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Instagram is the fastest growing Photo sharing platform with more than 500mio monthly actives – 300mio daily actives. Stunning 95mio+ photos are shared every day, generating over 4,2bio likes per day as the average user is active for 21min+. At the Blogger Event (Vienna Fashion-Camp) I had the pleasure to attend a presentation from Instagram Germany  giving valuable recommendations for Bloggers.

 So let me share the Top 15 Tips for Bloggers to grow your Instagram account…..

 1.Create your own Personality and Style

 With that many users on Instagram it is definitely pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. 95m+ photos are shared every day-  so you are competing for eyeballs with many of your Blogger peers. You need to find your personal style that generates a unique recognizable experience for your audience. The main issue is not to constantly monitor what ‘competing’ Instagrammers/Bloggers do and replicate. Do not just follow trends – you will only be 2nd or less relevant, and the audience realizes very fast! (In upcoming Blog post I will share how to create your own photographic look, …stay tuned here upfront is a nice Video from famous Fashion Blogger Maria Hewitt (CLICK )

2. Test a lot /Change Experiment

Remember the famous quote from Albert Einstein: ‘Insanity = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. If you have an idea, new approach of posting, new post timing, etc. ……just put it on practice! Test it out for 2-3 weeks and see if this is working for you or not. It does NOT harm your account – do not be afraid of doing these trials!

3. Post more pictures

Even Top celebrities or Top sports clubs with enormous numbers of Instagram followers do post more than one picture a day. On occasions like special events, like a concert or a football game, they post 3-10 pictures/day. Against the overall “Instagram Experts” opinion posting more pictures a day does not harm your account. Why? As the average Instagram user is active 21+minutes /day on Instagram; she/he will anyhow realize see relevant pictures. The order of pictures shown on a feed is managed by Instagram. Main factors are relevance and engagement. Thanks to this functionality the timing of your post is not critical anymore, and you cannot overshare either. Many Instagrammer only post 1 photo a day fearing that – no need to anymore. Just start with 2-3 photos per day and give it a try!

4. Collaborate with other Blogger’s Instagram accounts

 Yes it helps your visibility if you collaborate with other accounts, i.e. through photo tagging, Instagram Account Takeovers, go to events together and make a lot of Instagram pictures,…. Be creative, inspirational and entertaining!

5. Instagram Explore Page

 The Instagram Explore Page is personalized now – every Instagram user gets adopted recommendations. In other words – no Instagram Explore Page looks the same. There are numerous recommendations on the Web how to appear   someone’s Explore Page. That was relevant in the past – but now, as every user has a personalized explore page, don’t waste your time on that – check your Explore Page regularly to get inspired!

6. Instagram Videos

 Instagram reports a 150% increase in time spent watching Instagram Videos in the last 6 months, that makes it definitely more important for you! If not done yet …start posting videos!!! You can post videos up to 60 Seconds. Find out more and get inspirations here (Instagram Videos)



7. Instagram Stories

 Use them – it is vital for your growth! Here is the link to my Blog Post about why you need to love Instagram Stories

8.Instagram Hashtags

 Be specific on hashtags –  there is no sense in using a hashtag like i.e. ‘fashion’,  as 23mio others use it too and you  will never stand out! The more specific your hashtags are – the better will be your visibility on hashtags searches. Use the Instagram weekly hashtag project as it is funny and inspirational, and you have the chance to get featured on the local Instagram account.


Instagram is a Social Network. ‘Social’ means interaction and collaboration. You have to manage your community by liking and commenting back on other Instagram accounts.  Instagrammers will recognize that you are active and engaging with others. Except when you are  Rihanna or Justin Bieber – very few Instagrammers will enjoy just giving likes/comments without getting back a response!

10. Behind the Scenes photos

 It is great to show your perfect moment – still, you need to give your audience more. Let them sneak into your personal world by posting a photo that shows you as a real, normal  person every now and then.


11. Context, Story

 Disclose more text with your pictures. A precise content makes it easier for your audience to follow your stories……


12. Boomerang

 Use it – no more words. Do you know the secret trick of editing on Boomerang? No? Just tab 4 times with 4 fingers and you will have a menu that allows you to edit your animation!

Boomerang Top Tips (Click)

13. Slow Motion Videos

 Another captive way to stand out of the crowd is to do Slow Motion Videos. Here is a ‘How to do Slow Motion’ tutorial provided by the famous Fashion Magazine Instyle:

14. Hyperlapse

 The Instagram App ‘Hyperlapse’ is available on iOS.

Download the App and get yourself familiar- it works pretty easy – and post Hyperlapse on your account.  Another perfect way to differentiate yourself!

15. Be Creative

 Be attentive and always act creative and entertaining – and share your inspiration on the Instagram Blog:



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