Top things to know about the Atelier Nespresso Event in Vienna

by gregor

Last Updated on November 3, 2017 by gregor

I was super happy being invited to the Atelier Nespresso Event at the Filmquartier in Vienna. Arriving at the location a little bit earlier I had a sneak peek to the location – lots of movie props – and the wonderful dinner room. The location was exciting, and I could not wait for the event to start.

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After a short welcome introduction of Oliver Perquy, General Manager of Nespresso Austria we were invited to two interactive workshops where we learn more of the exciting world of Nespresso.

Atelier Nespresso Vienna Oliver Perquy, Frau und Herr Schwartz

Two Interactive Nespresso Workshops


How to taste Coffee?

Hosted by Annemarie Foidl, President Austrian Sommelier Association and Michael Ilsanker, Nespresso Brand Ambassador both experts in the field of Coffee and Coffee tasting.

For tasting Coffee, you need special Coffee tasting glasses as seen in the picture below. After filling the glass with coffee, you put a saucer on top and need to wait a minute. Now you can take the saucer off and can smell the odor of the saucer which gives you first indication of the country of origin of the coffee.

Then take a small sip and roll it within your mouth. Now you should recognize some flavours. Experienced Coffee Tasting Experts can express up to 100 flavours, for beginners just a few like vanilla, chocolate, orange,…

Here is an overview of Nespresso’s grand cru coffee range Coffee Capsules and their main aromas (CLICK)

I was thrilled by the new experience and will definitely embrace more of Coffee-tasting. I have already planned to participate on a Coffee-tasting workshop soon. I will share my experiences and lessons learned here on “theViennablog” blog.


How to make Latte Art with the Nespresso Creatista

Guide: Habib Ghulam, owner of the Cafe Latte Art

Atelier Nespresso Vienna Viennale theviennablog


Habib is an experienced Barista and you can visit him in his own Latte Art Coffee house in Vienna. Since I have the Nespresso Creatista at home … see my Blog post My Day – Life of a Blogger with Nespresso Creatista (CLICK) – I have been trying hard to make Latte Art but honestly failed. Finally, Habib shared us his Top Tips

Milk frothing with the Nespresso Creatista

It is very important that you prepare the milk foam the right way. In the Nespresso Creatista Milk Settings Menu select level 7 or 8.  Fill up the milk jug Min (1 Cappuccino) or Max (=2 Cappuccinos) and start the Milk frothing process on the Nespresso Creatista.

Once Milk frothing finished done rotate the milk jug several times until all small bubbles in the foam disappear.


Once you are done start slowly pour the milk into the coffee cup. The main aspects of the pouring technique are speed and height above the bowl. Pour slowly and evenly at a fairly high distance. This allows the milk and espresso to continue incorporating. You can pour in a circular motion to ensure it mixes well.  As you reach the second half of the cup, bring the pitcher closer to the surface. This layer will not incorporate, creating a distinction between the white foam and the body of the latte. Starting on the side farthest from you, pour the foam into the cup and draw the pitcher towards you, creating a white circle. Once you reach the other side of the cup, quickly drag the pitcher back across the cup, “cutting” the circle into a heart. A leaf can be made in the same way, except that instead of creating a circle, you move the pitcher in a zig-zag motion before “cutting” it with the stem of the leaf.

Start with the heart as it is the easiest to make, and then after practicing you can expand your work to flowers or any other creation.

You probably need a couple of attempts but it’s worth the effort. Have a look.

Here is a good Video about creating Latte Art with Nespresso Creatista


The delicious multi-course menu inspired by Nespresso

Finally, the grand finale – a delicious multi-course menu – which was served at the 4th floor of the building. According to the motto “Exquisite coffee aromas to an outstanding gourmet kitchen” the two Austrian chef Hubert Wallner, from the lake restaurant Saag am Wörthersee and Thorsten Probost, from the restaurant Burg Vital Resort in Oberlech, blessed us with breathtaking culinary highlights.


The Guests

The award-winning Oskar director Stefan Ruzowitzky, John Caroll Lynch, Christoph Dostal, Thomas Arslan and many others were enthusiastic about this special evening.


“On behalf of the Viennale, I would like to thank Nespresso for the cooperation and the invitation for the evening. We are delighted to be able to offer such a great supporting program to our international and national Viennale guests, “

said Franz Schwartz, interim director of the Viennale.


In wonderful cooperation with Nespresso Austria


Nespresso is the official sponsor of the Viennale
“Nespresso is proud to be a partner of the international Viennale Filmfestival 2017 for the first time. With this cooperation we can also express our commitment to the promotion of young talents and cinematic innovations in Austria. The combination of extraordinary films and exclusive Nespresso coffee enjoyment completes the partnership perfectly, “says Catharina Riess, Marketing & E-Commerce Director of Nespresso Austria.
Nespresso is present at all official Viennale festival venues during the entire festive season and will offer Nespresso coffees to the Viennese film fans. In selected Viennale cinemas, in the media and guest lounge in the Intercontinental hotel as well as in the festival center in the Kunsthalle in the MQ, a Nespresso coffee bar will pamper guests with round-the-clock coffee specialties.