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Interview Alexander Knoll, Katze Katze in Graz, Austria Chivas Regal whisky

Alexander Knoll

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At the 2nd Chivas Bartenders Chapter in Austria, we had the chance to interview Alexander Knoll bartender of the Katze Katze in Graz and Chivas Regal Whisky Brand Ambassador.

Chivas Bartender Chapter

With the “Chivas Bartenders’ Chapter” project, Chivas Regal redefines the Cooperation with Bartenders. For the first time, four Viennese bartenders are selected, which for a whole year enjoyed the traditional Chivas Regal spirits (including a trip to Scotland) and share these insights with others.

Please find the link to the Chivas Bartender Chapters Kickoff Event:



TVB: You are bartender in the Katze Katze in Graz, Styria – what should we know about the Katze Katze Bar, what is the characteristic of the place?

The Katze Katze is the Place everybody gets together. In our House we have 3 different places. One traditional local food Restaurant, one Pan – Asia Food Restaurant and the Bar Katze Katze

TVB:  Chivas Regal selected 5 bartenders from Vienna, Graz and Salzburg to become Chivas Regal Brand Ambassadors this year – you are one of them, what does this mean to you?

It means a lot to me, Chivas is my first choice. I am proud to work so professional together with this Company.

TVB:  At the beginning of the project, you made a joint trip to Scotland to the origins of Chivas Regal Whisky what impressions and experiences did you gain there?

It was insane to see all the people working around Chivas, to see the heart for the details, the history behind Chivas and many many more reasons why Chivas Regal is so successful.

TVB:  What is so special about the Chivas Regal for you? Why is it your favorite Whisky?

For sure the taste but when you ever visit this beautiful place in Scotland you will understand why it is the best blend.

TVB:  What is the ideal glass for Chivas Regal and what is the reason for it?

Every glass is ideal. Whatever your favorite glass is. It can also be just a cup. You should like it. For smelling for sure a nosing glass is great

TVB:  You have created 2 signature cocktails one with Chivas Regal 12yo and one with Chivas Regal 18yo. What was your idea behind these 2 cocktails?

My idea was that I want to catch all people around the world with this two different blended Scotch Drinks.

TVB:  What are the names of your cocktails and what inspired you to your creation?

A touch of Tropic (see below)

A Touch of Tropic - Alexander Knoll

& the The Scottish Rabbit

My Girlfriend is not that fan you should be from Whiskey. So I decided to make this 12 Years tropical blended Scotch Drink. She loves it! The second inspiration is coming from my Scotland Trip. I saw all this rabbits around our House. So I decided to take a piece of green and put it in my glass and fill up with Chivas. You drink it like the rabbits eating from the Scottish green.

TVB: Please prepare your Chivas Regal signature cocktails for us and explain the preparation …… What are the components of the cocktail?

For the 12 Years one you take a fresh mango crush it and put the Chivas 12 in it. Then the fresh Egg white with the lime juice and sugar.

For the 18 Years old you put loveage in the glass then Cucumber. Then inhale slowly and put the Chivas 18 Years on top and a piece of Fleur the Sel. Exhale slowly.

TVB:  Every year, new Chivas Brand Ambassadors will join the Chivas Bartenders’ Chapter. Is there any recommendation you would like to give to the following bartenders?

Just enjoy!!!

TVB: Finally – what is your personal favorite Chivas Regal Whisky and what do you like about it?

The new Chivas XV. It contains flavor and tradition. I am in love with this . Like the way I loves grapes as well.

How to taste Whisky like a PRO?

Want to find out more about “How to taste Whiskey”. (CLICK)


The Katze Katze, Graz

Katze Katze stands for the high level of art bar, counter and mixer. Fantastic music and delicious
spirits are the substance that makes your senses intoxicated. They are real experts behind the bar,
Not only Katze (cat) and Katze (cat) get along dazzling – also Chivas, lemon juice, sugar syrup
and protein coexist in peaceful harmony.



Bartender:  Alexander Knoll

Alexander Knoll


Chivas Cocktail:  A touch of tropic

A Touch of Tropic - Alexander Knoll


– 7cl Chivas Shelf 12yo
– 2 pcs. fresh mango
– 2cl lime juice
– 1,5cl sugar syrup
– 2cl protein
– Hibiscus Bitters
– Dried Mango, Thyme


Crush the mango in a shake cup, add all ingredients and shake dry. Then add ice cream, shake again, pour into a glass,
with hibiscus bitters and garnish with a dried mango
Tip: Open the ice cream with a bar spoon at one side, separate the egg white so from the egg yolk!

Next year, more bartenders will be selected – year after year, the circle of Chivas experts will be extended.

In wonderful cooperation with Pernod Richard Austria

During the 2nd Chivas Bartenders Chapter Bar tour in Vienna, we had the chance to interview Ken Lindsay, International Brand Ambassador of Chivas Regal:




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