Top Reasons to attend the maxima COMEPASS Blogger Festival in Vienna

by gregor

Last Updated on February 10, 2018 by gregor

If you’re a blogger, and you’re passionate and serious about it, you’d be a fool to not attend at least one blogging conference during the year.

Here are my top reasons why you should attend the maxima COMEPASS Blogger Festival in Vienna  – 24. February , 1160 Vienna Ottakringer Brauerei

The Experts

The blogger festival gives you the opportunity to learn from the best. The conference founders are the leaders in our field and they take tremendous pride in finding the experts on topics that matter for your growth and development, bringing them together so you can pick apart their brains. I personally (About me) will be hosting a workshop about 15 Top Tips How to grow Instagram for Bloggers.  Check my Instagram @gregsideris (Click)

So here are the Blogger Experts of the Maxima Blogger Festival:

Meet new friends

Your worst enemy at a blogging conference is SHYNESS. Get out of your comfort zone and sit with people you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to turn to them and ask them about their blog, their city, their children–anything that will open the gates of communication. The city speed dating at the Goldfassl will ease the networking process for you!

Networking – Expand your Community

This one seems like a given, but seriously–whenever else are you going to get to meet a huge group of people that share your same passion for blogging? This is your opportunity to exchange business cards. Connect! Find out what’s up-and-coming in your niche. And most importantly, don’t let that synergy end at the conference–hit ’em up on Instagram, post on their blog, do blog exchanges. If you do this part right, you could walk away with at least 30 new contacts, if not more, if you’re at the top of your game!

Play Dress Up

Don’t be a frump-a-dump. Wear your best clothes. It’s a special occasion! And you’re making a first impression. Tomorrow you can go back to wrinkled t-shirts and “mom” shorts. style up your hair at the Got2b Hair Styling lounge with live tutorial of the amazin Got2b Artistic team.

Get Free Stuff

The amount of swag you get at a conference is mind-blowing–free food, free make-up, coupons, gift cards Who can turn that down?? Of course, in return, some of the sponsors want you to write/post out about their company in turn for their swag, with pictures of yourself promoting their stuff.

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Meet Sponsors

You’re getting all this good stuff, but the eye on the prize is meeting sponsors. These representatives are there in hopes that you’ll promote their products on your blog. Sometimes they might want to buy ad space. You’ll get their business card and follow up with them. You’ll post about their products. They’ll compensate you, either with more free things, or sponsorship. blogging conferences help to bridge this connection

Here is the list of the Sponsors at the Blogger Festival

Learn, Learn, learn!

Experienced bloggers probably already know all they (think) they need know about blogging; they’re more interested in making connections and networking. But let’s not discount the experience of blogging sessions. They are constructed to be informative.

Discover a City – Vienna

Most big conferences take place in some large metropoles. The maxima COMEPASS Blogger Conference will take place in Vienna, one of the most elegant and vibrant city in Europe. Besides there are special fees for foreign festival guests offered by Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna:

Find more about Vienna on my Blog here

After Show Party

You will enjoy it, too! Dancing the night away. You can sleep in tomorrow morning! At the maxima COMEPASS Blogger Festival, you can be part of the Blogger Award Ceremony, flying dinner and the legendary After Show Party. Cocktails and Drinks are included as well!

If you use the Promotion Code #coloursofgregsideris you get special Entry Price (Limited to 20x tickets)

„Colours Of Day“: 59,- Euro

Link to buy Tickets:

More Information and updates of the Blogger Festival:

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