Top 10 New York Instagram Accounts for your travel inspiration

by gregor

Last Updated on July 29, 2022 by gregor

New York! Whether you spend a day, a weekend, or even a week thoroughly planning the trip to New York makes a lot of fun and makes sure you will enjoy every moment of your stay.

There are so many exciting things you can do in New York City, and so many wonderful places to visit, but what are the best ones to choose from? When planning a trip I usually search the internet, buy travel guides and ask friends for their recommendations. But there is an additional source of great inspiration; It is the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Here are the Top New York Instagram  Accounts to follow for your perfect New York travel inspiration:

1. Kosten

Antonio Jaggie [email protected]

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 2. ryanmillier

Sight Sound Soul
[email protected]



Josh Alvarez


4.  1st

Brian Alcazar Founder: @1stinstinct
Contact: [email protected]


5. lastsuspect



6. muzadeas

•? Snapchat: Humzilla
•Sony Alpha Collective


7. jnsilva

“I’m an ambivert-more introverted than extroverted but with extraordinarily well-developed faking skills.”
[email protected]| @sonyalpha


8. misshattan

Living the dream, one picture at a time. ✨
hello ? : [email protected]


9. jacobsantiago

Email : [email protected]


10. newyorkcity

New York City by Liz Eswein co-founder @cycle @mmlnyc
[email protected]

I was in my beloved New from 11th to 25th July. I stayed in Cooper Village. Had a great flight experience from Vienna to New York with Austrian Airlines. (Collaboration) See more Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

Lets connect  via Instagram @gregsideris

I will be back in New York next year. If you want to meet just drop me a short note at [email protected]

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