10 Best Things To Do in Perast Montenegro

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Hey there, fellow travel enthusiasts! If you are seeking an unforgettable escapade, let us embark on an exciting journey through the hidden gem of Montenegro – Perast. Get ready for a bucket-list adventure, as I reveal the most captivating Best Things To Do in Perast Montenegro. As a passionate Travel Blogger I am thrilled to share my authentic experiences and insider tips that promise to make your visit truly remarkable.

From strolling through the charming Perast Old Town to marveling at the enchanting Our Lady of the Rocks on a boat tour I have got you covered. Plus I will spill the beans on the ultimate day trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. Stay tuned for an exhilarating ride filled with historical wonders, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Let us turn your travel dreams into a reality!

Kotor: Perast Old Town and Our Lady of the Rocks Boat Tour

Unveil Perasts history and grace with a guided tour of the charming Old Town. Delight in the breathtaking “Our Lady of the Rocks” boat tour that navigates you through captivating legends and stunning landscapes. A perfect blend of culture and natural beauty awaits.

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From Budva: Kotor and Perast

Embark on a journey from Budva to explore the wonders of Kotor and Perast. Witness the fusion of medieval architecture and coastal charm. A seamless transition between two captivating destinations.

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Kotor: Perast and Lady of the Rock Private Boat Tour

Elevate your adventure with a private boat tour, immersing you in Perast’s allure and the mystique of Lady of the Rock. Immerse yourself in personalized exploration and stunning sights.

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Kotor Bay: Private 4-Hour Kotor and Perast Tour

In just four hours, savor the best of Kotor Bay’s gems. Traverse the narrow streets of Kotor and delve into Perast’s history, all while enjoying the privacy and comfort of a personalized tour.

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From Dubrovnik to Montenegro: Perast and Kotor

Embark on a scenic drive from Dubrovnik to Montenegro, experiencing the enchantment of Perast and Kotor. Revel in the beauty of two distinct towns that complement each other harmoniously.

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From Kotor: Perast, Lady of the Rock, and Kotor Guided Tour

Opt for a guided tour from Kotor to explore the trifecta of Perast’s beauty, the iconic Lady of the Rock, and the timeless allure of Kotor. Immerse yourself in rich history and mesmerizing vistas.

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From Kotor: Historical Group Tour of Perast & Budva Old Town

Join a historical group tour that whisks you away to Perast’s cultural richness and Budva’s ancient charm. Immerse yourself in stories of the past, guided by experts.

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Private Full – Day Tour: Kotor & Perast from Dubrovnik

Indulge in a full-day private tour from Dubrovnik, delving into Kotor and Perast’s wonders. Embrace the luxury of a personalized adventure that ensures every moment is tailored to your interests.

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Kotor: Luxury Private Tour of Perast & Kotor

Embrace opulence with a luxury private tour, where Perast and Kotor unveil their secrets. Bask in comfort and sophistication as you explore these captivating destinations.

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Luxury Private Day Trip to Perast & Njegusi Village

Venture beyond Perast to the scenic Njegusi Village on a luxury private day trip. Savor panoramic views, traditional delicacies, and a perfect blend of coastal and mountainous beauty.

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As our exploration of Perast, Montenegro comes to a close, it is evident that this charming coastal town holds an enchanting array of experiences waiting to be discovered. From wandering through the cobblestone streets of Perast Old Town to sailing alongside the captivating Lady of the Rocks, every moment here is a brushstroke on the canvas of your memories.

But the adventure does not stop at Perast’s borders. The meticulously curated day trips we have recommended offer a gateway to even more marvels. You are drawn to Kotor’s medieval architecture, the historical tales of Budva Old Town, or the panoramic vistas of Njegusi Village, each journey adds a new layer to your Montenegro odyssey.

As a devoted travel blogger, my aim has been to provide you with insights and recommendations that enrich your travels with authenticity and depth. Montenegro with its diverse landscapes and storied past, invites you to create lasting memories that resonate long after you have bid farewell.

So, gather your wanderlust and embark on a voyage that blends the ancient and the contemporary, the natural and the cultural. Perast and its neighboring treasures await your embrace. Let these experiences be the compass guiding you to a world of wonder, fascination, and discovery. Until our paths cross again, may your travels be filled with joy, learning, and the unwavering spirit of adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which is better Kotor or Perast?

