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Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

written by gregor July 29, 2018

Extra comfortable seats, better food, power sockets, and much more! See what the New Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class offers on a long haul flight to  New York

Being invited to a Flight to New York and experiencing the new seats and countless amenities in this new travel class of Austrian Airlines is an excitement itself – even more exciting was the possibility to discover the countless benefits you can enjoy when flying Premium Economy Class.

I share the details of my new travel experience here…….!

The Centerpiece – The comfortable seat

The centerpiece of the new Premium Economy Class is the comfortable seat – broader seat surface and generous spacing – yes, it is extremely comfortable … I had the chance to feel it myself! Footrests allow you to make yourself comfortable…. you will find a central armrest in the middle and a huge fold out table and a cocktail table …. the 12” screens do invite you to enjoy the entertainment program ….  And the backrest …. it can be put back a lot more than in economy and yes – falling asleep works easily!


`Technical Comfort´

Nowadays we all have our `technical requirements´ – we do need to charge different gadgets and need various plug ins for that – good news – everything one can desire can be found in Austrian Airlines new Premium Economy Class……. not only will does the seat offer extra working space for those who need it – an extra plug in and an USB port will make it easy for you to relax and charge …. whatever you need to!



The Amenity Kit

Making yourself comfortable yet staying stylish…… yes, it is possible with the lovely Austrian Style amenity kit that is offered to you as a Premium Economy passenger – starting with the mandatory tooth brushing kit to the – of course – red ear plugs, the red sleeping mask over to the cozy and super stylish red socks – just lean back and enjoy your trip!



Culinary Delights

water bottles waiting for you in your seat ……


A welcome drink waiting for you served with a smile of one of the lovely crew members ….


Of course, you will find that in the Premium Economy Class …. There is still a surprise waiting for you…. have a look at the menu and choose from three delicious courses … served on a large tray on china porcelain … enjoy luxury and the culinary delights!




Noise Cancelling Headsets

be even more relaxed – enjoy the noise cancelling headsets and feel like flying business class – you won´t have a better one there!


An extra Piece of free Luggage

Planning a long trip may be challenging in terms of packing everything you need for a trip that lasts 2 weeks or even much longer …. one piece and 23 kg is somehow a challenge – well, not from now on – booking your seat in the Premium Economy Class allows you to take a second free 23 kg piece of luggage with you …. enjoy packing without pressure ….  and …. even more important for some of us …. enjoy shopping on your trip …. no more need to worry about limitations on your flight – thanks to the new travel class of Austrian Airlines – the Premium Economy Class ……!


Learn more About the Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class (including Seatmap)


In wonderful cooperation with Austrian Airlines

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