Top Experiences at the Škoda Kamiq Event in Alsace, France

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Top Experiences at the Škoda Kamiq Event in Alsace, France

I was invited by ŠKODA Austria to join the Škoda Kamiq Influencer Event in Alsace, France. Škoda invited more than 20 Influencers from all over Europe to a presentation of the New Škoda Kamiq in Strasbourg, France.

The 2,5 Days Škoda Kamiq Event in Alsace were packed with interesting inspirations about the Škoda brand, trends in the automotive Industry, the future of mobility and how Škoda is responding to this industry transformation. Of course, an Influencer Event would  not be an Influencer event without Lifestyle themes, fun and many photo shoot opportunities to enable the Influencers to capture their experiences and share them with their followers all over the world.

In this Blog-article I would love to share with you the Top Highlights of this event and if you plan to visit and learn more about the Alsace and the New Škoda Kamiq here is what you need to know

Top Experiences at the Škoda Kamiq Influencer Event in Alsace, France


Test driving the New Škoda Kamiq from Basel to Strasbourg

We started the journey at the airport in Basel. After a warm welcome at the Škoda Welcome Center we got detailed information about  the News Škoda Kamiq and the route-map to drive to Strasbourg.




I chose the mountain-route via the lovely city of Colmar which allowed me to test the performance of the Škoda Kamiq especially the 7 Speed DSG…



…and did some beautiful mountain landscape shot 😉



My route took me up a series of steep switchbacks where the 85 Kw powered Škoda Kamiq really showed me that it has enough power.



There is a lot to say about the amazing features the Škoda Kamiq provides

Here are the highlights of my experiences

Infotainment and Connectivity the Škoda Kamiq provides

The Škoda Kamiq is one of the first Volkswagen Group vehicles to be equipped with systems from the new, third generation of the modular infotainment matrix. The range-topping Amundsen infotainment system comes with a 9.2-inch touchscreen with a glass front – the largest in the segment – as well as online-backed 3D navigation, a 64-GB SSD hard drive for storing maps and an optional Wi-Fi hotspot. Bluetooth telephone and data connections are standard too, as is SmartLink technology, which also comes in a wireless version as an option (available only for Apple CarPlay at the moment). Amundsen always comes paired with the digital Virtual Cockpit, which can be individually configured. At 10.25 inches, its screen is one of the largest in the segment and provides a choice of five different layouts that range from Classic – displaying both a large speedo and the rev counter – to Basic, Modern and Sport as well as the Extended layout, which shows the map from the navigation system on a large scale.


20 Clever features

Overall, the Škoda Kamiq offers more than twenty Simply Clever features. The Kamiq is the first car in its segment to offer the option of clever door-edge protection that deploys automatically when the doors are opened. This system prevents damage to the Kamiq as well as nearby vehicles, particularly in tight parking spaces in the city.

The optional electric tailgate proves to be another convenient feature when loading a weekly shop for example. The tailgate can be opened and closed at the push of a button; thanks to its integrated tip-to-close function, it can also be closed by lightly pulling on the open tailgate. From the Ambition trim level upwards, a removable LED torch can be found on the side in the boot. The button to electrically unlock the retractable tow bar can also be found in the boot.

Always connected with Friends

The car’s eSIM card keeps you connected with the world and your friends. The Škoda Kamiq is constantly updating information about what’s happening on the road and can adjust your route should the traffic ahead come to a halt unexpectedly. A high-quality internet connection is available to all passengers via the internal Wi-Fi hotspot, no matter whether you’re currently on the road, or taking a break.

The Kamiq always charged my smartphone

You’re setting off and then you remember that you forgot to charge your phone! The Škoda Kamiq has your back with several USB C ports, and for those travelling in the front seats there’s also a Phone Box for wireless charging. Just stick your phone in there and let the car do the rest!

Adaptive cruise control

Rushed, tense and impatient, but also motionless and stiff – such are modern cities. The Škoda Kamiq’s adaptive cruise control and automatic transmission can easily bring the car to a halt when it reaches a line of waiting cars and can set it in motion when the traffic starts moving. The Kamiq is perceptive and clever – it recognizes not only cars, but also motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles and event e-scooters!!

Design – Clear-cut lines and neat surfaces

Much like modern architecture, the timeless design of the Škoda Kamiq captivated me no matter what angle I am observing it from, or under what light. The rear lights, with their traditional but newly innovated C-shape, clearly manifest Škoda’s design genes. Its dynamic and robust appearance is the epitome of the compact urban SUV class.


Amazing Pic-Nic at the Burg Fleckenstein


From the original fortress to the medieval castle. Fleckenstein is one of the largest fortified castles in Alsace. It was built on a huge rock with cave-dwelling stairs and rooms. Despite its being pulled down in the 17th century, the towers, the barbican, the outer walls and numerous other remains bear witness to its past glory. Just like a true rocky vessel the Fleckenstein castle dominates the Sauer valley and its beautiful forests.

The fortress dates from the 12th century, when the Holy Roman Emperors sought to establish their position in Alsace. They decide to build a troglodytic castle on an outstanding sandstone crag bu excavating rooms, staircases, a well and storage tanks that you can still see today. The family nominated by the Emperor made the their own and over the centuries turned it into an impregnable fortress. The castle was untouched by the Thirty Years War, but despite being under French control, it was demilitarized by order of Louis XIV. Even so it is still standing and what remains makes it possible, even for the non-expert, to see the different stages in its construction.

Fleckenstein is the most visited troglodytic castle in Alsace.




Exploring wonderful Strasbourg – City Tour & Boat Trip

The fairy-tale begins in Petite France, the most beautiful spot in Strasbourg. This place is the stuff of bedtime stories, except now you’re not just reading a book set in some lovely medieval European town. Now you’re the lead character in that book, gliding past pastel half-timbered houses and over flower-decked bridges, having a mini-adventure through a maze of stone and wooden bridges.

Find your way to the Ponts Couverts, where a series of bridges cross the channels of the River Ill. Take a thousand photos of the old houses and the waterways,

Our Strasbourg Boat trip was a lot of fun

This lovely spot is worth a visit even if just for the pictures, but this is also where you’ll find a slew of enticing restaurants serving the very best of Alsatian cuisine. Which brings us to the next top reason to visit Alsace…


Perfect Restaurants & Food Experiences in Alsace and Lorraine

In France you eat well, in Germany you eat a lot, and in Alsace, you get to do both!

If you’ve ever been to other parts of France, you’ve probably resigned yourself to the fact that culinary masterpieces tend to be of the petite form. Not in Alsace! Here you’ll get bowls and plates of delicious food that’s a lot like what your overindulgent grandma made for you – only with a lot more butter.

The selection is a lot like hearty bar food meets stylish comfort food. There’s choucroute garnie, a carnivore’s delight composed of generous servings of sausages and charcuterie, served with hot fermented cabbage stewing in wine. And then there’s the tarte flambée, bread dough topped with cream and cheese that’s best enjoyed with a cold glass of Alsatian artisanal beer. If you want to reward yourself after a hard day of walking and sightseeing, a piping hot plate of spätzle topped with Munster cheese cream sauce should get you ready for another day of adventures.



To sum up – The Verdict

The new Škoda Kamiq combines the benefits of a robust SUV and a compact passenger car. It boasts a greater ride height, offers more comfort as you’re getting in, and offers a better view out.

I give the Kamiq big thumbs up!



In wonderful cooperation with Škoda Austria