Instagram – Your picture perfect secrets 2017

by gregor

Last Updated on June 3, 2017 by gregor

Instagram the most popular photo sharing platform has over 700 million active users.
Here are some really cool and easy editing tips. Let’s get started!

How do I edit my Instagram images?

I  mainly use 2 Editing Apps.

Snapseed and VSCOCam

Snapseed and VSCOCam are both free photo editing Apps you can download from the App store to your mobile. (both Android or iOS)


Once you opened a picture use first “Tune Image” and check out all the various editing options you have. When you press and scroll the screen up and down, you have different menu choices.

Click the “Tool” button on the right 

go to “Details” (first button Top right)

  • Increase the Structure +10 to +15%
  • Sharpening +7% to +10%

go to “Tune Image” (Top button left)

  • increase Brightness +15 to +20%
  • Increase Contrast +5% to +12%
  • Saturation +3% to +5%
  • Ambiance  -15% to – 5%
  • Highlights +15% to +25%
  • Shadows +5%
  • Warmth +3% to +5%

go to “White Balance” (Left)

  • If necessary manually or auto-white balance

go to “Healing”(right)

  • remove unwanted spots like dust or street-signs
  • Hint, enlarge the photo with 2 Fingers so you also can remove smaller objects

go to “Crop” (right)

  • Crop photo as applicable mostly used to follow the golden rule of Photography

go to “Selective” (left)

  • choose the specific part of your photo you want to edit “brightness, “contrast”, “saturation”, structure”

go to “rotate” (right)

  • use to make sure i.e. the horizon is correct

Then save the edited photo on your photo album.



Transfer the photo to the VSCOCam App.  Once you open the app, you can choose from several VSCOCam filters. (There are free filters but VSCO offers you the possibility to purchase additional filter packs in the In-App-Store.
Most popular VSCOCam filters are

  • A5, A6, M5, F2,
  • Hyperbeast (HB1+HB2 paid)
  • S1+S2+S3 (Bright and Clean, paid).


Finally, upload your picture to Instagram and make your final edits. If you like add an Instagram filter to give your picture the final look. Then  adjust here “Brightness” “Contrast”, “Structure”  and “Sharpen” all a little bit (+5% to +8%)
Voila! Here you go!

How do you edit your Instagram photos? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Many thanks!

Here are some examples:

VSCO Filter use A6

VSCO Filter used S2

VSCO Filter used A5

VSCO Filter used HB1

VSCO Filter used HB1

VSCO Filter used F1

VSCO Filter used M6

VSCO Filter used A5

VSCO Filter used A5


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