Choosing between Kotor and Perast depends on your preferences and what you are looking to experience. Both towns have their own unique charm and attractions.
Kotor is larger and more bustling than Perast. It boasts a stunning medieval Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, characterized by narrow winding streets, historical buildings, and impressive fortifications. The town is rich in history, with museums, churches, and palaces that reflect its past as a major trading and naval port. The climb to the Kotor Fortress rewards you with panoramic views of the bay.
Kotor offers a vibrant nightlife, a variety of dining options, and a bustling atmosphere. It is a great choice if you enjoy exploring historical sites, shopping, and experiencing a more lively urban environment.
Perast, on the other hand, is a picturesque and tranquil town with a slower pace of life. It is known for its well-preserved Baroque architecture and beautiful waterfront. The two tiny islets just off the coast, namely Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George, add to Perast’s unique character. It is a place where you can relax, enjoy the serene beauty of the bay, and soak in the local atmosphere.
Perast offers a more intimate experience, making it perfect for those who appreciate a peaceful ambiance, leisurely walks, and the opportunity to immerse themselves in a quieter coastal setting.
In essence Kotor is vibrant and offers a blend of historical richness and modern amenities, while Perast is more tranquil and provides a serene coastal escape. Your choice between the two depends on your travel preferences – whether you seek history and energy or tranquility and charm. Ideally, you might consider experiencing both to fully appreciate the diverse offerings of the Bay of Kotor

What are some interesting facts about Perast?

Here are some interesting facts about Perast:
Venetian Influence: Perast’s architecture reflects its Venetian heritage. The town’s elegant palaces, churches, and public buildings were built during the Venetian period, showcasing a blend of Baroque and Renaissance styles.
Islets of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George: Perast is famous for its picturesque islets. Our Lady of the Rocks, an artificial islet, is home to a stunning church and museum. The tradition of throwing stones into the sea to create the islet is celebrated annually with a regatta. The nearby natural islet of St. George features a 12th-century church and a cemetery.
Maritime Heritage: Perast was a prominent maritime center during the Venetian era. Its sailors and shipbuilders played a significant role in the Mediterranean trade and naval history. The town’s maritime museum provides insights into this maritime heritage.
Naval Academy: Perast was also home to the first naval academy in the Adriatic. The academy trained skilled sailors who contributed to the success of the Venetian Navy.
Defensive Towers: The town is adorned with defensive towers that were built during the Venetian rule to protect against pirate attacks. These towers, such as the Tower of the Cross and the Kanli Tower, contribute to Perast’s unique skyline.
Nautical Tradition: Perast’s nautical tradition is celebrated through events like the Fasinada Festival. Locals decorate boats and perform a procession around Our Lady of the Rocks to mark the tradition of throwing stones into the sea.
Inhabitants Affinity to the Sea: The inhabitants of Perast have a deep connection to the sea. Many families have a long history of seafaring, and this affinity to the sea is reflected in the town’s culture and heritage.
UNESCO World Heritage Status: Along with the Bay of Kotor, Perast is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its well-preserved architecture and historical significance contribute to its inclusion on this prestigious list.
Artistic Heritage: Perast was a hub for artists and craftsmen during its maritime heyday. This artistic heritage is evident in the town’s churches, palaces, and intricate stone carvings.
Peaceful Ambiance: Perast’s serene ambiance and stunning natural beauty make it a favored destination for those seeking a tranquil escape along the Bay of Kotor.

Which is better Kotor or Tivat?

