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Wonderful Christmas Markets in Austria 2018 Edition


When the Christmas season comes around, most cities and towns around Austria start to set up various Christmas markets for the season. If you happen to find yourself in Austria during the holiday season, then here are a few Christmas markets that you simply cannot miss out. Each market has a historical significance, and the warm glowing lights will invite you in. These markets hold a special place in the history books, as some of them have been started decades ago, and still, play a huge part in the local heritage.

To help make sure that you do not miss out on anything, we have listed down the Best Christmas Markets in Austria. The list covers some of the most amazing Christmas markets Austria has to offer, allowing you to take in a great deal of Christmas cheer, local culture, history, and heritage.

Innsbruck, Tyrol

Just like Vienna, the Christmas markets in Innsbruck offer a historic touch. In addition, they offer a romantic ambiance, as they are mostly located between snow-covered mountains and magical lights.

Old Town Market

The Old Town Market is located in front of the Golden Roof. The market offers about 70 booths and is known as the Fairy Tale Alley, as they feature scenes from famous fairy tales, along with other locations. A truly magical market that does not only offer a beautiful view, and a historical experience; it offers many local foods and a number of unique gifts that will help you remember the market. When walking around the market you will be able to hear the trumpets surrounding the Golden Roof, and the market is open from 15th November, to 23rd December.

Hungerburg Christmas Market

A funicular ride will take you up to the mountains. The place is known as the Panorama Christmas market, as it offers a stunning view of the city. You will be mesmerized by the beauty the city and market have to offer, as there is nothing more magical than the Christmas Season; and you will have a complete view from above. There, you can enjoy seasonal food and drinks as you explore the different stalls. The market opens on the 25th of November and ends on the 23rd of December.

Family Christmas Market

Is located on the Marktplatz and is the best place for families. If you are traveling with your children, do check out the amazing things from petting zoos to carousels to keep your kids amused. Nevertheless, the market offers a great deal to adults too, so you can easily find anything interesting from manufactured to handmade. Right in the middle of the market, you will find the stunning Swarovski Crystal Tree, that flows and fills the space with light. The market opens on the 15th of November until the 23rd of December.

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Salzburg City, Salzburg

In Salzburg, you will find Christmas markets placed right outside many historic buildings. You can enjoy the markets, as you view the historical buildings, as when these two come together, they offer a completely magical experience. You can easily stroll under them while taking in history, and all the Christmas spirit.

Salzburg Christkindlmarkt

Is the oldest Christmas market in Salzburg. It is set around the Cathedral of Salzburg. You will see a number of large Christmas trees along with hanging garlands and you will enjoy the view of the majestic mountains while strolling through the many stalls. If you go at the right time, you might get to ear the magical bells of the Cathedral chime. The stalls offer freshly baked goods, drinks, and unique gifts. The market is open from 23rd November, to 26th December.

Mirabell Square Christmas Market

If you are looking for a modern market, this is the one to visit. The market is located in the center of the city, and offers delicious food, and keeps a small crowd. The best place for people who enjoy a calmer ambience, as the market is never too overly crowded, and you can easily browse in peace. If you are in the city of Salzburg, then you should consider visiting the Mirabelle Square Christmas Market. The market is open from 23rd November, to 24th December.

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Graz, Styria

As the city has a number of great locations and a flair for festive, they have some of the best Christmas markets to offer. The markets here are completely gorgeous and pays close attention to design and small details. When you step closer to these markets you will feel a different environment and buzz, as they are always full of people in a joyful mood, and who celebrate the holiday season in style.

Hauptplatz Christmas Market

The market can be found right in front of City Hall, and showcases a number of unique booths. One of the main attractions of the Hauptplatz Christmas Market is the famous Feuerzangenbowle drink. That features a mixture of rum and wine, which is then set in fire. Apart from this, the market offers many fresh baked goods, along with all the unique gifts and Christmas decorations you can find. The market opens on the 17th of November and ends on 24th December.

Glockenspielplatz Christmas Market

If are looking to find something new and unique then the Glockenspielplatz Christmas Market is the one to visit. The marker features themed days, which keep the Christmas spirit up, and offer something different and unique with each passing day. In addition, you will enjoy seasonal music along with freshly mulled wine. The market only offers 14 stalls, but is a great adventure, as find many interesting pieces, and the vibe is just perfect. The market opens on the 17th of November and ends on December 23rd.

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Christkindlmarkt vor dem Rathaus am Hauptplatz (c) Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer


Apart from these best 10 Christmas Markets in Austria, there are many others all over the country, so where ever you are, there will be one to visit. Christmas is a huge celebration in Austria, and the entire county comes together to celebrate the holiday season. So no matter if you are there for a day, or for a longer period, you ought to visit one of these Christmas Markets, as they are a great experience, which will stay alive in your memory for years to come. It does not matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, as these markets offer a great spectacle, tempting you with the smell of roasting chestnuts, simmering apples, and the famous spicy Glühwein. This holiday season allow yourself the complete magical experience by visiting the Christmas markets in one of Europe’s most gorgeous country with endless Christmas spirit providing for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.