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How many days do you need to visit Vienna?


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If you are wondering how many days in Vienna you need, three days is adequate to see the whole city.  Three days in Vienna will allow you to get to the top attractions at a reasonable pace and maybe give you a chance to soak in some of the many cultural activities like visiting Vienna’s Museums.

Emerging as one of central Europe’s most adored city destinations, Vienna is not short of fans. The capital city of Austria has blossomed into an immensely popular city break destination and it’s no wonder why. Vienna caters to visitors of all interests, whether they are looking for nightlife, culture, or old-world grandeur.

So where do you start with a trip to Vienna? Most visits to the city are about two or three days, which isn’t a huge amount of time given all that there is to see. 

To really make the most of your time, it’s best to follow detailed Vienna itineraries, like the ones mentioned in this Blog. 

You’ll learn about all the best places to visit in Vienna, ensuring you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything and by the end of this guide, you’ll know what to do in Vienna in 1 – 2 or 3 days to be fully prepared for what is sure to be a great trip.


Best Time to Visit Vienna

Timing is everything with a destination like Vienna, as when you visit can have a major impact on your trip. Factors like weather and tourist numbers can make or break a visit, so it pays to keep them in mind when you’re planning. Like most trips, finding the right time for you involves a trade-off between these considerations.

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Vienna is in the months of March to May and September through October. During these months you can expect pleasant weather suitable for sightseeing, while crowds of tourists won’t be at their worst. It’s also the best time to visit Vienna on a budget since rates are lower than in the high season.

It’s in the summer months of June through August that Vienna is its busiest, thanks to the warm weather and several events.

 The lead-up to Christmas isn’t much better in terms of crowds, as Vienna is widely regarded as having one of the best Christmas markets in Europe

Of course, you can expect winters in Vienna to be cold and snowy, limiting how long you’ll want to be outside. Visiting at either of these busy times, it’s best to book well in advance as rates are guaranteed to rise.


How to Get Around Vienna

While visiting Vienna you’re going to spend a fair amount of time getting from one attraction to the next. You may not realize just how large Vienna is until you’re there, but it’s safe to say you’ll want to know what alternatives there are to walking.  There are 4 Ways to get around Vienna:

By Public Transport – Vienna City Card

In Vienna, public transport consists of the metro, trams, buses, and suburban rail. Because of their coverage, you’re most likely to use the city’s metro (U-Bahn) and tram services. 

Taking public transportation is the most convenient method to get around Vienna (Euro 8.- for a 24-hour ticket).

A Vienna City Card, which permits unlimited use of the city’s metro, tram, and bus lines, can be purchased in advance.

Vienna City Cards are available for 1, 2, or 3 consecutive days, and prices range from 24 hours for Euro 17, to 3 days of use + airport transfer for Euro 46.-.

The Vienna City Card also offers discounts at over 210 major attractions, making it an excellent value.

By Bicycle –  Rent a Bike in Vienna

The city center of Vienna, and the majority of tourist attractions, are reachable by bicycle. WienMobil Rad is the most popular bike-sharing service in Vienna. Simply register online, find a terminal and scan the QRCode to unlock a bike. 

Detailed Information on How to Rent a bike in Vienna on my Blog:


There is also the very popular Classic Vienna: 3-Hour Guided Bike Tour available to book in advance.

By Hop On Hop Off Bus

The City Card provides access to standard buses throughout Vienna. There is, of course, the well-known Vienna Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus.

This Hop On Hop Off bus allows you to hop on and off at many locations throughout the city, including the Museums of the Hofburg, the House of Music, and the Schönbrunn Palace.

This choice is always popular amongst travelers, and it is a great way to see many of Vienna’s famous attractions.

By Guided Tour – Guided Tours in Vienna

There are some amazing tours available to book in advance on Get Your Guide for people who are short on time or prefer everything to be organized for them.

There’s much to do in the Austrian capital, from food tours to river cruises and bar crawls!


How do I get from the Vienna Airport to the City Center

To get from the Vienna airport to the city center you have a few options open to you. 

Please read my Blog Post here: Best way to get from the Vienna airport to the city center in Vienna


Best of Vienna in 4 hours – Layover in Vienna

Vienna’s most beautiful areas. But what if you have only a short stay in Vienna like a business trip or a stopover and you want to superfast embrace the very best of Vienna’s history, culture, architecture, lifestyle, and food. Yes, it’s possible! Here are the best things to discover in Vienna within only 4 hours.

Best of Vienna in 4 hours


The Perfect 1-Day Vienna Itinerary

So here’s a complete one-day in Vienna itinerary, for those looking to do Vienna in a day. When you are ready to explore Vienna in one day you need to decide how you want to get around the city.

One Day in Vienna I The Perfect 1 Day Itinerary


The Perfect 2-Days Vienna Itinerary

So here’s a complete two-day Vienna itinerary, for those looking to do Vienna in two days.

When you are ready to explore Vienna in two days you need to decide how you want to get around the city. In this blog post, we give you a perfect answer: How can I spend 48 hours in Vienna? 

Two Days in Vienna I The Perfect 2 Day Itinerary


The Perfect 3-Days Vienna Itinerary

Three days in Vienna, we believe, is the ideal length of time to spend there. Three days will allow you to see the bulk of the famous sites in this magnificent city, as well as a few lesser-known ones, without feeling rushed.

This is a complete 3 days Vienna itinerary for first-time visitors that cover every single must-visit historical landmark, attraction, monument, and other amazing location in Vienna. Making it the only way to get a full Viennese experience. The city has everything from open-air museums, imperial castles, and grand Baroque architecture to soothing sites.

3 Days in Vienna Itinerary for First Time visitors Food, Tips (incl. Video) Austria

In this Blog Post, we’ll provide our recommendations for the perfect three-day itinerary in Vienna. We’ll give some practical suggestions and information about your visit, including where to stay, dine, get around Vienna, and how to save money on sightseeing, in addition to covering all of the key attractions we know you’ll enjoy seeing.


What are the Best Day Trips from Vienna?

Before you know it, your 3 days in Vienna will be over. It should be clear though just how much you can fit in with that amount of time. There’s definitely plenty of reason to stay longer if you can though, including all of these great day trips from Vienna, which you really should take a look at.

11 Day Trip destinations around Vienna City


Visiting Vienna on a Budget

If you’re planning on visiting Vienna on a budget, then check out our ultimate guide of things to do and see, where to eat and how to get around Vienna. We’ve got you covered here:

Vienna Budget Travel Guide, Free Things to Do in Vienna, Austria in 2022


Most romantic things to do in Vienna

A complete guide to the most romantic things to do in Vienna (+ a horse carriage ride, Schönbrunn Palace, and dancing the Waltz in Vienna).

Most romantic Things to do in Vienna, (for couples)


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