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4 Top inspirations from the Creatives Forward Festival in Vienna


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Hello to all creative souls out there in the world! Once a year creative forward thinkers from all over Austria meet at this festival for creativity, design and communication in Vienna. I was able to meet the most exciting creative personalities who shared their success stories, inspirations and insights. Here are my top 4 takeaway inspirations from this year’s “Forward Festival” in Vienna

  • My Top 3 Creatives
  • Cool quotes shared via Twitter at the Festival
  • Tattoo Mapping at the Adobe MakIt area
  • A fast and super-easy way to produce videos with your smartphone

My Top 3 Creatives

 Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is a New York-based graphic designer and typographer. Sagmeister co-founded a design firm called Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. alongside Jessica Walsh in New York City. Stefan  Sagmeister is often considered as the godfather of design. Enjoy this exciting video about his inspiration of Beauty vs. utility

Matthias Fiegl & Sally Bibawy – LOMOGRAPHY

Lomography is a globally-active organization dedicated to experimental and creative photography. With millions of followers and friends across the world, the concept of Lomography encompasses an interactive, vivid and sometimes even blurred and crazy way of life. Through their constantly expanding collection of innovative cameras, instant products, films, lenses & photographic accessories, they promote photography as an inventive approach to communicate, absorb and capture the world. Have a look at Lomography.com and discover cool things about Lomography WORTWIEDERHOLUNG LOMOGRAPHY

Luerzer’s Archive Magazine – The Porn Issue for Creatives

The world-famous Austrian advertising and creative magazine Luerzer’s Archive presents the best and most exciting posters, ads, TV commercials, digital and interactive advertising from around the world. Have a look at the current issue at the Luerzer’s Archive Website

5 Coolest quotes shared via Twitter #forwardfestival

#If no one hates it no one loves it

#Make an idiot out of yourself (at least once a day)

#Sing more. Scream less

#Design is more than few tricks 2 the eye. It’s a few tricks 2 the brain.

#Now is better


Tattoo Mapping Showcase by Adobe

At Adobe’s MakeIt area I had the chance to test Adobe’s solutions suite in the CreativeCloud.  It’s capabilities to instantly access projects from various devices impressed me a lot. Additionally I got inspired by Adobe’s tattoo mapping showcase where participants could virtually map a tattoo on their body:


Also check out this stream featuring Birgit Palma, a speaker at the ‘Forward Festival’


Click here to have a look at the complete set of  Tattoo Mapping pictures  (Photos by Alexander Heinrichs Photography)


A fast and super easy way to create cool videos with your smartphone

In one of my previous posts I shared my Top photography editing and Instagram tips.  For a long time I struggled to find a tool that enables me to record, cut and edit videos fast and super-easily with my smartphone. Yeah! I finally found a solution that I can highly recommend. Check out the App Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0 –   you can download it for free on iTunes or the Google App Store. Why would you produce videos on your smartphone? Well, you always carry your phone with you and the new technology enables you to instantly finish a video – whenever and wherever you are!  Check some of the cool video examples here  Get-Started Video .

Here is a video I created with Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0 (MAK museum inspirations)


I hope you got inspired by my choices – Let me know what you like the most……thanks in advance!



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