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Harley Davidson Days Vienna – Passion and Elegance

Harly Davidson Days Vienna Wien Austria Travel blog

Last Updated on June 1, 2017 by gregor

Once a year Harley Davidson enthusiasts from all over Austria get together in Vienna celebrate and having a good time together. During these days Vienna is a biker’s paradise. Highlight is the  bikers parade through the Ringstrasse of imperial Vienna. Finally all the bikers meet in the Vienna Prater to enjoy numerous live shows, test ride latest Harley models from US and shop clothing and accessories. At this time hundreds of Harley Davidson bikes are parked one after the other at the Prater main park alley.

Harley Davidson is for enthusiasts a way of living. A statement of personal freedom and fulfilling dreams.  Riding a Harley provides an exceptional experience and  no wonder there is a strong community of Harley fans all over the world.  Besides this, Harley Davidson bikes  are masterpieces of manufacturing, customer build options provides even more opportunities to express riders individual statement and values.  Though I do not own a Harley Davidson myself capturing the various colors, the amazing customized details and finally the pure elegance of these beautiful bikes fascinated me.

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