How to make the most perfect Viennese ball experience

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Ball season in Vienna – the perfect reason for visiting!

Vienna is always worth visiting because it offers so many unique places to see and countless special events to visit…… take the chance and come during the ball season – the perfect ball night will leave an incomparable memory. Dancing the waltz at a ball in Vienna is part of a very old tradition – more than 400 ball events are taking place during January and February. Most of them are taking place in historic buildings like the Hofburg, the Opera or the Musikvereinssaal.

Let me share with you the most important things to consider when attending a ball in Vienna

Dress code

Following the Viennese tradition, it is of high importance to be aware of the dress code that needs to be respected – for the Ladies and the Gentlemen….

The main two dress codes for gentlemen attending a ball event in Vienna are black tie and white tie – the more formal events require the very official white tie. The suite is completed with a white bow tie, silk knee highs, patent leather oxford shoes, a starched shirt and a waistcoat. Wearing a wristwatch is a no go – if you need one wear a pocket watch!

Ladies of course have the choice within an endless range of beautiful ball gowns in countless colors and styles – the dress needs to be long and must be worn without stockings – the challenge might be to find elegant yet comfortable shoes – because ball nights can last very long!

Completed with a perfect hairstyle and makeup – ladies choose the matching accessories like a clutch, long satin gloves, and sparkling jewels – the outfit is complete!

Champagne and canapés…….

To create the unique mood that is part of experiencing a Viennese ball Champagne and delicious canapés are the best choice to start the ball night – when you are visiting Vienna from abroad and are lucky to stay in one of the elegant rooms or suites of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Vienna……. you can enjoy them in privacy while dressing up!

Perfecting the skin and the mood with a relaxing spa treatment

Perfectly pedicured feet are mandatory for an occasion like that – if there is some extra time The Ritz-Carlton Spa offer special treatments to prepare the skin and give it a sparkling glow. For example, the ‘Imperial Rose Ritual’, a relaxing experience inspired by Empress Elisabeth – Sissi – and Vienna’s famous imperial rose gardens that re-balances body and mind with the scent of Rose geranium and soften the skin with a nourishing oil peeling …. best way to relax before a long ball night!

A ride in a classic Viennese Fiaker….

Vienna is the home town of the famous noble drawn ‘Fiaker ‘. A ride on the Ringstrasse with its countless beautiful ancient and historic buildings is a ‘must do’ for people visiting Vienna – the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ritz Carlton Hotel will be more than happy to arrange a ride from the hotel to the Hofburg – where many ball events like the beautiful and elegant ‘Kaffeesiederball’ are taking place – with a Fiaker you can appear like the princesses and lords did in former times …!

Enjoy a sparkling ball event in Vienna!

Alles Walzer!

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