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How To Create Travel Videos- Travel Video Beginner’s Guide – Easy and Quick Tips


Want to learn more about How to make awesome Travel Videos have a look at this Blogpost. We show in five easy steps how to start making travel videos for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and any other platform.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Travel Video.




How to make Travel Videos

Watch a lot of Videos!

Everyone is inspired by something in the world, so when looking to create great travel videos, we suggest you start by watching exceptional travel videos. When you are getting started, you are mostly all over the place, covering every inch of space you can manage. However, you need to learn to tune it out and focus on your niche. 

Rather than just watching what the video has to offer, it’s best to focus on the kind of format used, how every single clip is set, and how the frame was shot. Once you learn to pick up on the details, you can use them to create something with your own twist. 

Vimeo Travel offers some of the most mesmerizing work out there, and it’s completely free to watch. You can pick up your favorite, and watch and re-watch them until you start to pick on the technical aspects of things. 


How to Set Up Your Camera for Video Shooting

The last thing you want to do when on a trip is a mess with your picture profile. Keep in mind that once you get the ball rolling, you have to maintain the shot. In order to do that, you cannot mess with the setting. As this is the only way to ensure you are creating a continuous shot, one that can easily be clipped together. 

The best way to go forward is by experimenting before your trip, and setting it up before you head over to your destination. This way even if you start shooting locally, you can easily keep the same tone when traveling. Creating a smooth-flowing consistency that does not need endless color correction.

Once you start to experiment with different settings you can easily find the correct note for your trip. One that we suggest you stick to when creating a single series. 


Smart Video Shots

Shoot as much as possible

Shooting as much as possible is a great way to go, as you can easily edit out the extra at the end. As when you sit down to edit, you will find a great deal you can easily let go of. This is why the more material you have to pick from, the easier your editing process becomes. However, there is a thin line between shooting enough, and going overboard. The idea is to capture the moments beautifully, not to capture them 5 to 6 times. Remind yourself that you are on a trip, and allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy the views yourself. 

You might capture it all on your camera, but there is a good chance you never get to capture it yourself. Keep in mind that you are not just another viewer, you are there to experience every piece and bring it back with you.

Practise Early in the Morning or at sunset

The best rule to practice is to shoot videos early in the morning, or when the sun is about to set. Or you may choose a different time slot based on your personal preference. Offering yourself the rest of the day to explore, enjoy, and experience the city. 


How to create a Video Story

Creating a storyline is not an easy undertaking, especially if you are just getting started.

Think of creating a video like writing a novel.

You need to decide on a story and stay the course, guiding the characters in a way that helps you reach the end. Yes, it is not an easy job; but one that can be achieved with the help of research and planning.

The process requires you to take in all the chaos that surrounds you, and find a story worth telling. For those who are just getting started, it’s best to come back and take a look at all of your footage, trying to take in all that they offer. Once you become the spectator you will see the common thread in your footage, one that you can use to create a story.

It does not have to be insanely remarkable, but something original that helps people connect to the video and the country. In a way that ensures they will not skip to the next one, or just completely stop watching videos. 


How to Focus your Travel Video on the Country

Every country in the world has a unique side, one that we do not see on a daily basis. So when traveling, rather than trying to tell your own story – focus on the country and what it has to offer. Most of the videos you see on the internet are focused on the traveler, and how they lead their lives. 

Rather than showing off the culture, history, and character of the country they are visiting. Do not make the same mistake, and focus on the locals, sceneries, locations, food, and other interesting factors. Something the world might have been missing, or anything that deserves a second glance. 

The best way to make sure you have quality content is by shooting more of the country, locals, architecture, history, and other related spaces. Rather than you partying hard, or just going all out. The idea is to inspire others to travel the world and see what it has to offer, rather than showing them something they can do where they are. 


How to Diversify your Video Shots

Travel videos are not properly structured or keep up with a single storyline. Your audience is interested in something spectacular, so why not diversify your shots. The idea is to keep your audience hooked until the very last second. 

Shooting from different angles, and just offering a wider shot can help you capture gorgeous shots.

For instance, you can pan up, down, left, or right, shoot a time-lapse video, shoot an eyes view, slow spins, or anything that brings the view from a different angle or perspective. Think of the process as walking into a new space and taking it all in. simply follow your own movement, and create something spectacular. 


How to Get Closer to the Scenery

Do not be afraid when it comes to getting closer to the locals. It does not matter what you have heard in the news, it’s okay to approach locals and try to make conversation. Keep in mind that everyone is different, just because one or two may ignore you does not mean you should stop trying. 

Nothing in the world is more powerful than a human connection, especially one that is based on emotion.

We as humans can easily connect to others, even when we are living in a completely different state of mind. Laughing, crying, and just taking it on one day at a time. There is a strong sense of emotional connection, one that you can add to your content. Allowing the viewers to tap into someone’s mindset, and take a short walk in their shoes. 


Which is the best Video Equipment for travel Videos

Last but not the least, when you start to export your videos we suggest you do so using the proper tools. You don’t want to inject your memory card into your computer and find a virus has ruined all your hard work.

To ensure your hard work pays off, we suggest you keep storing everyday content in two different spaces.

For instance, you can keep every day logged on a single memory card, or you can keep transferring it to an external hard drive, Cloud, or USB Stick. 

One other thing you need to focus on is retaining video quality, your professional gear will not do anyone any good if you do not upload quality videos. The worst possible thing you can do to your footage is to compress it down. It’s time you invest in your work and buy a little extra storage that goes a long way. Once you have a system down you will be ready to travel and create videos and images that touch millions around the world.


How long should a travel video be

Travel video should rarely exceed 3 minutes, but honestly, aim for 2 minutes



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