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Top 5 simple and easy tips on how to implement ideas


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Do you have a lot of ideas in the back of your head that you have wanted to tackle for a long time? Very few people can implement ideas. The implementation is really difficult for them.  But do you want to get started now?

At the beginning, it was exactly the same for me. I have a long list of ideas that I want to tackle. But there were so many good things on it that I didn’t even know where to start. I have been looking for a solution for a long time and have now found a system that makes it easy for me to implement. I am now highly motivated, well organized and fast. 


But not everyone feels that way. Maybe you have a whole list of ideas, but you don’t get enough action.

Here I give you 5 simple and easy tips on how to implement ideas:


Imagine the end result exactly

In order for your ideas to come true at some point, you have to stop dreaming and start implementing them.

If you want to implement your ideas, first imagine exactly what the end result should look like. Where do you want to go? What does your idea look like then? What is your vision? Try to draw as concrete a picture as possible and internalize it.

If you have too many ideas and don’t know which of them you want to pursue, consider: Where do you want to go in life? Which idea brings you closer to your life dreams? What is your vision of life?

At this point, I also consider what skills and strengths I have to bring with me to implement the idea. Who am I and what can I do? This enables me to assess where I stand and what I still need in order to successfully start implementation.

Very important: It’s about getting your idea out of the dream stage as precisely as possible and thinking about concrete steps for implementation. The more specific you become, the higher the probability that you will implement your idea. 


Get specific

Your inner weaker self is happy with vaguely formulated goals and tasks: Because then he doesn’t have to do anything and always has an excuse. Even if your tasks are formulated too big, you will be put off by the big mountain that stands in front of you. With the implementation, that is over.

It is completely normal: if we cannot grasp something precisely because it is too imprecise or too big, then we prefer to keep our hands off it. In fact, we just postpone such tasks. Because we don’t even know exactly what we really have to do.

So when you have an idea, think about very specific first steps immediately. These should be as small and feasible as possible so that you dare to do it. It is very important to write down specific goals and first steps together with the idea.


Act quickly

And zack zack, in the implementation.

Do you know the 72-hour rule? This states that a new project or task should be started within the first 72 hours, otherwise the chance that it will ever be implemented drops to 5%.

So that this doesn’t happen to you, you should start with one of your written tasks as soon as possible after the first two steps. However, so that you can implement ideas, it is important that you have already thought through your task and have specifically written it down.


Free up time

Did you know that for a while Google encouraged its employees to put 20% of their working time into their own projects? The two Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to specifically promote projects that had nothing to do with the normal jobs of their employees. The exciting thing about it: The 20% policy resulted in Gmail and AdSense, among others.


Use the concept for yourself and take time every week for your own ideas. It doesn’t always have to be a whole day, but you will surely find a few hours. I always plan at least 33% buffer time for spontaneous inspiration.


The time that you shovel free from calls, meetings, appointments or other distractions, you certainly have to fight for yourself first. It won’t be easy. But try to work more efficiently and eradicate time wasters in your everyday life. There are also great tips to optimize your time management. There you will definitely find 1-2 hours that you can use for yourself and your ideas.

Also question your habits: What can you do away with? And try to train yourself new routines. You will see that it works!


There is the well-known woodcutter analogy by Jorge Bucay: This tells the story of a woodcutter who incessantly cut down his trees. He never takes a break, he keeps working day after day. But every day he cuts fewer trees, although he tries so hard and fights for it. Why? He completely forgot to sharpen his ax because of the trees felled.

You too should therefore take the time for “your ax” and take your time to think and plan. And that is only possible if you shovel free time.


Don’t forget your ideas

Have you already had an idea today? A flash of thought last week? We all keep coming up with a brilliant idea and think it’s so brilliant that we won’t forget it. But it’s not that simple: as quickly as a thought arises, it disappears again just as quickly. It’s pretty stupid, but we all feel that way.

Hence the tip: Write down new ideas immediately. Even if they are still immature. But they have their place. In everyday life we ​​come across so many things that we could improve and for which we are passionate: Therefore, definitely hold on.

One possibility is to create a note for ideas on the mobile phone. Or to use a notebook. You will see it is fun to capture your thoughts.

It is important, however, that if the ideas are only collected and you never look again, then they are of no use. So get used to going through your notes regularly, because this is the only way to implement ideas.

And also important: Don’t be ashamed of your ideas or downplay them. If they come to your mind, then they all have their place.

Will everything go well with these 5 tips and I can implement ideas?

Of course not. But the tips are a good starting point to get active yourself so that you can finally implement ideas. Give it a try!

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