Choosing between Kotor and Tivat depends on your preferences and the type of experience you are seeking. Both towns have their own distinct characteristics and attractions.
Kotor is a historic coastal town known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, charming Old Town, and impressive fortifications. The town is nestled within the stunning Bay of Kotor and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kotor offers a rich cultural experience with its museums, churches, and palaces, as well as a vibrant nightlife, bustling markets, and a variety of restaurants and cafes. The climb to the Kotor Fortress provides panoramic views of the bay and is a popular activity for visitors.
If you are interested in history, architecture, and a lively atmosphere with plenty of cultural and entertainment options, Kotor might be the better choice for you.
Tivat is a more modern and cosmopolitan town with a focus on luxury and leisure. It is home to the luxury marina complex Porto Montenegro, which features upscale shops, restaurants, and luxury yachts. Tivat has a more relaxed and contemporary ambiance compared to Kotor. The town also offers beautiful beaches, parks, and waterfront promenades where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll.
If you are looking for a more upscale and relaxed atmosphere, with a focus on luxury, shopping, and modern amenities, Tivat could be the better fit for you.
Kotor is ideal for those who appreciate history, architecture, and a lively atmosphere, while Tivat caters to those who seek luxury, modern amenities, and a more leisurely pace. Both towns offer unique experiences, so your choice will depend on your personal preferences and the type of vacation you are looking for. Additionally, both Kotor and Tivat are relatively close to each other within the Bay of Kotor, so it is also possible to visit both during your trip to Montenegro.

How many churches are there in Perast?

Perast, a small town located on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, is known for its rich history and well-preserved architecture. Despite its small size, Perast is home to a significant number of churches that reflect its religious and cultural heritage.
There are a total of 16 churches in Perast, each with its own unique architectural style and historical significance. Some of the notable churches in Perast include:
St. Nicholas Church (Crkva sv. Nikole): This iconic church is located on a small square in the heart of Perast and features a stunning Baroque facade and a bell tower. It dates back to the 17th century.
Our Lady of the Rocks Church (Crkva Gospa od Škrpjela): While not on the mainland, this church is located on a man-made islet in the Bay of Kotor, just off the coast of Perast. It is famous for its unique history and tradition of throwing stones into the sea, which led to the creation of the islet.
St. Mark’s Church (Crkva sv. Marka): This church is situated on a hill overlooking Perast and offers panoramic views of the town and the bay. It is known for its beautiful interior and Venetian-influenced architecture.
St. Anne’s Church (Crkva sv. Ane): A small church located near St. Nicholas Church, St. Anne’s features a charming courtyard and a peaceful ambiance.
St. Elijah’s Church (Crkva sv. Ilije): This church is located on a hill above Perast and provides another vantage point for enjoying scenic views of the town and the bay.

Where To Visit After Your Trip To Perast?

Here are a few recommendations:
Kotor: Just a short distance from Perast, the charming town of Kotor beckons with its medieval Old Town, historic fortifications, and vibrant atmosphere. Explore its narrow streets, visit museums, and climb the Kotor Fortress for breathtaking views.
Budva: Known for its sandy beaches, lively nightlife, and historic charm, Budva offers a different kind of coastal experience. Discover its Venetian walls, explore the Old Town, and enjoy the bustling waterfront.
Lovćen National Park: For nature enthusiasts, Lovćen National Park is a must-visit. Hike to the Mausoleum of Njegoš at the top of Mount Lovćen for panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes.
Skadar Lake National Park: Explore Montenegro’s largest lake, Skadar Lake, known for its diverse birdlife, lush landscapes, and traditional fishing villages. Take a boat tour to truly appreciate its beauty.
Dubrovnik, Croatia: If you’re up for a short journey, consider visiting the historic city of Dubrovnik in neighboring Croatia. Walk the famous city walls, explore its well-preserved Old Town, and immerse yourself in its rich history.
Cetinje: Montenegro’s historic and cultural capital, Cetinje, offers museums, historical buildings, and a glimpse into the country’s past. Don’t miss the Cetinje Monastery and the Royal Palace.
Durmitor National Park: Head inland to Durmitor National Park for stunning mountain scenery, pristine lakes, and outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, and skiing, depending on the season.
Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor): Beyond Perast, explore the entire Bay of Kotor, where you’ll find picturesque towns like Herceg Novi, Tivat, and Risan, each with its own unique character and attractions.
Albanian Riviera: If you’re interested in further exploration, consider crossing the border into Albania to experience the beautiful Albanian Riviera, known for its stunning beaches and charming coastal towns.
Adriatic Islands: Montenegro is also home to several beautiful islands, such as Sveti Stefan and Ada Bojana, each offering its own distinctive allure.

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