Top things to know and to do at Anima Mentis, the world’s first fitness center for the soul in Vienna

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Anima Mentis is an Austrian company with the aim to strengthen mental fitness. The offer is suitable for anyone who feels burdened at work or in everyday life or just wants to expand his mental strength even further. Because mental fitness is not only “nice to have”, but a prerequisite for personal well-being and fundamentally important for professional success and a happy private life.

Everyone reacts differently to stress situations: Some people have the impression that a spinning top is constantly turning in their head. These people find it difficult to rest and relax. Others become lethargic and barely manage to motivate themselves to deliver their required performance. Therefore, Anima Mentis has been opened since October 10, 2018. Anima Mentis has introduced the world’s first Anima Mentis Center in the 1st district of Vienna’s city center. With a holistic approach, individually tailored methods of relaxation and / or activation that appeal to all the senses – always personally recommended by health psychologists, therapists or coaches.



What makes the Center so special?

The personal one-to-one talk

The basis is always the personal one-to-one talk with the health psychologists. Anima Mentis experts work out which applications in the center can have a positive effect on the guest’s mental strength. The guests also learn to help themselves (through the personal mental trainer), through a lifestyle that is good for the soul and mental fitness. Instead of dictating a fixed schedule after just one call, Anima Mentis offers ongoing mental updates in which the guest and coaches can discuss the effectiveness of the treatments/trainings together and turn things around quickly.

Combination different proven methods

 Anima Mentis combines different proven methods or applications such as exercise, light treatments, health training, etc., whose effect has been scientifically proven. Instead of individual treatments here and there, Anima Mentis puts together an individual treatment plan from the broad catalog of these proven methods, which is tailored to the personal needs of the customer.

Innovative Technology 

Anima Mentis uses technological advances and offers self-developed environments based on the latest virtual reality technology, such as the 360-Nature Cinema, which is unique in Austria. In addition, Anima Mentis will accompany the customer in the future through his own mobile App beyond the center visit out in his/her everyday life and supports him/her in his/her personal health expertise quite simply by the smartphone.

Developed with the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg

All treatments were developed by Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg based on scientific studies in the field of mental health. In addition, Anima Mentis also supports a top-class international medical and psychologists advisory board.

World’s first fitness center for the soul

The Anima Mentis Fitness Center for the Soul works much like a body fitness center: clients can book different monthly or yearly packages, depending on their preferences and needs. The center is open six days a week – Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm, Saturday from 8am to 4pm. An application takes about an hour.


My personal tour through the Center (7 Rooms)

What awaits me in the Anima Mentis Center?

You enter the Anima Mentis Center and wonderful light conditions await you, just like on a holiday in the early summer on the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, you breathe in the specially developed center fragrance and then there is a program especially for you: discussions about the mental situation in a relaxed atmosphere, sensory applications with light, colors, feelings, sounds and scent, different relaxation methods etc. Everyone gets their program put together the way he or she needs it. The one seeks more relaxation as a balance to the stressful job, the next wants to activate, be alert in mind and create tidy conditions in mind – all this is possible with the evidence-based applications in the Anima Mentis premises:


In the conversation room: Get to know each other

In the Anima Mentis conversation room, you will make the first important steps towards soul fitness together with your personal mental coach. In a calm, relaxing atmosphere, an application plan will be created according to your wishes and needs during a detailed initial discussion. In the course of these applications you develop optimization possibilities, in order to really reach your set soul fitness goal.



 The Anima Mentis senses room: experience new stimuli!

In the Anima Mentis senses room all your senses are stimulated. On the one hand, you can relax your own selected stimuli (haptic, olfactory, visual, auditive), but at the same time strengthen your awareness and concentration. The combination of self-determined sensory experiences with scientifically based relaxation methods is called Snoezelen. In the Anima Mentis Center, we used Snoezelen primarily for the prevention of stress, depression and burnout. Through self-reflection you learn to use sensory stimuli in the right moment to your well-being.







In the light room: Bring color into your life!

In a total of four different Anima Mentis light rooms you experience the soothing effects of light and color on your soul. Of course, the different types of light application are also individually adapted to you and thus ensure optimal relaxation. The multi-sensory stimulation of light, color, sound and fragrance increases your well-being, improves your mood and usually leads to a rapid sensible reduction of stress.






In the movement room: Activate your balance!

In the Anima Mentis Movement Room you simultaneously train your physical and mental health and thereby strengthen your inner balance. Several times a day different movement courses in small groups to max. 5 participants, accompanied by qualified sports & yoga instructors. Light, moderate or even heavy physical exercises through cyclic movement units on the modern ergometer and / or yoga sessions with a focus on respiratory and postural exercises as well as meditation will enhance your mood, activate or even relax.




In the knowledge room: Acquire new skills!

In the pleasant atmosphere of the cognition room you can enjoy in-depth personal discussions and take part in specially developed programs and seminars. The topics range from stress management, concentration promotion, health and social skills to the promotion of social resources and lifestyle change. The aim is to provide you with special instructions and recommendations for changing your everyday health behavior, to accompany behavioral and consciousness changes and to thus proactively reduce risk factors.



In VR space: Become the creator of your world!

Experience nature with different eyes and ears. In the Anima Mentis Virtual Reality room, you can use the relaxing effect of nature to reduce stress as well as generally to positively influence your state of mind. State-of-the-art VR technologies in combination with scientifically sound approaches lead to a (de-) exciting descent into another world. Nature becomes content and the stage of your own creativity: visual-auditory and guided by your own bodily input.


In Nature360 ° Room: Relax, of course!

In the 360 ​​° cinema of the Anima Mentis Center, you experience nature first-hand on a breathtakingly new level: in one of the most technically advanced 360 ° cinemas in the world, state-of-the-art technologies are combined with a conscious experience of virtual nature. The deeply relaxing effect of this unique experience serves to prevent and reduce stress factors.



To summarize, these are the Benefits & Goals visiting the Anima Mentis, fitness Center for the soul

Gain advantage thanks to mental strength

With your personal application plan from Anima Mentis, you will clear your mind and increase your performance. At the same time, our exercises have a preventive effect against burnout and stress.

The methodology

After a detailed initial consultation with our health psychologists, which determine your current situation and derive from it an application plan tailored to your needs. Your exercises will then make you in different and specially equipped rooms. Acoustic, sensory and visual experiences help you to mobilize your potential.

Recognize early

If you frequently find yourself unable to fall asleep or are constantly dealing with seemingly unsolvable problems, you should first consider Anima Mentis. Especially for people in management positions and people who work under constant pressure, it is advisable to preventively strengthen their mental power with Anima Mentis.


I highly recommend visiting the Anima Mentis center yourself! It is really amazing!

The Anima Mentis Center is open six days a week – Monday through Friday from 7am to 9pm, Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

Center Adress:  Auerspergstrasse 6/1  1010 Vienna

Telephone: +43 1 890 88 78

eMail: [email protected]


In wonderful cooperation with the Anima Mentis Center Vienna