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Bike Rental in Vienna – Everything you need to know – WienMobil Rad (Video Tour)

written by gregor April 24, 2022

How about a bike ride from downtown Vienna to the Donauinsel (Danube Island)? It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Alte Donau, Wiener Prater, Türkenschanzpark, Burggarten, or Stadtpark: you can head for all parks, restaurants, and pubs with the New Bike Rental Service in Vienna, Wien WienMobil Rad bikes. Who needs their own bike anymore?

​​The WienMobil Rad bike rental system has been announced at the beginning of April 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

The new bike sharing service “WienMobil” replaces “Citybike Wien”. The previous Citybike Bike-Rental stations will gradually be replaced by the WienMobil bike stations.

This means that the WienMobil Rad bikes can be borrowed conveniently around the clock at numerous Bike-Sharing-stations in Vienna and returned at any WienMobil Rad rental station. 


New Bike Sharing Service in Vienna WienMobil Rad Everything you need to know How to Rent a Bike in Vienna:


How do I rent a WienMobil Rad in Vienna? Rent a bike in Wien


One-time registration (Internet or Bike Rental-app)

The system is simple – you register online (https://www.nextbike.at/de/wien/ ) or via the app by entering your credit card number or bank details.  To verify the means of payment, €1 will be debited and credited to your travel credit.*


Payment Methods

Payment can be made by Visa/Mastercard, direct debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. In the case of a bank transfer, activation can take several days.


How do I exactly rent a bike in Vienna from WienMobil Rad? Bike-Rental-App from Nextbike

You can rent the WienMobil bikes anywhere in the city and return them flexibly within a defined zone. Especially cool: There are QR codes with the associated app this makes payment and rental really easy! And that’s 7 days a week, around the clock! 

Simply scan the QR code on the bike with the nextbike app or borrow it via the hotline +43 (0)1 385 01 89. The frame lock opens automatically.

Need a break?

Rent a bike without ending the rental? Simply activate the pause mode in the app and close the frame lock. In billing, no distinction is made between driving time and breaks.


How to return the WienMobil Rad bikes in Vienna?

If you return the bike to a physical station, it will be parked in the docking station provided and locked by the frame lock.

If you return the bike to a virtual station, it MUST be locked with the combination lock in addition to the frame lock. You can find the right code on the frame.

The rental is always terminated by closing the frame lock. The termination is immediately displayed in the app please check directly after the return!


Where are the WienMobil Rad Bike rental stations located in Vienna?

Rent a Bike Service by WienMobil Rad brings bike sharing to all 23 districts of Vienna and is therefore available throughout Vienna. All Bike Rental stations and their current occupancy can be viewed digitally in the nextbike app or in the WienMobil app. You can also find a Bike Rental station map with all WienMobil bike locations

WienMobil Rad: 3,000 bicycles and over 200 Bike-Sharing stations throughout the city – every day and all year round.


Bike Sharing Prices What will it cost me to Rent a Bike from WienMobil Rad?

Billing is in 30-minute increments.
The bike rental price is:

  • For €0.60 / 30 minutes.
  • Maximum 14.90 € / 24h and rental!
  • WienMobil Mix tariff:
    • For €0.30 / 30 minutes.
    • Maximum 14.90 € / 24h and rental!
    • Regular Wiener Linien customers travel with a 50% discount. The discount applies to holders of annual tickets, semester tickets, or top/youth tickets and is deposited after registration.
    • If several bikes are rented with one account, the discount applies to the first bike.
  • Standard annual subscription for frequent drivers:
    • For €49.00 per year, the first 30 minutes are included with every journey, each additional 30 minutes costs €0.60. The annual subscription can be purchased via the app or the hotline.
    • If several bikes are rented with one account, the 30 minutes included applying to the first bike.


How much is the Bike Rental Cost per day?

Maximum 14.90 € / 24h and rental


Advantages of WienMobil Rad  The Bike Rental Service in Vienna


  • Use all nextbike-operated systems in more than 300 cities and over 26 countries with one account.
  • Rent bikes easily via the nextbike app or hotline.
  • Daily inspection and maintenance of the vehicle fleet by a strong on-site service team. 
  • Our bikes are made in Germany and have road traffic approval according to StVZO. 

Further information about WienMobil Rad Bike Rental in Vienna

Web: https://www.wienerlinien.at/wienmobil/rad

Register here: https://www.nextbike.at/de/wien/ 



Wien Mobil Rad Bike Rental in Vienna More Details & Tips



Tip 1: One nextbike App for 300 Cities. 26 countries

  • With your account, you as a WienMobil Rad bike customer can use all nextbike-operated systems in over 300 cities in 26 countries!

Tip 2: How do I reserve a Rental Bike?

  • Rental Bicycles can be reserved up to 15 minutes before departure.

Tip 3: What can I do when the Bike Rental Station is full?

  • What can I do when the Bike Rental Station is full? Then the WienMobil bike can also be returned to a nearby bike hanger. The return is the same as at the virtual stations: the frame lock ends the rental and secures the bike, and the combination lock locks it neatly on the wheel bracket.
  • Please check in the app or via the hotline whether the selected parking location is within the tolerance radius of the station, otherwise, a fee of €20.00 may be charged for illegal parking.

Tip 4 How many WienMobil Bike can I rent at a time?

  • Rent up to four bikes at the same time with one account and be flexible on the road with family and friends! Discounts and tariffs only apply to the first bike rented.

Tip 5: Are there bicycles equipped with child seats?

  • WienMobil Rad is there for the whole family. 50 bicycles are already equipped with child seats (load up to max. 20 kg) at the start of operation. Simply select the right type of bike in the nextbike app under the filter symbol.

Tip 6: Are the Bikes adaptable?

  • Rent a Bike Service from WienMobil Rad is adaptable: The saddle height can easily be individually adjusted with a quick release.


Can I still rent bikes from CityBike Rental Service in Vienna?

No, The new bike-sharing service “WienMobil” replaces “Citybike Wien”. The previous Citybike stations will gradually be replaced by the WienMobil bike stations.


WienMobil Rad from the age of 16


Young people from the age of 16 can use the WienMobil Rad with a declaration of consent from their legal guardians.


​​​​​​Note on service fees for the WienMobil Rad Bike Service:

​​​​​​​Returning items outside of stations are not permitted and will be penalized with a service fee of at least €20.

If the bike is not locked properly, a fee of at least €25 will be charged.

If the lock code has been changed, we will charge a service fee of at least €2. If the lock is lost or damaged, the fee per lock is at least €50.
Damage will be charged according to the material and labor incurred, up to a maximum of €75. This does not affect the right to assert higher claims in individual cases that correspond to the actual effort.

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