Top 5 reasons to love Instagram Stories

by gregor

Last Updated on June 17, 2022 by gregor

Palais Lichtenstein, Vienna, Austria, Instagram Stories

This week the popular photo sharing platform Instagram announced a new very exciting feature –  Instagram Stories.  This Blog post reflects my first impressions, my top bits of advice  and screenshots of  my first Instagram Story –  recorded at the Instawalk at the wonderful Liechtenstein Garden Palais here in Vienna.

Here are my Top 5 reasons why I love Instagram Stories and you should too

Ease of use

Getting comfortable with the functionalities is definitely very easy- just use it intuitively! The user interface looks quite similar to Snapchat – here you can find the official Instagram Stories Announcement Blog Post with an introduction video.

A detailed “How to use Instagram Stories” via

Perfect integration in the Instagram App

Everything in one click! A photo sharing platform like Instagram combined with a chat function … need to switch applications back and forth.

Easily find new friends – grow your audience

Adding new accounts to my list is – for me – much easier –  than it is on other Social Media platforms specifically Snapchat. Once you follow a new Instagram account you automatically  see their Instagram Stories too.

Complementary Experiences

Instagram posts – share your perfect magic moment(s) of the day with a post your Instagram feed!
i.e. Find my favorite romantic moments of two newlyweds who just got married on a plane here: cherriesandbanana .With all the filters and photo-editing Apps (see my Blog post “Instagram you picture perfect secrets”) it can take some time to upload your pictures perfectly edited for your audience.  share your spontaneous moments on Instagram – Stories now!

Instagram Stories – spontaneously share your videos/photos as many as you like,.. and directly communicate /reply within the stories to share your thoughts and inspirations!

Three Top tips to use Instagram-Stories

  1. Be spontaneous and authentic
  2. Tell a story
  3. Refer to you Instagram post – background info etc. to provide a consistent message.

You can upload all pictures & videos which you shot within the last 24 hours to your Instagram-Stories …..that gives you enough time – e.g. after an event – to recap and share your top pictures and Videos on the next morning.

Let’s share our Instagram Stories!

Instagram Story of the Instawalk here in Vienna last week at the Liechtenstein Garden Palais.






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