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Presentation Faber-Castell – Pen of the Year 2018 Roman Empire


Faber-Castell presented their 2018 Pen of the Year Collection at the Italian Restaurant Procacci  in Vienna.


Here is more about the Story and the Pen:

This year’s limited edition of the Pen of the Year 2018 from the House of Count von Faber-Castell tells of epochs, personalities and peoples whose actions have shaped the history of humanity: The Imperium Romanum still exerts an almost unimaginable influence on our world and this time it is the thematic focus.

Equipped with exquisite materials, the Pen of the Year 2018 makes the Roman Empire fascinating in a fascinating way. Carrara marble, Nero Marquina marble, titanium and platinum were used. Each of the individually numbered writing instruments is unique.

With its diversity of peoples, the Roman Empire embodies the idea of ​​an “imperium sine fine,” an empire ruled by Rome as the “eternal city,” inspiring this year’s edition. Its landmark is the Colosseum, the legendary battle arena of the gladiators – an architectural marvel that has survived the eras of the eras. The splendor of legions with their indomitable, selfless fighting spirit continues to impress today, Europe’s legal system is rooted in Roman foundations, the Roman alphabet is omnipresent in global communications, and the influence of the arts and culture of the Roman Empire is complex and deeper than in ancient times every other culture.

Graf von Faber-Castell_Pen of the year 2018_Ltd Edition_Tintenroller_offen

* Limited Edition (Platinum & White Carrara Marble)

Between the white-shimmering Statuario marble elements from Carrara, platinum-plated rings with laurel wreaths symbolize fame and success. The intricately crafted platinum-plated cap features an engraving of the famous Colosseum and a Caesar Denarius in miniature. The model was a very rare, antique silver coin with the image of the Emperor from the year 44 BC. Chr.

– fountain pen: limited to 400 copies, platinum plated with 18ct bicolour gold nib, price: € 3,200 (RRP)

– Rollerball: limited to 120 copies, platinized, price: € 2,900 (RRP)

Graf von Faber-Castell_Pen of the year 2018_Special Ltd Edition_Füllfeder_geschlossen

* Special Limited Edition (Titanium & Black Nero Marquina Marble)

This strictly limited special edition has a particularly masculine look: the black Statuario marble Nero Marquina from the Basque country harmonises with the anthracite-colored PVD coating made of titanium. The handwritten fountain pen has an 18ct gold nib, the cap of the Black Edition is also adorned with an engraving of the Colosseum and a Caesar denarius in miniature.

– Fountain pen: limited to 330 copies, with 18-carat gold nib with Ruthenium coating, price: € 4,500 (RRP)

– Rollerball: limited to 100 copies, price: € 4,200 (RRP)

Available now from selected retailers.

All writing instruments are stored in a high-gloss polished black wooden box. A certificate with the signature of Charles Graf von Faber-Castell certifies the limitations.

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