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  • Looking to explore a winter wonderland? Look no further than the snow-capped city of Vienna. In this video, we take a walking tour through the city during a snowstorm, taking in all the Christmas cheer along the way. From the opulent Rathaus (Town Hall) to the imposing Hofburg Palace, there’s plenty to see in Vienna during the holidays. While I was filming I was enjoying the freshly fallen snow. It looked just beautiful how the snow twinkled magically. It was still pretty cold, so I grabbed my cozy winter coat to keep me warm. I hope you like this winter…

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  • 4K Walking Tour Videos are gaining more and more popularity on video-sharing platforms like the popular video platform YouTube. I watched some of these Walking Tour videos because they were recommended to me, and as someone who really likes walking tours, I decided to try making one video myself. My first 4k Walking Tour video(s) turned out badly. They were either too bright or too dark or kept constantly refocusing.,… They went straight into the trash on my computer. It was a little frustrating, but obviously, I’m not going to be perfect on my first try. I was out again,…

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