home to hundreds of balls held during three-month seasons that start between November and end in January or February. Offers you a complete Viennese experience paired with a romantic notion that you can easily carry forward when back. 

Elmayer Dance School offers group lessons every Saturday from 4 PM to 5 PM. Registration is not necessary, just show up with your partner. Of course, you can book private tuition (available in several languages, including English, French, German, and Japanese).

Just because you are not there during the seasons, does not mean you cannot learn how to waltz, as you can easily book a class online and enjoy 50 minutes of your time learning how to waltz from the best. 

Visit the Vienna Opera Ball?

Have a romantic night at the Vienna Opera Ball

Vienna Opera Ball – Once every year the opera house rips off all the seats, and stalls and replaces them with an elegant dance floor. Creating a large ballroom that can easily hold thousands of people. Making it one of the few opera houses in the world that encourages others to take part in the action. Creating a magical setting they open their floor to anyone who is looking for a wonderful night.

One of the top socialite events that are filled with gorgeous individuals. However, scoring a ticket is not an easy undertaking, and comes with the pressure to dress up like a royal. If you are up to the challenge the opera house promises to offer you an experience you will never forget.

Where can I buy tickets for the Vienna Opera Ball?

Book your Opera Ball tickets here: VIENNA OPERA BALL TICKETS & INFO


Wien, Opernball


Attend a Mozart concert at the Golden Hall Musikverein

The most romantic setting for such an experience is the Golden Hall of the Musikverein. See a concert at one of Vienna’s finest concert halls and listen to magical works by Mozart and Strauss.

Performed by the Vienna Mozart Orchestra in period costumes, venues include the landmark Golden Hall of the Musikverein.

Book your tickets here:  Vienna: Mozart Concert at the Golden Hall

You’ll enjoy a journey through time while listening to the famous musicians from Mozart Orchestra in period costumes.


Visit the Vienna Opera & Ballet



What can be more romantic than listening to an opera or ballet at one of the most famous Opera Houses in the world

A bit of History of the Vienna State Opera

The Staatsoper opera house was one of the first major buildings as part of the Ringstrasse project. While the building was constructed, it did not officially open to the public until 1869 – and played Mozart on the premiere night. Since then the opera house has gained endless love, all thanks to the artistic influence it has had on the world.

Booking at Vienna Opera House – The Opera house features 50 operas and 20 ballet performances per season. Most of which are held between 1st September, to 30th June. While it might seem a little far, know that these tickets sell faster than other tickets. There is a good chance you will be put on hold, or not be able to come off the waiting list. This is why we suggest you plan in advance, making sure you do not miss an opportunity when in Vienna.

Book your Tickets here: Vienna Opera Tickets

Ultimate Guide Visiting The Vienna Opera House, Austria


Take a romantic board tour along the Danube River

There is nothing more beautiful and romantic in the world than making your way to Danube island. You might not be a boating couple, but there is something special about this narrow island of Donauinsel. Its beauty is at such a peak that it inspired Strauss to compose his iconic waltzes.

That paired with the poetic Viennese river is the magical touch you were hoping to find.

Cutting you away from the hustle and bustle of the world, it takes you on a private retreat where you can simply enjoy nature and each other’s company.

A romantic evening cruise complete with dinner through the illuminated Vienna region.

Book your tickets here: Vienna: 3-Course Evening Dinner Cruise


Discover Vienna from the water on a 1-hour boat tour along the banks of the Danube Canal. Enjoy a romantic Vienna with the view of the highlights of the city from the beautiful old buildings to the new, trendy districts.

Book your tickets here: Vienna: 1-Hour Boat Tour on the Danube Canal


Schlumberger Wine Cellar Tour

This is the perfect romantic experience for every wine lover couple. You’ll discover the secrets of the Austrian sparkling wines and enjoy some wine tasting at the end.

Book your tickets here: Vienna: Schlumberger Wine Cellar Guided or Self-Guided Tour

Experience the unique Schlumberger cellar world and see how sparkling wine is really made. 300 years of tradition and innovation are awaiting you in the biggest wine cellar in Austria.


Vienna: City Sightseeing Tour in an Electro Vintage Car

Make your stay in Vienna even more romantic and discover the city with an originally rebuilt electro-oldtimer for up to 5 people and hear stories from your private driver. Choose to pimp your ride with a bottle of typical Austrian Sparkling Wine.

Pass by the most romantic Viennese sights in the first district such as Am Hof, Imperial Palace Hofburg, Volksgarten, Burgtheater, Rathaus (City Hall), and part of the famous Ringstraße. Drinks are conveniently served directly inside of the car during your sightseeing tour.

Book your tickets here:  Vienna: City Sightseeing Tour in an Electro Vintage Car


Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concert in Karlskirche

Enjoy a romantic classical concert with a period instrument ensemble at the beautiful Karlskirche in Vienna. With tickets to this evening concert, you can listen to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi and embark on a fascinating journey into the musical past.

Book your tickets here: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concert in Karlskirche


Romantic Candle-Light Dinner at the Giant Ferries Wheel 


If you haven’t taken a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel, you haven’t really been to Vienna at all. Enjoy this iconic Viennese experience with its unique view of the UNESCO-listed city of Vienna.

Book your tickets here: Vienna: Skip-the-Line Giant Ferris Wheel Ride

Candlelight dinner package: If you desire to spend a romantic evening high above the roofs of Vienna, the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel will be perfect for you – a romantic candlelight dinner package for two! For further information regarding menu composition, service, prices, and booking modalities of a banquet in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel please refer to the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel candlelight dinner booking.


Take a stroll through the Palais Liechtenstein Gardens

In the middle of Vienna, there is a romantic garden palace, which is of outstanding interest to only a few tourists. The property with its extensive park can look back on a long history.

Palais Liechtenstein Garden Palace Walking Tour Vienna, Austria


Romantic Walk through the Stadtpark

Every spring, nature puts on a brilliant show of colors in the Stadtpark in Vienna, Austria. (Vienna City Park) .

Spring Blossoms inspirations – Stadtpark in Vienna, Austria


MAP of the Romantic Things to do in VIENNA

Romantic day trips from Vienna

There are plenty of romantic places to visit near Vienna – from emerald river valleys to medieval castles and abbeys. So, take your loved one, leave this imperial city for a day and enjoy an adventure.

11 Day Trip destinations around Vienna City


Romantic places with a Rooftop View

Best Rooftop Views Vienna: 12 Panoramic Viewpoints you need to visit


There is a great deal more you can take on when in Vienna, just remember to choose things you both love and you are set to have the best time of your life.

There is a reason why Vienna is said to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe, so why wait around and waste time when you can fill every second with endless love. Sharing moments and creating memories that can easily last you a lifetime.

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