Naples, Italy, Ultimate Travel Guide – Top things to See and Do in Napoli

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Naples is the capital of Italy’s Campania region. Napoli (=Naples) is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history stemming back over 4000 years. There are plenty of things to do in Naples. The city is full of art, culture, and exciting places to discover.

Naples is an adventure in itself. The city has so many incredibly interesting and curious places, corners, and situations to offer, and moving around the center of Naples is something of a thrill. Be it due to traffic, the way of life of the inhabitants, or the culinary oversupply – if you are looking for life and joie de vivre, you will find it in Naples 100 percent.

Below is our selection of the very best things to do in Naples. It is a mix of must-see places and the best experiences that will give you a good overview of what to expect and want to see in Naples. Find out!

The best things to See in Naples


Visit the famous exhibition at the Naples Archeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Naples was founded in Portici in 1787 following the collection of the Naples royal family. The foundations from the two major excavations in Herculaneum and Pompeii formed the basis. There were also several important, previously private collections (such as the Farnese Collection) that had existed since the Renaissance. The exhibition was housed in a building erected in 1615 for the University of Naples. The collection consists of artifacts from Roman times finds in ancient Greek cities, and examples from pre-Roman cultures of southern Italy that were found during the Bourbon era. Statues, frescoes, mosaics, and ceramics make up the main component.



Eat delicious Napoletana Pizza at the place it has been invented – Sorbillo Pizzeria

Where to eat the Neapolitan Pizza in Napoli?

Sorbillos Pizza is the epitome of the classic Napoletana pizza, which was recently declared a Unesco cultural asset: thin dough in the middle, but thick, bready rim on the outside; and only selected ingredients of excellent quality as a topping. People are queuing in front of Sorbillo’s pizzeria. After a long wait, you won’t get a gourmet pizza (with corresponding prices), but the classics that made Neapolitan pizza world famous. At Sorbillo you can still have a pizza and a beer for ten euros.

What is the difference between Pizza Romana and Pizza Napoletana?

The Pizza Napoletana: the dough is much softer and fluffier than the Romana. It also has a higher rim (bordo alto) which is also wider than any other pizza. The dough makes the difference here and how it is baked in the oven.

Pizzeria Sorbillo
Via dei Tribunali, 32
80138 Napoli



Take a Tour of the Catacomb San Gennaro

The Catacomb of San Gennaro is the largest in southern Italy and is located under the most densely populated and characteristic district of Naples, the Rione Sanità. It represents an important piece of the city’s history and is strongly connected to that of its patron saint, whose bones have been transferred to the Catacomb, which has existed since the 5th century. That is why the underground became a place of choice at that time. It was forgotten after the end of the 9th century and has only recently been rediscovered.


Accommodation at Magma Home

Offering free Wi-Fi, a barbecue, and a sun terrace with panoramic city and sea views, Magma Home is a 10-minute walk from Museo Metro Station in Naples. The air-conditioned rooms come with a private balcony and a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

They also share a common living room and kitchen. San Gregorio Armeno is 900 meters and Maschio Angioino is 1.6 km from Magma Home. The nearest airport is Naples International Airport, 4 km from Magma Home.

More Information and booking:



Visit the Royal Palace of Reggia di Caserta

The Royal Palace of Caserta (Reggia di Caserta) is considered to be the largest castle built in Europe in the 18th century. It was one of the residences of the Bourbon Kings of Naples and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. The showpiece of the castle is the beautiful castle park.

Scenes from Star Wars were filmed in the castle of Caserta

Many films have been shot in the atmospheric rooms of the palace, such as scenes from “Star Wars – Episode I”. The Museo degli Appartamenti Reali is located on the lower floor, while the royal apartments, the Cappella Palatina, and an art gallery can be seen upstairs. The magnificently decorated court theater is well worth seeing.



Visit the Royal Gardens of Reggia di Caserta (Versailles Style)



Visit the English Gardens of Reggia di Caserta

The Reggia di Caserta Park opening times

The park and English garden open at 8.30 a.m. The closure is different every month (depending on sunset) and can be viewed on the official website (“Orari”).


Visit the Reggia di Caserta Royal Palace with the baroque interior



Wonderful Sunset views from Castel Sant Elmo – view of the famous Vesuvius

A visit to Castel Sant’Elmo is also a special treat for Neapolitans, as the view from this castle has coined the term Spaccanapoli, which is familiar here. The position makes it possible to see how the lower Decumanus (main street) runs like a line through the old town in the direction of the station area. In addition to the view of the old town, the castle offers a practically all-around view of the city of Naples and its gulf with the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida, Vesuvius, and the Sorrento peninsula due to its special location. On the 60,000 square meter area of the castle, it is possible to relax here, to enjoy the view with a pleasant breeze, or visit the Museum Novecento with 150 works of modern art.



Mount Vesuvius looms all over Naples. It is one of the largest and most active volcanoes and it can be seen virtually from every place in Naples.



Experience the famous Toledo metro station

One of the most famous metro stations is the Toledo station, which is located on Line 1 of the Naples Metro and is named after the nearby Via Toledo.

It was designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca and was named the most beautiful metro station in Europe. The theme that the Barcelona-based architect has chosen for the train station is “water and light”.

The element of water is represented throughout the silver and blue mosaic, while the light is at the heart of the project, as the author himself describes. The natural light is channeled over the escalators, which go 40 m underground.

The presence of natural light allows the visitor a constant orientation of his position – this is not often the case with metro stations, people are often disoriented.


When visiting this station, you can expect a surreal experience, partly because it is in a place where you do not expect “perfect art” and partly because, as I said, it is just perfect. Directly above the escalators, where natural light enters through an illuminated tunnel, you can take a look at the “universe”. The best part is that the escalator view will simply amaze you and leave you with a big “wow” and a taste of your life.


Stroll the narrow streets of Naples in the Spanish Quartier – Maradona Fans’ attention!

Explore one of the liveliest and most characterful areas of Naples – and follow in the footsteps of the locals – as you stroll through the Quartieri Spagnoli neighborhood. Named after the Spanish troops who lived here in the 16th century, the quarter is now home to numerous churches, family-run restaurants, typical Neapolitan “Bassi” houses, and lively street art. See the sights, sample street food at a local market, and soak up the unique atmosphere.


Naples is an adventure in itself. The city has so many incredibly interesting and curious places, corners and situations to offer and moving around the center of Naples is something of a thrill. Be it due to traffic, the way of life of the inhabitants or the culinary oversupply – if you are looking for life and joie de vivre, you will find it here 100 percent.


It is therefore not unlikely that you will be almost overwhelmed by the many impressions – be it the beguiling smells, the loud noises, or the amazing sights. I, therefore, had a great need to counteract this overstimulation with long periods of rest, which fortunately is quite possible if you find a nice spot. Then you can throw yourself back into the fray and experience Naples in the liveliness that makes it so unique.


Ciao, Napoli, we definitely come back!!



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