10 Top Tips to travel smarter with your Samsung Galaxy S8

by gregor

Last Updated on May 13, 2017 by gregor

Traveling the light and easy way creating memories using your smartphone exclusively is now possible!

Whether you like to play or capture the surrounding during your holidays –  your smartphone will be the perfect companion. Find out about the best 10 ways to travel smarter with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8plus:

1.Say goodbye to being bored

Because you can only flip through your photos all the time, you may look for entertainment while traveling. I promised you will never be bored again when playing games on the Vulkan API. With its incredible graphics quality and compatibility with HDR, the Galaxy S8 and S8plus take gaming to the next level – it will take you from your plane or train seat directly into the story…. making you feel like being part of the game – the exceptional details seem to breathe life into your smartphone!

2.Keep your memories much longer……

Smartphones have proven to be better than bigger cameras in capturing holiday moments. They are smaller and lighter, don’t need an extra bag to protect them, and, in the case of the Galaxy S8 and S8plus, also have a 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor camera to take high-quality pictures even in low-light and all this extremely fast!

To take the best holidays snaps, you can use the motion panorama on your Galaxy S8 and S8 plus to capture moments just as you experience them. Also, keep in mind to use the autofocus to get the perfect picture before the light starts fading……!
Take advantage of the high-quality 4K video to collect the best moments of your holidays and later on recall them on a big screen with no compromise in quality….


3.Use some extra storage

Never be stressed again with no storage left when traveling and experiencing memorable moments trying to capture. You can expand your Samsung Galaxy S8 edge and S8plus with a MicroSD card up to 256GB – enough to catch precious moments right on your smartphone!

4.Film and photograph anywhere

If you are searching for adventure when traveling, it’s likely that you will be around water or sand at some point during your trip –  perfect, just take your new smartphone to the beach or the pool with you …. taking an underwater selfie or a slow-motion pool diving video is now possible! With their IP68 certification, the Galaxy S8 and S8plus are water, dust and sand resistant and can remain underwater at 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes – the perfect companion for the adventurous traveler!


5.Experience Life in 360degree

The New Samsung Gear 360 has evolved to let you record in 4K and broadcast live and additionally make it your own creation with the Samsung Gear 360 app. Now, with the smaller sized and redesigned Gear 360’s, easy-to-grip body, memories aren’t the only thing you’ll want to hold onto!



6.Security for dummies……

Prying eyes are not a problem when you have iris scanning on the Galaxy S8 and S8+…. no two irises have the same pattern, not even yours, and they’re nearly impossible to replicate! That means with iris scanning, your phone and its contents open for our eyes only – and when you need to unlock it fast – face recognition is the smartest option…!


7.New AKG Headset – Enjoy Superb Music

Audio enthusiasts rejoice: you can hear music as it’s meant to be heard-  because the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8plus feature high-quality 32-bit PCM and DSD64/128 playback support. Plus, the included new earphones not only offer pure sound by AKG, but also fit better and your ears stay comfortable as you rock out!

According to Samsung, the new headphones feature a “comfortable hybrid canal fit” and an anti-tangle cord –  S8 owners will get a pair free in the box with their phone,1

8.Fast Charge – Wireless Charge

We were already fans of the Galaxy’s clever settings to dramatically extend battery life by not just throttling back selected apps and activities but even dropping the screen into mono mode – the new Galaxy S8 comes with the quick-charge tech. Samsung’s use of a malleable battery material let it shape the cell to better fit the S8plus’s curved innards and deliver a solid 3,500 mAh capacity.

9.Always on time……

Most travelers use their smartphone as a bedside clock …. and many of us glance at the phone throughout the day just to check the time…. what would be better than having the time on the screen even when it is switched off…. good news…… Galaxy S8 offers this feature!

10.When your smartphone transfers to a PC …..

Samsung DeX connects your Galaxy S8 or S8plus to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse for a desktop experience….. so, you can create your workplace anywhere…anytime……(DeX Station and accessories are sold separately)

During the next weeks, I will be testing the New Samsung Galaxy S8plus and I will share my real life experience here!


The New Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8plus will be available as of April 28th 2017.

In wonderful cooperation with Samsung Austria