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Chivas Bartender’s Chapter – Darwins Bar, Salzburg Chivas Regal whisky

Attila Szellhofer

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Chivas Bartender’s Chapter – Intermezzo Bar, Vienna Chivas Regal whisky

Chivas Regal – Her Majesty’s whisky

The story of a Whisky begins in 1801 on the north coast of Scotland.  Chivas which is consumed all over the world and whose name is a symbolic character. Its success is based on the ambition and subtle senses of the brothers John and James Chivas. The Chivas Brothers dreamed of a soft whisky that was destined to be shared and enjoyed with friends. They combined various mature whiskies to make a Blend of unique taste.

Chivas Regal 12yo and 18yo are triple blended.  The Difference between Chivas Regal 12yo and Chivas Regal 18yo consists in the fact that for the 18-year-old whisky even more rare Malt and Grain Whiskies are used and the youngest component ages at least 18 years.

Chivas Bartender Chapter

With the “Chivas Bartenders’ Chapter” project, Chivas Regal redefines the Cooperation with Bartenders. For the first time, four Viennese bartenders are selected, which for a whole year enjoyed the traditional Chivas Regal spirits (including a trip to Scotland) and share these insights with others.

Please find the link to the Chivas Bartender Chapters Kickoff Event:



The Vienna Blog summarizes all the work of the past months and shows the selected bartenders and bars as well as the recipes of the exclusive Chivas Regal cocktails.

We wish you a lot of fun while reading and mixing.


The Darwin’s Bar, Salzburg

Darwin’s Bar, which opened almost three years ago, is located in Salzburg has a very special concept: Charles
Darwin’s trip around the world in 1831. The natural scientist this year visited five continents – accordingly Darwin’s Bar attempts to use spices of these five continents in their drinks.
Chivas Regal will be presented by Barchef Attila Szellhofer with Darwin’s theory of evolution: only the strong brands survive!





Bartender: Attila Szellhofer


Attila Szellhofer



Chivas Cocktail:  The Cooper


The Cooper - Attila Szellhofer


6cl Chivas Shelf 12yo
– 2cl Cherry Heering
– 1cl Pomegranate Shrub
– 3 Dash Angostura Bitters



Ingredients in a pre-cooled Stir Chivas Tumbler on ice cubes,
with honey, granola and black Garnish with walnut.

Bring pomegranate juice to the boil with sugar,
Balsamic vinegar, black pepper,
Allspice and cardamom


Next year, more bartenders will be selected – year after year, the circle of Chivas experts will be extended.

In wonderful cooperation with Pernod Richard Austria

During the 2nd Chivas Bartenders Chapter Bar tour in Vienna, we had the chance to interview Ken Lindsay, International Brand Ambassador of Chivas Regal:




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