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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey – a startup story in the year of 1866

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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey – a startup story in the year of 1866

2016 has ended … unfortunately, a lot of catastrophes happened last year …. time to look back to things that bring joy to our lives – one of them the 150th anniversary of America’s oldest registered distillery…!

Introducing Mr. Jack Daniel……

Jasper ‘Jack’ Newton Daniel was born as the last of ten children to Calaway and Lucinda Daniel in1850. After his mother died he did not feel comfortable in the family and tried to find a new home… after a while, he moved to his uncle Felix and his family. They lived on a huge farm where Jack worked hard and picked up many different skills….

Born to make Whiskey

One day he met a local preacher and distiller Dan Call and began learning the distilling trade. Jack worked hard to learn everything about making Whiskey – and with the age of 13 (!) he took over the distillery from Dan Call – a startup business was born! In 1866 he, at the age of 16, Jack Daniel registered his distillery at the government under the name Jack Daniel ….and that is how the Jack Daniel’s Distillery became the oldest registered distillery in America.

Lynchburg, Tennessee…… the 150th-anniversary success story

Jack wisely decided to place his distillery at a very special location – a source of limestone water flowing from a cave spring in Lynchburg, Tennessee. He developed the unique distilling process – that remained basically unchanged since 150 years….and grew his startup to one of the most famous Whiskey producing companies in the world –  an anniversary to celebrate!

‘Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can’

 The lifelong motto of Mr. Jack Daniel shows his claim to quality – that stands for the distilling of his Whiskey for 150 years….

Meticulously crafting each barrel to mellowing each drop of whiskey through 10 feet of charcoal…this process – pioneered and perfected by Mr. Jack himself – still stands for the high quality of the product.

Considering a barrel not just to be something to store whiskey in for a good amount of time – at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery each barrel is handcrafted – the whiskey will draw all its rich amber color and a much of its distinctive flavor from the barrel. Using 33 separate wood staves, made of American White Oak, the barrels hold together without glue or nails…. toasting the interior allows the caramelized flavor to develop…alongside the oaky taste…… curious about this taste? Enjoy a glass of Jack Daniel’s whiskey on a special occasion – or just because you love the taste……

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