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A Quick Travel Guide To Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna Austria

written by gregor March 27, 2022

The Schönbrunn Palace is the most beautiful and significant piece of architecture in Vienna. The place offers a great deal of art and history that is surrounded by spectacular buildings that make up the Schönbrunn Palace. The place itself offers an open and clear view that allows you to take in the place, and its surrounding space. This particular piece of history is what makes Vienna so spectacular and is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Additionally, the place has been well kept over the years allowing visitors to take a step back in time and take in all that the Schönbrunn palace has to offer. 

Since Austria has been ruled over by various dynasties, you will be able to see a great deal of art that shows off different styles and art pieces. When you walk through the Schönbrunn palace’s garden no matter which direction you look at you will be able to see endless pathways, lush green grass, and towering trees on both sides; creating the perfect view along with a natural canopy. Allowing you the chance to slide into imperial times, when the Schönbrunn palace was being used by Austro-Hungarian empire’s monarchs. 

On the other hand, when you stand at the obelisk gates; you will be able to see the grand grounds that extend all the way to the arch. This gorgeous monument sits perfectly at the top of a 60-meter hill, graced with a stunning golden eagle that represents the labors of Hercules. You can walk around the place and you will get this sense of art and structure that pulls you closer. The more you look the more mesmerized you will feel, as the place is one giant dream. You will feel like you have been transported back in time and are now taking on a different path then you were on before. This strong sense and connection is only possible here, as no matter which direction you look in; you will see historic and charming pieces.



A Brief History of The Schönbrunn Palace

The history of Schönbrunn palace is as charming as the place itself. The place has such a rich history and culture to offer that it is mostly packed with locals and tourists. This is one of the hottest spots in town and offers a story like no other. If you are familiar with the history of Austria you would know that the county was ruled by various dynasties over the decades, and each one of them has left a part of their culture and heritage behind. Which over the years has mixed up with the local culture, and created a unique spin on the basics. This is one of the main reasons why you will find such an amazing arrangement of art, music, and culture in Vienna.

When you focus simply on the Schönbrunn palace you will instantly be fascinated by the large view and charming appearance of the space. This is one of the reasons why the Schönbrunn Palace is the most visited site in Vienna. As the place is the cornerstone of history and offers a story like no other. Along with being the most historic building in Vienna, the palace is now classified as one of the top architectural monuments in Austria. 

There was a time when the Schönbrunn palace was called the Katterburg estate and enjoyed by the family members. Later the palace was given the name “Schönbrunn” when translated in English it means “beautiful spring”. The name offers the place justice, as the lush green gardens offer the perfect spring feel and are laced with various flowers throughout. However, back in the Habsburg Dynasty (one of the most prominent and well-known dynasties), the land was acquired as a hunting ground. This was back in 1569 when the estate was just another lush green forest to be explored by hunters. The Habsburgs acquired the land to fulfill their hunting habit, but later they decided to use a part of the land into a gorgeous estate for them to enjoy. 

This task was taken on by Maximilian II, who wanted to keep the place as a breeding space. Allowing him the chance to keep exotic birds, so he could watch peacocks and turkeys run around the estate. However, over the years the Schönbrunn palace saw a great deal of change; and was soon transformed into a proper palace for the Royals to enjoy. This is one of the many palaces found in Austria and is considered to be one of the best. Moreover, the palace has seen thousands of guests and now millions of tourists walk through its grounds. Taking in the beautiful building, and the interesting story that comes with the palace. 


What is The Best Way To Explore The Schönbrunn Palace?

There are many ways you can explore the Schönbrunn balance, but you will need to prepare beforehand. As you can get a few tickets from the place, that allows you access to some parts of the palace. To make it easier the packages have been categorized by levels, allowing you the chance to pick the package you feel is perfect for you. If you take on the imperial tour, you will have access to see the inside of Emperor Franz Joseph’s and wife Sissy’s apartment. The great gallery showcases some of the most beautiful pieces ever and allows you a chance to take a great in-depth dive into the history. However, if you are looking for a way to take it all in; then you should consider taking the complete in-depth history tour that covers more than 40 rooms. Allowing you complete access to take in historical pieces. 

Moreover, if you visit Vienna in the winter season, you can take advantage of a special pass that allows you the unique opportunity to uncover the palace using the Grand Tour Pass. This pass gives you admission rights to the world’s oldest zoo, which is located at the Schönbrunn palace park. Here you will be able to take a step back and experience the first concept of a zoo. In addition, the cold weather makes the experience much whiter and brighter; as the place is laced with a layer of snow. Making it appear like a place right out of a fairytale. 


Drinking & Snacking At The Schönbrunn Palace:

After taking in a great deal of history, and historical sites; it’s only natural to need to pick me up. If you find yourself in such a situation at the Schönbrunn palace then do not be alarmed because you are in luck. Simply head over to any one of the cafes and restaurants that are conveniently present around the palace grounds. Here you will find a range of cuisines, but if you are in the mood for something Viennese, then head over to the Residenz Cafe. They offer various traditional cakes, desserts; along with savory main courses. In addition, if you are lucky you might be able to catch a professional baker craft some of the finest traditional desserts found in Austria. However, that depends on your luck and the day and time of your visit. If you want to ensure that you catch the professional chef in action, then we suggest you call and ensure when the chef will be on spot. A little planning can go a long way.

Another choice for you is the Gloriette Cafe, this fine choice offers the perfect pick-me-ups after a long day at the Schönbrunn Palace. The cafe understands the importance of a proper meal and drinks required to fuel your body. However, you will need to climb a small hill; but you will have a spectacular view of your food and drinks. This is one of the best places to dine when you are in the area. As they offer delicious foods and drinks, that is paired with the best view. Moreover, if you are looking for a way to get in touch with imperial life, you should enjoy the Sissi Buffet. This buffet offers a wide spread of sausages, fried bacon, kaiser rolls, smoked salmon, along with a glass of Prosecco. 



Schönbrunn Palace A World Heritage Site: 

The Schönbrunn Palace is not only considered to be the most historical site in Austria, it is in fact considered to be one of the most historical landmarks in the world. The side was classified as a World Heritage Site back in 1996 when it was finally recognized as a rich and historically important palace. The place offers charming design details and history that is hard to find. Along with the attractions found on Palace grounds. These include but are not limited to the botanical gardens, maze, orangery, palm house, a zoo in winters, and an outdoor pool in the summer season. Making this mesmerizing palace the perfect place to be regardless of the season.



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